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Nintendo Expects First Wave Of amiibo To Be Hard To Find

Nintendo has revealed that it has high expectations for the first wave of amiibo. In a recent interview, a representative for the firm said he encourages consumers who want the interactive figurines to pre-order them or to make sure they’re first in line right when the toys go on sale later this month. The initial batch of amiibo will be available alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U on November 21st in North America and November 28th in Europe.

“We’re expecting this first wave to disappear really quickly,” said Nintendo rep Gil Ruta. “We’re encouraging people to pre-order theirs or be the first in line.”

91 thoughts on “Nintendo Expects First Wave Of amiibo To Be Hard To Find”

    1. After reading the comments, y’all are crazy. So many of you bash on skylanders all day when their figures unlock a huge amount of context. Then when Nintendo announces figures that have limited to no usage outside of ssb y’all go ape shit and want them all. And yes, they are limited. Mii costumes in Mario kart 8? Extra rupees in hyrule warriors, or one measley weapon if you buy link? These are ripoffs and trash you nintendrones.

      1. Name one game that isn’t in the skylanders series that works with those figures… until then you might as well keep your mouth shut. Yeah it’s limited functionality but at least it’s something. as apposed to one series of games where the functionality is basically the same, so in my mind Skylanders is the ripoff of the century.

      1. I was gonna say Scotland is shit when it comes to gaming but in the past few days I have came across 5 Scottish people on Mario Kart 8. I guess FIFA 15 and Advanced Warfare must be really shit for that rare occurrence to happen.

  1. Even though this was mostly said to sprout more sales, I see some truth behind this. Eventually this first wave of amiibo’s will become rare and I’m betting that the hardest to find will be Marth and Pit.

  2. So, they’re expecting to undersupply them?
    I kinda wanted to wait and see which games I have will actually utilize which characters.
    Not going to buy amiibo, unless it works on 2 different games I have.

    1. That’s how I felt at first too but think about it, Nintendo said Amiibo is compatible with all their games. So lets say they run out of Zelda amiibos and never make them again then you’re screwed because you’ll never be able to get her in game DLC for some games. That’s why I’m really not liking this whole Amiibo stuff anymore because if you don’t buy them all you’ll never get all the content a game has. Now there’s a couple of ways Nintendo could deal with this, either A.) release whatever content amiibos give you as paid DLC, B.) make it so that all DLC content is unlocked through x amount of Amiibos instead of specific ones (sort of how they function in Hyrule Warriors.) or C.) make the content that Amiibos unlock unlockable in game somehow. I’m pretty sure Nintendo will do something like this, but if they don’t they’re really sapping people for money. No customer should be forced to buy all amiibos or amiibos they don’t want for certain DLC.

      1. I’d like option D, supply the amiibos as long as there is demand for it.
        I’m not saying to overstock them, but as long as the things sell, keep printing them.
        There is no way demand for these will die off, as long as they bring out games, and update games to support them.
        Though I hope this is them just having high hopes that amiibos sells like hot cakes.

          1. Read somewhere that they were planning on releasing amiibo cards as well.
            I would be cool with that, if the cards had the same function as the figurine.

      2. I am wondering, would you not be able to use a friends amiibo to get the content in the game that are in Hyrule Warriors, etc???

        1. Pretty sure they link to a console like Disney Infinity figures do. Even if you can use them at a friends house it won’t unlock content.

      3. I don’t like the idea of just releasing content as paid dlc without the Amibos. Thats the whole motivation behind purchasing them. Nobody said you have to have all the content, or collect every Amibo. I mean is it really gonna be that big of a deal if you dont get extra rupees for Hyrule Warriors? Or a Mii costume for MK 8? I’ve already come to terms with the fact I wont get every unlockable from every game. The fact that some are limited is great for collectors. Imagine owning a rare Amibo thats worth a few hundred bucs, or maybe more. Now thats something to look forward to.

  3. I think it will all depend on their presence at retail. A lot of online sites have plenty up for pre-order. But most people will buy these online. Maybe there won’t be as much stock available in stores.

          1. I’m just wondering if Nintendo is planning to make a sandbox NFC game like Infinity with the Nintendo universe besides just making Smash Bros. for Nintendo crossovers. Imagine having all of the best Nintendo franchises and gameplay styles from each into one. That’ll be fucking epic. :D

              1. No. XD If its like Infinity where you can create/share your own world/levels while having the default ones from every series, I’m buying and you as a top Nintendo follower should join the party.

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  High Command is the highest power, Commanders may be the highest of the lowest base but still your superiors…

                                  Samus Aran will regret it…

                1. Pre-ordered mine. Went for Yoshi, since he’s in quite a few Mario games and has his own game coming out eventually… It will be interesting to see if all Amiibo’s have their own games coming out.

