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Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D Will Change Up The Boss Fights And Also Add Fishing

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask series producer Eiji Aonuma has revealed in the latest edition of Famitsu magazine that he is planning to switch things up in the remastered version on the Nintendo 3DS.

“We didn’t make the game easier. There aren’t any extra hints thrown at you when you’re not sure what to do, but there are all kinds of other mechanisms in the system that I think you’ll notice.”

“While I can’t say much about it… one thing— a boss fight has been changed. Upon trying a boss fight on the original version for the first time in a while after playing the remake, it’s like, ‘how do I beat this guy again?’ it’s that type of content.”

“You’ll get to fish! Although… it makes you wonder whether you’ll have that free time to fish in the world of Majora’s Mask,” Aonuma say with a laugh. “So we’ve added fishing ponds. Two of them, too. There might be something monstrous you could fish out, so please look forward to it.”

“Exactly. ‘I know that the world is about to end, but here I am fishing. awesome!’ are just some of the feelings you can get from it,” Aonuma replied with a laugh.

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84 thoughts on “Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D Will Change Up The Boss Fights And Also Add Fishing”

    1. I actually always had way more trouble with Odolwa, the first boss. I mean, yea Gyorg can be tricky at times but you never wonder ‘how do l beat this guy again?’. I still to this day have not found a pattern in Odolwa’s movements, and the fact that you only have one bottle and 5 hearts max does not help at all…

    2. Gyorg is easy never had a problem.
      However I bet it’s majora cause without collecting all the masks you don’t receive the deity mask making it a difficult boss fight rather than a one sided slaughter. And you do ask yourself how to fight him nor do I remember how.
      but gyorg you can fight easily without a scratch useing the zoras mask don’t even have to enter the water till you slash him then hop out before hits you and rinse and repeat.

  1. I hope this proves my brother wrong. I played this game and OOT and I loved it! I told him to play OOT, he didn’t. I told him to play MM, he didn’t… Yet he calls himself a Zelda fan… More like a disgrace to the Zelda community!

        1. If it was on wii u rather than the 3ds i would gladly get it and try it again with improved everything.My 3ds is not working correctly making fast paced games really hard to progress,i can only played puzzles or card games with it lol.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Master Quest doesn’t make the bosses harder at all…

        And don’t come to me with that “more HP loss” crap because that’s nothing when you never ge thit in the game…

        1. But the point is it was there for people who thought OOT was too easy. I was playing it when I used to have a 3DS and found it pretty challenging and fun to play because I was going through dungeons I thought I knew well but didn’t. I never got to finish it though because my older brother sold my 3DS… :(

            1. I was talking about the game in general. Plus if it is the bosses you’re talking about then… YOU TAKE MORE HP LOSS!!! I mean believe it or not the bosses in that game are difficult to avoid taking damage from.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                No they aren’t…

                That’s my main problem with OoT, it’s so easy with the bosses it’s boring…

    1. little quick to the, “I hate this because it is not the original,” trigger ace. Lets see how the boss plays first before we call it lame.

    1. I’d be happy with that. Twinmold wasn’t a bad boss by any means, but it was mostly hacking and slashing, occasionally destroying a pillar to refill magic. Considering how creative and enjoyable every other boss is in Majora’s Mask, I think they can do a bit more with it.

  2. Actually, I’d say the changed boss could be Odolwa too. When I first played MM, I wasn’t sure how to beat him because you had the Deku flowers, plus your bow, plus the bombs laying around… It took me a while to figure out you should shoot him with your bow and move in when he’s stunned, and that the bombs are for distracting the moths.

    I wonder where the fishing ponds will be? At least one has to be at the sea, I’d imagine. Perhaps the other one is in Southern Swamp. This would leave options open for different salt and fresh water fish!

  3. I’m HOPING that the one that got changed is Twinmold. And all that needs to get changed is to make it where you can’t run out of magic and thus be forced out of Giant Mode mid-battle. I’d also be alright with Odolwa or Gyorg, but they’d better not touch the Goht Fight. That’s arguably one of the better Zelda Boss fights in-general, and (IMO) certainly the best one in MM. If they change it… they’re taking away one of the best moments in MM.

    1. ‘And all that needs to get changed is to make it where you can’t run out of magic and thus be forced out of Giant Mode mid-battle.’

      This was actually already available in the original. If you go to the Milk Bar and talk to the bartender with the Romani Mask on you can buy the Chateau Romani for 200 rupees. When you drink Chateau Romani you’ll have unlimited magic for the rest of that three-day cycle.

      1. Ah. I never knew about that. All I remember is that there was an act of the goddesses on my first Twinmold run: ran out of magic, managed to take one down, and got the second one killed off on my last arrow.

    1. Maybe there are fishing holes in which once you enter it freezes the time limit so you can fish to your hearts content.

  4. Fishing? YAY! I LOVED THAT FISHING POND IN OCARINA OF TIME. Fishing rocks! I remember wishing that the whole fishing aspect was much bigger in the game. Seriously, if done right, Nintendo could make a very fun fishing game all of it’s own. The thing that bugs me about fishing games is that most of them are based only on bass. I like a big variety of fish.

  5. The main thing I wish Nintendo would change in Majora’s Mask is the save feature. Make it more like Ocarina Of Time, where you can save at any moment. I HATED those owl statues, and how the game ends and goes back to the title screen every time. That was SO annoying!

    1. Just be glad you had them, Collector. In Japan, they didn’t have the owls & always had to restart the 3 day cycle before they could stop playing the game.

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  7. This game is pretty fun but aso hard but still a great game and the remake looks awesome looking the farthest I ever got was the second temple I made it to the boss with only 10 minutes before the moon smashed right into the earth I was trying to fight the boss and watching the time it was hard has shit than I died and I was like fuck this game and turned it off now I am going to be playing it again in 3d lol

  8. I love that comment at the end. The moon’s falling, people are freaking out, but you can just comfortably fish knowing you can just rewind it all. What a feeling, lol.

    I wonder if they’re going to change anything about OoT’s fishing system or are just going to port the exact thing. Will the sinking lure return? Will there be more lures like in Twilight Princess? What will be the ultimate prize?

  9. I also wish Nintendo added more to the stories (or added cutscenes) when they did remakes like this. Anything extra is a welcomed thing. I hate direct ports, where the only new thing is graphics.

  10. Ocarina of Time 3D didn’t needed extended history because it was already a long game but Majora’s Mask is not that long, but perhaps that will change in this remake.

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  12. I have to say: GOOD.
    The boss battles in Majora’s Mask weren’t exactly well designed, Odolwa’s was unintuitive and tedious, Goht’s was broken by the structure of the room, Gyorg’s hiighlighted everything wrong with the controls and Twinmold’s was a chore without the Chateau Romani and the Giant’s Mask.

    1. Goht’s fight was the best boss battle in the game. You’re supposed to turn into Goron Link & ram that fucker into submission! What could be more fun than that?

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  14. The people wanting the time limit gone “because it made the game too hard or annoying” make me laugh. Not the game’s fault that you’re all too slow! xD

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