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GameTrailers Post Their Top Ten Shopkeepers And Tom Nook Is Included

GameTrailers love producing lists and this time around they’ve decided to do one based on their favourite shopkeepers in video games. It wouldn’t be a top ten without everyone’s favourite shop keeper Tom Nook from the Animal Crossing franchise. Here’s their top ten.

10. Rusty (Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball)
09. Smilin’ Stan (Secret of Monkey Island)
08. Drebin (Metal Gear Solid 4)
07. Old Man Daidara (Persona 4)
06. Moogles (Final Fantasy series)
05. Beedle (The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
04. Slim Cognito (Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando)
03. Happy Mask Salesman (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
02. The Merchant (Resident Evil 4)
01. Tom Nook (Animal Crossing)
Thanks, Bill

63 thoughts on “GameTrailers Post Their Top Ten Shopkeepers And Tom Nook Is Included”

    1. Inb4 Isabelle gets in instead. She’s becoming the new Rosalina after all (Monster Hunter 4, Mario Kart 8, ect.). XD

        1. Actually, I’m talking about the possible Smash 5 (And no, Smash Wii U is still Smash 4 since it’s part of the same generation).

          1. Whenever Sakurai recovers from this one. Give the poor guy some air to breath. He worked even with a hurting arm!

    1. Considering he gives you, a complete stranger, a place to live and allows you to pay it off whenever you wish to, or even the option to not pay it off at all if you don’t feel like it, I’d say he’s more like the most generous real-estate agent you’ll ever meet in your entire life. (:

      1. No, it’s all a trap. He’s trying to trick you into thinking he’s generous. He doesn’t care for you, he just wants your money. You can’t do ANYTHING to your house unless you give him that cash. You can’t even change your own mailbox without him asking for the 10000 bucks he wants for that house. And when he upgrades it, he only gives your rooms like 10% more space. I mean, at one point he asks you for $498000 to upgrade that room. And that’s only one room. He does the same thing with all of them! You literally spend the first few days (and even weeks depending on how long you can play the game) of the game working for him before you can even do anything! If you don’t pay it off, you’re in debt for the rest of your life. Thank god they don’t let him charge late fees…

        1. You don’t get a bigger house or a new mailbox without paying money in real life either though. q:
          And the upgrades are actually pretty good, I mean, compare the size of and un-upgraded room with the size of a fully-upgraded room. HUGE difference !
          Also, the good thing about the upgrades is, you actually get them before paying them off. So basically, you get the product first, and then you can pay whenever you wish to. Or, as I’ve said, never at all, if that’s what you want. And who cares if you die with a huge debt, it’s not like he keeps reminding you of it, or wants to sue you or anything. He literally gives you the -option- to pay it off, you’re not forced to. (:
          And see, he doesn’t charge late fees because he’s so generous ! No charge for interest, no legal measures if you decide not to pay a cent. That Nook, such a good man.

  1. I 4th what they’re saying, how could they not pick Rodin. Especially with the release of Bayonetta 2.

    Rusty? Really? Pfft…

  2. I love Beedle on Skyward Sword, peddling that flying contraption around all day, retreating to some island and getting a deep voice by night.

  3. I like the merchant. He sells weapons, he speaks in some weird accent, and you can kill him in many ways! I personally love shooting him in the face with the handcannon. Hugs!

        1. I don’t have the expendable income for those systems and to be honest, without the nunchuk it isn’t the same game. I really thought those controls were the best for that style of game… very fluid and responsive, had the best blend of arcade shooter and 3rd person adventure

          1. I agree. The wii version was very fun. The hd editions look crisper than the gamecube graphics but there are some weird bugs. Hugs!

    1. You’re telling me, I have still not finished my house.. I think I got one more upgrade for like 598,000. I haven’t played the game since Smash Bros. came out though…

      Animal Crossing is a lot of pressure and work to keep up. Very tedious as I’ve said before. I hope the next one they really streamline the experience and not make it so you feel like you have to be on it every single day. I can’t even relax for a week without my villagers getting all pissed at me.


      The inventory does not help either, I don’t get why items don’t group together when you pick them up, instead of having to bunch them altogether yourself every time you run out of your tiny inventory space… As if the game doesn’t try to consume enough of your time…

      Good grief that game stresses me out. A relief taking a break from it, I have a love/hate relationship with Animal Crossing.

      1. Yeah, I know. I had actually gotten Animal Crossing New Leaf as my first 3DS game and it was great. It was the only game I had for the 3DS when I got it so it was easy to put all my time into it. But then when I started getting more games, I realized just how TIME CONSUMING it is. So many things can happen every day and it gets hard to keep up. Of course, you could just stop playing and take a break, but then consequences start happening. Like some of your favorite villagers leaving without you knowing, weeds growing all around your town, missing special sales and stuff in stores, everyone starts to forget who you are, and your town just starts to die. I really miss the green grass I used to have. It’s been replaced by that awful brown color and one of my favorite villagers every left because I was too careless to check back with the game. I don’t like the fact that Animal Crossing forces you to work all the time. D:

        1. Lol good to see you and Namie feel my pain. My favorite Villager was Mira, I did everything to keep her happy and she left me anyway… Even when I begged her to stay… I was so bummed.

      2. So true. I had been playing New Leaf every single day from the day of its release until mid May of this year, with only very few exceptions. I invested a lot of time into getting my favorite villagers, to have my personal perfect village, so I had to make sure nobody moved out, lmao.
        It was heaps of fun in the first months, but it got tedious after while. Didn’t feel like fun anymore, but more like a chore to do. And as I’ve said, I had to make sure nobody moved out without my permission. But in May, one of my most favorite neighbors actually did moved out. Was a huge bummer so I started skipping a day, then it turned into a week, a month, and now it’s been about 5 months since I’ve last played, and I’m scared to turn it back on and see what my town has turned into, lol. I was pretty determined that I’d just time travel back to the last day I’ve played it on, so everything would be the same way I left it, and just quickly play through the days until I get to the current date, but yea, no idea if that’s actually going to happen, considering it’s a damn long time to catch up on.
        I’ve been into Animal Crossing since the Gamecube version though, the only one I didn’t like was Wild World on the DS.
        But yea, really looking forward to a WiiU version, hopefully they’ll make something great out of it.

  4. Tom Nook is nothing compared to Crazy Redd. Now that damn fox is a sly bitch that would normally sell you fake paintings. -_-

    1. Are you serious? He sells you fake paintings? I only just met him not that long ago and bought something from him. I did not know that. ._.

      1. Yes, I’ve bought a few paintings from him and Blathers had declared all of them as fake. And thus why I never trusted that vulpine loser again.

  5. Heheheh, Slim Cognito. I liked that guy. It’s nice to see a relatively obscure face (hurr hurr) recognized on a list like this.

    “I had a small run-in with the cops concernin’ a suck cannon upgrade that was ‘mistakenly’ sold to a minor. I swear, the kid looked eighteen!”

    God, I need to play the rest of that series.

    And yes, Rodin deserves a spot on this list.

  6. Speaking of Nook. You guys think they’re working on Animal Crossing U? If yeah when you think it’ll be released?

    1. dunno? I never officially heard they were working on it but everyone else says they are so i must have missed the announcement.

  7. This is great. Tom Nook is basically the Rockefeller of Animal Crossing. You’re paying him for the entire game (although sometimes he’s paying you), and so is every other animal that wants a house or furniture. xD It’s actually a little sad that his role is diminished in New Leaf, now that I think about it. Darn alpacas.

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    1. Happy Mask Salesman let you rent out masks in Ocarina of Time before he had you trying to retrieve Majora’s Mask for him.

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