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UCraft Kickstarter Dramatically Fails

Sadly the Kickstarter campaign by Nexis Games has failed in a dramatic fashion. UCraft, the Mine Craft clone for the Wii U, didn’t even reach ten percent of their ambitious target. Nexis Games had a $20,000 Kickstarter funding goal but failed to make even 94% of the target. We’ve yet to find out what’s going to happen to the game.

Thanks, Michelle

85 thoughts on “UCraft Kickstarter Dramatically Fails”

    1. “I have already put everything I have into this business, so it’s all or nothing for me.” said the developer on kickstarter. You may not like the concept of the game, but saying “Lol” to someone passionate by what he does who just failed something where he put all his efforts is completely stupid and childish.

      1. No it’s fitting. The bitch was ripping off minecraft and deserved to fail. If he had an original game then I would agree with you.

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      2. When someone tries to steal our game, they make themselves the enemy. this generally reduces the chance of us feeling sorry for them. if he had put ALL his efforts into this, it would have included coming up with something original. it would be tragic if an original game like this failed, but since this is a complete rip off, it’s failure makes me very happy.

        1. But they will never get minecraft, so what’s so bad about this. Mojang turned their back on those people and these guys stepped up.

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Now I predict that this Indie Tribe will hate our people and make a new original game for the Xbots and Sonyans as they should have done from the start for the empire…

    Oh well ,we’ll crush them like my Cybernetic Leg crushing a Luminothian fly…

    1. Cloning existing games is a lack of sufficient motivation to think for yourself, really. yes. they are pitiful.

  2. I’m not surprised either. While I’ve been curious to explore the Minecraft phenomenon, I personally would never have bought a u-crafted knock off when the original can be had for less than 20 bucks. Makes more sense for someone with deep pockets to license the game and port it to the Wii U.

  3. It was slated for a winter release, then all of a sudden, there’s this kickstand, the dev even first announced this under a different name. I just don’t trust Nexis’s ability to follow through. Sorry…

  4. I am not surprised considering 1. Minecraft is on a ridiculous number of platforms 2. People wanted Minecraft not a clone 3. Minecraft is becoming a thing of the passed since popularity went down over time. 4. Kickstarter compaign support isn’t easy to get.

  5. On the bright side- Animal Gods (a classic Zelda like dungeon crawler for Pc and Wii U) made their Kickstarter goal! Their release date is a ways away, but it certainly looks interesting. I suggest everyone check it out.

  6. Well now it looks like it will be cross platform. Because me who was a backer got a mail saying “thanks for your support and that I get 2 choose a copy of Ucraft on a platform of my choosing”

  7. Good, nobody wants an uninspired Minecraft clone. Maybe if the dev(s) had some originality instead of stealing ideas from other companies they would have a better chance of raising the funds needed.

    1. People were asking for Minecraft though. Minecraft will never come to wiiU, especially now that it’s owned by Microsoft. I don’t see the harm in ucraft, if anything it’s a good idea

  8. Well, the game started out really cool, they kept showing us how they were changing up the minecraft formula and the new characters and the new world backdrops and they said they didn’t want any of our money and then all of a sudden…. Hey we have a kickstarter now.

    I think before most people were thinking of picking up the game on the eSHop once it made it there, but no one was thinking “Hey, I really want to get invested in this game, because it is the next big amazing thing.”

    They game looked like it was well along its way to being decent and then they released a kickstarter… makes it look like they became desperate, which isn’t a good sign. Kickstarter should not be taken lightly and isn’t a way to get “free money.” It can actually backfire and ruin your game’s reputation.

    1. Agree,i think the developers of that game are too young just learning unity.The models is something even i could do alongside the animations and i havent touch a 3d modeling program in years because of intense amount of programming courses i m going through the university.Also the trailer suck and the marketing failed because they dont know what they want.

  9. They would make more money off less than 5 million Xbox install base than 7 million Wii U install bases anyway. Bayonetta says “hi.” Bayanetta 2 is 1080p 60fps and XBOX One version of Watch Dogs is 30fps? Watch Dogs stayed in top ten best sellers for weeks with way less than 7 million people.

    1. Funny how either Splinter Cell, BF4 or Ghost sold like shit on Wii U, yet those games on Xbox and PS4 consoles were broken as fuck and stayed top 10 best sellers and Bayonetta a game that is rated 10/10 because their developer had passion for making it fit on Wii U from the ground up sales flopped. So that says a lot. Ucraft probably changed their mind after seeing a 3rd party game taking advantage of the Wii U still flop with 7 million install bases. The money is at Xbox and PS4 software. But those 7 million Wii U owners would buy another NSMBU even though they asked for a Galaxy 3.

      1. I will probably never buy a “New” Super Mario game until they get rid of the “New” and actually put work into a GOOD 2D Mario game. None of the “New” ones are anywhere on par with the original 5 (Super Mario 1-3, Super Mario World, & Lost Levels). Music, art, and challenge all are lacking heavily.

