This Charming Mario Nendoroid Figure Will Release May 2015 In Japan, Pre-Orders Open Now

The Good Smile Company has some fantastic news for Super Mario fans and collectors with its adorable Mario Nendoroid figure. Due for release in May 2015, fans of the red-capped plumber will find he comes with two facial expressions – serious and happy – along with additional parts such as blocks, a coin, and a super mushroom. But to recreate some classic Mario scenes, collectors can use the Buzzy Beetle and Boo enemies to cause a bunch of mischief.

Orders can be placed through the Good Smile Company’s product page for the figure between November 12 and December 10, setting you back 4,167 Yen (before tax) and bagging you three additional coins as a pre-order bonus. Along with Mario Nendoroid, the GSC are also re-releasing the Luigi Nendoroid overseas in June 2015, costing approximately 3,704 Yen.

The Good Smile Company is no stranger to reproducing classic Nintendo figures as a Toon Link Nendoroid went on general sale earlier this year. Make sure you check out the gallery of images below for the Mario figure, or at the GSC’s official website.


          1. That wasn’t a troll joke. They was an attempt at an insult that failed. And now you’re from trying to lie about it. XD

          2. Let’s remember that each person here is in some form a citizen of Nintendo. We should concentrate out energy on the true enemy. Not on one another.

              1. Anubis and Hollowgrape have sworn already allegiance to our empire by registering an Avatar on WordPress. That is our sacred ritual that bounds us to this land.

  1. Why does GSC seem to do bad with Luigi and now Mario compare to other Nendoroids?

    Might as well pick up the SH Figuarts Mario and Luigi. Better and less expensive than these.

  2. Why does GSC seem to do bad with Luigi and now Mario compare to other Nendoroids?

    Might as well pick up the SH Figuarts Mario and Luigi. Better and less expensive than these.

    1. Everybody’s hating on it cuz the design looks like some little kid shit. Grow up m8, and stop being in denial. There’s some Mario baby chairs at Wall-Mart it interests you.

        1. Yeah, but the way it’s made obviously looks very childish…and bad overall. But seriously dude, the majority here is voting against it. Not only are the figurines bad because everybody but you thinks they look bad, but it’s also childish of you to dis every person speaking against it. They never said anything about you.

        1. Really, if you can’t understand my point, then you guys defend whatever Nintendo makes. Really, I love Nintendo and pretty much all their games, but these….these………….THESE FIGURINES….nope.

          1. First off, Nintendo didn’t make these. Second, chibi characters are suppose to look like this.
            Third: you’re right, this looks bat shit ugly, the Toon Link looked way better than this.

  3. for me they are cute :3
    But oh, I’d rather the toon link one from good smile, I’ve pre ordered mine *_* for my b-day gift for myself XD XDDD

    1. I have both Toon Link and Trainer Red on preorder…they both work so much better with the regular Nendoroid style than the unchanging heads of Mario and Luigi….

  4. I like that you can put him in different poses. That’s pretty rare. Normally Mario is a display figurine.

    1. Yeah that what most if not all Good Smile Chibi characters are like. Both the Chibi and Regular Link figures from Good Smile are like that., but better because those actually change face expressions.

  5. Nice, I pre-ordered Toon Link on Crunchyroll but the release date got pushed back because of a problem I heard it had. I’ll get this one too. If anyone wants a good poseable Mario figure, get the figuarts version, I have it and it looks great next to my figma Link and Samus.

  6. I can’t take seeing so many different Nintendo related toys. I already have too many, and I’m even considering giving some of them to my niece and nephew (which I already did with my Pokemon figures). But I’m still always tempted if I see something really unique and/or cool.

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