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Sakurai Says Master Bosses Will Be Tougher In Two-Player Classic Mode In Latest Smash Bros Screenshot

Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai is still working hard behind-the-scenes in order to bring fans daily screenshots on Miiverse. Today, the franchise’s creator shares a new Wii U screenshot detailing Classic Mode with two players. When battling Master-type opponents, players fighting alongside their friend in co-op mode may find battles are still as difficult. Given it’s two against one, it’s only fair that Master bosses would be granted a power-up. You’ll see Master Boss pictured below, with Link and Zelda poised to fight this eerie creature.

The director also continued to share details on the Wii U version-exclusive Master Fortress in single-player mode. Here’s what Sakurai said on Miiverse, along with the screenshots. Super Smash Bros on Wii U is due to release November 21 for North America, and November 28 for Europe.


“Playing Classic mode with two players means you can battle the Master-type opponents together…but your opponents will also be powered up. The foe in this picture is Master Beast.”



“The Wii U version-exclusive Master Fortress is only available in single-player mode. You’ll need to attack its heartlike cores.”

27 thoughts on “Sakurai Says Master Bosses Will Be Tougher In Two-Player Classic Mode In Latest Smash Bros Screenshot”

    1. Voice chat would be nice…but Smash never gets boring. To this day I’ll happily play any smash game. Anyone truly good in smash smashes for life.

  1. Coffee and smash news. todays gonna be a good day! Although having to wait 11 days is seriously getting to me, at least I’ll be able able to take my mind off smash with the new mariokart tracks we get in 72 hours!

    1. Im preparing my black Friday hunting guide and i don’t find anything at least i can see the chaos that 99 cents woman underwear cause.

      1. Yes, Black Friday, the shopping event of the year that will cause blood, sweat, and tears. So far there hasn’t been anything good advertised, but I’m hoping for some good video game deals.

  2. I beat him on 9.0 with everyone using a 3DS as a controller. You give me a gamecube controller & my roomate as a partner? HA master core ain’t got a chance!

  3. I HATE this stupid final black cloud boss (Master Beast etc.). Am I the only one that misses Tabuu? The music in the Tabuu battle was awesome! Although Tabuu never made sense to me. For that matter, neither does Master Hand and Crazy Hand. Makes me wonder why Nintendo didn’t create a more human-like final boss? Like a new Ganon or Bowser sort of character. When I got to Master Hand for the first time in the original Smash Bros., I was thinking “what a retarded character”. I can’t believe it’s came back in every sequel.

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