      2. And I would honestly want a Super Mario 64 HD or part 2 over a galaxy 3, but I doubt it would happen. I’d still get galaxy 3, but 64 was the best 3D Mario platformer to me. I wanna punch and kick some goombas again damn it!

        1. Yes, thank you. Finally, someone on here who gets it. Mario 64 is not only the greatest Mario game, it’s also the greatest game of all time. Now as far as the whole ucraft thing, yes it is a Minecraft clone, but it was started because you will never get Minecraft on wiiU. I don’t understand why a lot of you act like you’re offended by the concept of ucraft. Honestly from the little that I saw, it looked better than Minecraft. The character models weren’t blocks and you could create custom textures for the blocks, all within the wiiU. What more do you want? Any brick Minecraft has, ucraft could have as well, you just have to make it.

          1. Yea I don’t get the hate either for Ucraft for the things you said. Minecraft certainly isn’t coming to wii u since microsoft bought them and even before it was iffy. And yea Mario 64 is on my top 5 list of favorite games. I could replay it on my wii with classic controllers but I refuse to use those cheap things on that masterpiece. Been holding out for years hoping for a remake or now the virtual console for wii u since I could use a pro controller. You’re getting smash u right? Mind if I get your NNID?

    2. First of all, it’s 8 million Wii Us installed. Second, Microsoft never directly confirmed 5 million sold-to-consumers Xbox DOnes so once again, misleading details. Third, Bayonetta 2 had nothing to do with this or Watchdogshit. You failed to make a valid point in any of this.

  10. Doesn’t suprise me. The demo doesn’t look appealing at all, just some kind of poor rip-off. Sadly, with Microsoft’s aquisition of Mojang, there’s pretty much no hope of seeing Minecraft on Wii U :(

  11. well are you surprised? people need to realize that the “Block-based sandbox” genre is dying faster than Sony. minecraft was a 1-hit wonder, and no other block game is going to do well.

  12. I’m actually not surprised.
    But what about all of the people who DID donate? Is the game still going to be made, or did those people just waste their money?

  13. Doesn’t mean much, they are still going along anyway, I’ve had a few chats with one of the guys from Nexis Games, (He even gave me a free code for SDK Paint so I could get it before it came out, and he will be giving me a free U Craft code aswell when it launches.) This wont hurt much of anything, it was just to help speed up the game, it doesn’t kill it or anything.

  14. I’ll go back to what I originally said about that “official” trailer, where he said he “does not want your money”. I knew that was a silly and potentially damaging comment to make. Now i believe it’s hurting him for saying that. You don’t say, “we don’t wont your money”, and then literally two days later ask for your money.

  15. People aren’t stupid, its quite obvious this was a knockoff of minecraft, and the developer was just trying to steal money from gullible people. Hell its quite obvious he stole a lot of the original code for his game directly from minecraft itself.

  16. I know that some people probably put some heart and soul into this game so I will feel bad by saying this. but I’m glad that this failed. Developers need to come up with their own ideas, and judging by this kickstarter, a lot of people agree with me. If they really want to be successful, they need to be creative. Look at five nights at freddy’s, it didn’t have a kickstarter and it was made by one guy. Now it’s booming across the internet with it’s sequel being just as good if not better. So moral of the story, your audience isn’t stupid. If you try to make an inferior minecraft clone, people will see right through it and not support it. Be creative.

    1. Ignoring Watch Dogs, a GTA clone stayed in top ten on all four systems longer than original Bayonetta 2 which flopped.

    2. As long as it’s not a direct clone, it could still work. I would honestly love to play a mincraft game that had a leveling system. A minecraft game that you could advance into the space age like in civilization. Could you imagine that? Once you advance so far in the game you could so ehow create rocket fuel. Use that rocket full to launch into space where you could mine the moon, or an astroid. Or hell maybe even land on a new planet all together. The potential is reall limitless…. I would absolutely love a minecraft game like that…

      Sadly, this will never happen.

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  19. I would really love to see Minecraft run on Nintendo products. I would love to see Mojang and Nintendo working on that together sometime. I would hate, I would absolutely hate to see any clone of Minecraft come to a Nintendo product. Companies can get along just fine by making other games. I consider Minecraft clones to be unspeakably horrible. I consider developing Minecraft clones a criminal act. I think people who publish Minecraft clones are parasites.
    I am not as angry at Nexis games as I might be. just sad. It is unfortunate that any real company would stoop so low as to STEAL from those who actually invent things.

    In summary, your failure is a very good thing. I am very glad that you lack the funding to attack my community with any real effect. I would really appreciate if you would come to your senses and start working on something strait from your own mind. but if you are unable, I look forward to seeing you fail again, and again, and again.

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