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Miyamoto Reveals How PIKMIN Short Movies Came To Be

Shigeru Miyamoto has explained how PIKMIN Short Movies was conceived. The legendary Nintendo designer, who served as the executive producer of the title, said that certain animations in the short films came about as a result of wondering how Pikmin would behave in particular situations. PIKMIN Short Movies is available in HD on Wii U and in 3D on Nintendo 3DS. It is comprised of three shorts: The Night Juicer, Treasure in a Bottle and Occupational Hazards.

“Sometimes, I wonder about things like ‘Wouldn’t it be fun if Pikmin did this?’ or ‘What would happen if there was a Pikmin right here?,'” Miyamoto said.

“Those ideas have been turned into an animation in the PIKMIN Short Movies.

“I hope that you will take a peek at a day in the life of Pikmin and see what they’re up to when they have jumped out of the game.”

29 thoughts on “Miyamoto Reveals How PIKMIN Short Movies Came To Be”

  1. I went to watch these videos on the eshop and was greeted with a five dollar price tag. My only question is why? and it won’t even tell me how long the animated shorts are!

    1. Making animated shorts takes money to produce. Five dollars isn’t a big deal. If you support it, who knows what other animated shorts they’ll make with other franchises. Maybe smash?

      1. Why on earth are you hoping for more dumb cartoons when Nintendo makes games and Wii U needs them? If I want to see a cartoon I’ll go to the movies or watch Netflix. If I want to play a game and hope for a sequel I’ll buy Pikmin 3 for a future Pikmin 4. Pikmin is my favorite franchise BTW.

  2. 16 minutes, 8 minutes, and 3 minutes (roughly).

    i enjoyed them and think they are worth the $5.00. i also hope the reception of these films are positive so more shorts and eventually TV/Movies with Nintendo IP will become a reality!

  3. The trio is $5.00 total. I got them Friday and my family’s already watched them twice and really hopes that there are more.

  4. You know, it costs money to make a film. CG animators aren’t cheap. It takes hundreds of hours to create the environments, textures, wire frames, etc that go into the finished product… did you really expect them to do all that for free? Do you go to the movies and pay zero dollars to see the new Micheal bay perversion? No. No, you have to pay for quality entertainment good sir. that’s not how it works. The first film by Miyamoto is resonably priced at 5 bucks.

    1. All those hundreds of hours could had been used for Pikmin 4. My $59.99 Pikmin 3 money went toward a dumbass animation? Wii U is a videogame console not a fucking DVD player. Make Pikmin 4.

  5. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    It should be free for Pikmin 3 owners like DLC. I’ll just wait to someone puts the animations on YouTube.

      1. Not part of Pikmin 3 my ass. Are there a new species of Pikmin? I bet its the same winged and useless rock pikmin. I’ll wait to someone puts it on YouTube. What a waste of money. Should have used that energy towards Pikmin 4 instead of some stupid animation.

    1. If you’d like them to do more stuff like this with other franchises, stop being cheap and support it. It’s only five dollars

      1. Cheap? Ignoring I paid $59.99 plus DLC for Pikmin 3. I ain’t paying for no animation. My $59.99 plus DLC should be invested for Pikmin 4. I supported him by owning all 3 Pikmin games. But you call me cheap.

  6. Wii u needs games and waste money in an animation. Stupid. And after you waste your five bucks and watch it, then what?

      1. And while you wasted $5 on something that will be on YouTube I’ll just save my cash and watch it on my HD Wii U through YouTube. Only difference I’ll watch it for free. Just a matter of time for it to be on YouTube.

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