                2. I really hate the thought of any amiibos being hard to find. I’m not rich, and can’t afford to pre-order every one. The only one I pre-ordered was Villager. And that was only because it was free with my pre-order of Smash Bros. for Wii U.

                  Something tells me that I should buy the dumbest ones first (like Wii Fit Trainer) just in case they’re limited edition or harder to find later.

                3. Oh by the way all of you that own a Wii U my NNID is Mezino send me a friend request if you want. I play Bayonetta 2, MHU3 and some Mariokart 8 online mostly at the moment.

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                5. Hum, =s if I pre order it from amazon, I will have to pay 45 dollars for each one because of taxes, here in my country there are no stores selling it yet as a pre order..I dont know if they will sell them too

                6. If I want to buy them all, does that mean that I need to preorder every single one of them at once? I was hoping to be able to buy them individually every once in w while until my collection was complete….

                7. Stores in my region are slow to sell out of things. Back in Summer with Best Buy’s BOGO Sale on 3DS Games, we made it three days in before stores ran out. I DID pre-order Link, but going into the holidays, I don’t think Nintendo is gonna short-supply them. They know that they NEED these to sell well, and the last thing they’re gonna do is go into the holiday shopping season with not enough on the shelves.

                8. Nintendo really shouldn’t do the whole under-ship thing. By doing that they’re going to hope more and more people will buy them as soon as they come out, but people are going to buy them anyway. I understand the whole marketing strategy but that’s not necessarily.

                9. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis's Mom

                  Not buying these appalling figurines for my son,I will definitely continue to buy Barbie dolls instead,for my little one.

                10. I dont understand why everyone is saying you have to be “RICH” to buy them all at once. The first wave would cost you less then $150 for all of them. Stop being cheap people!! Thats why the quality is lacking on them compaired to the prototypes, because you guys seen the leaked price of $20 per figure and complained it was to much so they lowered the quality to meet a price you wouldnt complain about. Face palm seriously

                  1. $150 is outrageous just for toys. Stop talking like it’s only 5 dollars. Besides, Nintendo has already taken my money elsewhere. I’m making payments on the NES edition 3DS XL and Wii U that I recently bought. And also pre-ordered Smash Bros. for Wii U. So there’s not much money left for amiibos. Let alone ALL of them. Being “cheap” has nothing to do with it.

                    1. Yea, I really get annoyed when people act stuck up like this about money. Even when I lived with my rich parents, I never took money for granted or ever felt the need to rub it in others faces.

                      So many people go without in this world because of money, so I tend to value that. Plus you honestly never know what could happen to yourself as well, I’ve seen many of my millionaire friends go from riches to rags. So I know better than to be so arrogant.

                      There is absolutely nothing wrong with being practical about your money, no matter how rich you may be.

                  2. can I just say how ignorant you are. Outside USA there are a lot of countries in difficulties since 2008 (we call it a financial crisis) I don’t say some countries were not in the shit before it just got worse. in most industrialised countries, inflation went up way faster than salaries.Addtionally, for something you guys in USA pay $20 (all taxes included) we pay $30. This why you will always hear people complainning about the price. I know for fact your Canadians “friends” moan a lot about the difference of price between US and Canada (especially when 1US$=1CAN$).

                11. It will be easy for me to find any buy, I live way out in the county, all we have is a Walmart. Glad there is a Walmart

                12. i wonder how they will implement them for games like bayonetta/2 and xenoblade chronicles x? second, dont know if they will sell out like hotcakes but they do have pretty high expectations

                13. I’ll be getting Marth, Fox, and Samus, and Wii Fit Trainer for the first wave. I can tell that without a doubt at least one of these are a limited one.

                  1. Damn those weird stands now. The Wii Fit trainer looks like she is wearing a leg cast.

                    I’m probably still going to get Samus and Fox. I’d say those are the best looking ones out of all of them, so far. I really hope Captain Falcon looks as good as those two.

                    I’m also hoping maybe if these sell really well, the others will be of higher quality like the first shown. Wishful thinking…

                14. Marth and Wii Fit Trainer will both be limited. Marth more so than Wii Fit Trainer. Fox and Samus both have games coming, so they should have a steady supply for quite a while. Marth I know for a fact will be limited, becouse even if a new Fire Emblem game comes out, she probably wont be in it. All the Amibos who’s ONLY appearance is in Smash Bros. will be limited.

                    1. It’s hard to say about Little Mac. If they make a new Punch Out game (which is likely i believe) for the Wii U, then he wont be limited at all. It really all depends if they make that game or not. If not, then yes he will be limited. I believe Captain Falcon is in the same boat, except he will probably be more limited even with a new F-Zero. I really believe Nintendo will make all these games for the Wii U eventually. It’s the Amibos that wont be in any other games that will be the most limited. And example would be Ness. He is guarenteed to be limited. Another example is Jigglypuff.

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