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Smash Bros Wii U Bundle Sells Out On Amazon And GameStop

Looks like the demand is certainly there for Super Smash Bros on Wii U as the bundle which contains a copy of the game, a GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U, and Super Smash Brothers Edition of the GameCube Controller, is completely sold out on both Amazon and GameStop. Amazon is allowing fans to be notified by email once the bundle is back on sale.

Thanks, Retrogaminglord

76 thoughts on “Smash Bros Wii U Bundle Sells Out On Amazon And GameStop”

    1. It hurts a bit more when you realize that Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will release on the SAME. EXACT. DAY.

        1. Ouch…. I am still waiting and hoping for a LE exclusive NintendoWorld release for Smash… Kinda bummed I didnt pick up the preorder on bundle just incase though.

  1. For a second, I actually thought they were talking about an actual Wii U bundle. Not just a controller and a game. Lol fail.

      1. But if they REALLY want sales, then they should make a Wii U bundle that includes Smash Bros with the GC controller and adapter possibly along with an Amiibo too at a discounted price. Or they could make a special limited edition like the 3DS XL’s! A normal black Wii U with just the game would be stupid. It might get extra sales, but that’s cheap and stupid. Lol. May as well not even bother and just go get the SM3DW bundle instead.

        1. Nintendo hasn’t done a custom home console design since N64 days. lol I don’t mind a plain box with everything I wanted in a single package. PS4 is doing the same thing and I don’t hear a single complaint about it. Xbox does it too often as its own pathetic way to kiss people’s ass for sales because majority knows how bad the Xbox design is (360 Red Ring and X1’s DRM lie)

          1. Yeah, but XB1 had a white model, a special Titanfall model, and that really amazing looking golden/grey CoD Advanced Warfare model and even the controller has a golden D pad. PS4 also had that white model just in time for Destiny. The Wii U? Nothing. Lol unless you count that Wind Waker HD bundle that didn’t do anything but add stickers on the Gamepad. Lol.

            1. Lol the Wii u also has a white console, just because the ps4’s and xbones are “bundles” doesnt make the white on them any brighter

            2. Go watch reviewtechusa unboxing of his brand new CoD Xbox1. I gotta admit, it looks pretty cool. The very next video he posted the next day was that his LIMITED CoD console he just unboxed is defective and he’s having to send it back. And there is no more in stock to replace it. Maybe Microsoft should worry about whats in the console, instead of whats outside of it.

              1. lmfao That’s gotta suck. I will admit the COD:AW Xbox One looks really fucking badass but that’s as far as I’ll go with the compliments for that console.

          2. The Windwaker bundle offered a special design gamepad, and there also was a special red Wii with NSMB.
            And Xbox is doing it too often ? The fuck ? What’s bad about giving people the chance to choose between several designs so they can have a console suited best to their liking ? You’re just pathetically trying too hard to find excuses to badmouth them. It’s not working.
            Also, if the reason why Microsoft is offering different designs is because they’re trying too hard to kiss people’s asses, I wonder if you think the same about Nintendo releasing a billion different designs of the 3DS.
            Hypocrisy at its best.

        2. That’s exactly the type of Smash bundle I suggested Nintendo should do. A free random Amiibo would be a great sales bait strategy for kids especially

        3. They really should. I know of 4 ppl who are picking up a wiiU system at launch from Nintendo World.. They would LOVE to get a smash bros bundle though. I think this Xmas is going to be kind to Ninty bc of a solid library and amiibo, BUT it couldve been better with a price drop similar to MS and Sony. Drop it to 199$ bundled with Nintendo World and it would be an auto purchase, along with 3+ game sales.

    1. Ha ha ha go glory hole your dad. Its all about smash. Dont hate cause ur xbone chances of winning the christmas sales dont look so good now.

