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Golden Sun The Lost Age Is Coming To European WII U Virtual Console This Week

Golden Sun fans can rejoice as Nintendo Europe has announced that Golden Sun: The Lost Age will be coming to the European Wii U Virtual Console this week. The RPG was released way back in 2002 for the Game Boy Advance and was developed by Camelot Software. If you’re not familiar with the game you can watch footage above.

Return to the world of Weyard, and see the other side of the story, in the sequel to the hit Game Boy Advance RPG. Golden Sun: The Lost Age follows Felix and his crew’s mission to restore Alchemy to the world; a potential catastrophe that the original game’s characters were trying to prevent. As a new band of adventurers, unleash new Summon spells and employ powerful Djinn elemental spirits. Plus – if you completed Golden Sun you can transfer data to the sequel via password to unlock items, stats and more!

23 thoughts on “Golden Sun The Lost Age Is Coming To European WII U Virtual Console This Week”

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    1. Dark Dawn was great but there was wayyy too much unexplained in the story. I mean we never found out what Alex was after, we don’t know what the Umbra Clan and the Dark Adepts are, we never get the Psynergy Vortex problem solved, we don’t know what exactly happened to the Sol Sanctum, we never meet Felix, Sheba, Piers, Jenna, Ivan, and Mia, we also never figure out what happened to Nowell (Rief’s sister). I wanna say that there’s gonna be another game but I doubt it because Camelot is stupid…

  2. These games were awesome! I had so much fun playing them and the first 2 hard as fuck! The DS game was easy except for the final boss.
    Also I was kinda disappointed by the final boss of Lost Age. I was hoping for Alex with the power of The Stone of Sages to be the final boss… That would have been cool!

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