            1. Maybe. But Microsoft messed up their chances really badly. If they would’ve never introduced that always online DRM crap, it would probably be blowing PS4 out of the water right now. I don’t think it will come anywhere near PS right now because the grudge people hold with MS right now is just too strong. They still believe that they might put back the DRMx and gamers don’t trust them. Oh well, Sony got a victory for themselves! For now anyways at least.

              1. I agree 100% with you! Xbox One would have been murdering the PS4 right now if they just didn’t do any DRM bullshit. Sony just saw what Microsoft did and did the the exact opposite. Which is why they’re sky high right now. Microsoft is really stupid sometimes. I think they just killed themselves. Like I seriously doubt they’re gonna make another console with the terrible sales Xbox One is getting right now.

            2. That price drop is going to help move X1 and PS4 though. Wish Nintendo wouldve amped up holiday sales and declared a price drop. 199$ wouldve been a sweet spot.

                  1. Bet? I don’t need to bet. I know that for a fact! Wii U is probably somewhere at 7.5 to 8 million right now. December’s next month! And plus, Wii U has to compete with PS4 and XB1! They ain’t gonna just disappear and let Wii U get the spotlight. XD

                    1. Ps4 and XBOXONE don’t have much going for it till next year. So far the wii u has more games going for console purchase then those two. 2015 of feb is when they are getting stuff right now nothing big, other then hype

                      1. Doesn’t matter. PS4 sold all last year without much to play and it can darn well do it again. XD

                      2. And what are the chances of X1 selling more when Halo MCC is broken like Advanced Warfare was broken. PS4 will still sell with no problem but don’t underestimate Wii U’s potential to sell when Smash Bros. 4 is coming.

                        1. Lol alright then. Whatever you say. If Wii U gets to 10 million this Christmas, I’ll be happy. But if the Xbox One outsells the Wii U, you wouldn’t believe how hard I’m gonna be laughing. I hope Sickr posts an article about it (which he must likely will) because that would be too funny.

                            1. I really hope it does so I can harass you. Hahaha. I’m gonna keep asking you questions like “What console outsold who again?” XD It’ll be so much fun messing with Nintendo fans! They’ve always used the “Wii U is outselling Xbone” excuse, so it’s only fair to return the favor, right? Usually, I’m against fanboys, but I hope Xbone fanboys go all out when that happens. I’m gonna grab my popcorn and come to the comment section watching fanboys fight in an epic battle. LMAO!

                                1. I’m not. I’m equal for all sides. I just like to see wars. Although it isn’t really funny when only one side makes fun of the other. That’s why I like to defend the Xbox and Playstation so we can balance that out. Lol.

                                  1. Right. lol And when it comes to 3rd rate parties being almost absent from Nintendo due to their choice of being lazy and selfish (3rd party), you wanna rip Nintendo apart about it. After all of the BS and disappointments the 3rd rate parties have shown this year, I rather have no games from any of those assholes than 2 year old gimped, DLC-less POS at full price as intended to sucker quick cash.

                                    As for Microsoft, they seriously need to leave the gaming market alone and stop trying to monopolize it to sell their faulty DRM boxes in living rooms to have stupid adults shelling money for temporary relief that every other platform doesnt pull. Come on. I have to pay $60 fucking dollars to get pass that BS paywall to watch Netflix?!

                                1. I think we both know that the WiiU can in no way be compared to the Wii, especially in terms of success.
                                  Nintendo might very well do good in christmas, but selling 3-4 million WiiUs in such a short time seems a bit very far off.

                      1. But calling Smash Bros. a game for casuals is the funniest BS I’ve read on the Internet. He must have only played Brawl or hates losing in Melee so much that the fool up there keeps hating on the game.

                1. Yeah, I kinda already knew that. A few weeks ago, I tried preordering at my closest gamestop and they said I was unable to do it. At least I was able to preorder pokemon alphasapphire. I guess I’ll get the game and the adapter separately on the day I pick up pokemon and get the controller later.

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                3. Not surprised at all. Once the bundle gets announced (trust me it’s gonna happen) it’s gonna be impossible to find Smash at any retailer day one

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