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Big Red Button Entertainment Apparently Suffered Mass Exodus Before Sonic Boom Launch

A report has come through that suggests that Sonic Boom development studio Big Red Button suffered from a mass exodus of staff while the game was being developed. I’m sure you’ve all seen the videos floating around the web that showcase the number of hilarious glitches that can be found within the game. TSSZ is reporting the departures were actually voluntary, with the staff presumably realising that the game wasn’t working out.

Thanks, gamerprince1999

179 thoughts on “Big Red Button Entertainment Apparently Suffered Mass Exodus Before Sonic Boom Launch”

    1. This game perfectly represents the Wii U; it had a lot of potential when it débuted, but fell flat on its face; being a huge failure.

      1. Sadly, Sonic seems cursed. They need to let that franchise go away for a while. Platforming is so crowded these days. There just isn’t demand.

          1. Nintendo? Hell no!

            They don’t even know what the fuck to do with Mario anymore. 4 different “I can’t believe they’re still fucking calling it.. New Super Mario Bros”? A sequel to Galaxy, a sequel to 3D land? More sequels to Party and sports titles? Mario is more stale than a week-old opened bag of potato chips.

            BTW, Sumo’s Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed is a much better and more importantly “BALANCED” kart game than Mario Kart 8.

            Then we have the half-assed remakes of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask which they only bothered to update half of the character models and environments in the games. Not even including the borderline lazy remake of “Windwaker” which all they did was implement a new lighting system and upscaled all the models. Boo! Zelda is finally getting some major (open world) innovation done after that hub-world mess of Skyworld Sword and it took them years to let you be able to choose which dungeons to tackle like Link between worlds does.

            It’s taken them forever to decide what to do with Star Fox, Kirby and the Yoshi games’ major selling points being yarn more so than being games than trying something new. Don’t get me started on wtf is their problem with F-Zero and Poke’mon has been the same shit for years! Mega-evolution has been the only innovative change in terms of the core mechanics in a long while, forget story or the nonsense dressing up your characters or petting your Poke’mon. All that extra stuff is there to keep your mind off that the Poke’mon games hasn’t changed whatsoever.

            Nintendo can’t even do online right (no team party chat, game invites, real-time messages, party sytem (i can’t even fucking get a friend to join me as a partner in Kid Icarus uprising or Super Smash Bros. 4 in for glory!) Nintendo sucks at fundamentals.

            SEGA has made better emulators for their 3DS virtual console games than Nintendo and SEGA made better collections! Remember the bullshit that was Super Mario 25th Anniversary collection?

            Fuck Nintendo, Wii U is a shit system (only exception is the gamepad) with only Mario Kart 8(it’s DLC) and Super Smash Bros. keeping them on life support. Their e-shop isn’t any better! The only thing they have going for them left is Zelda and Starfox. Afterwards, they’re fucked. Because they went with a weaker system compared to their competition, the system lacks major 3rd-party support!

            I want a competent company that isn’t afraid to try new things like overrated Nintendo or at least a company that puts an insane amount of effort to please fans with the handling of a franchise, like 343 Studios. Hell, they need a new IP to work with anyways.

            Even Sony Computer Entertainment or the real Naughty dogs developers would be a better company to handle Sonic. The only division of Nintendo I would even remotely trust would be ONLY Retro Studios. All the other divisions can go fuck off, especially Miyamoto’s team.

            Nintendo needs to stop being put on the pedestal like they define what gaming is, especially considering they’re way too late on things such as DLC, online, or even “HD”. Their famous IPs are the only fucking reason Nintendo gets such acclaim.

      2. Naw this game kind reminds me of the PS4. Hyped to hell by the company that created it then ended being an underwhelming experience because of what it had to offer LOL

      3. It had a lot of potential when it debuted? WAT?

        Where did that potential lie exactly, in the dumb character designs, in the whip mechanics, in the cheap-ass spiderman-3-the-game-esque fights or in the core concept fail?

        Just curious.

      4. Lol so far the wii u is so much win.I havent had as much fun with any system in my life.I own all consoles except the new two other(ps4 and xbox1) which i will get when they have something worth playing.Not buying like the other sheep,like i done with the wii u i waited until they have good games to get.

      5. xD It would be a perfect representation… if the Wii U wasn’t doing better in recent months. And as smashbrolink said, the Wii U can still tap that potential while this game is forever tarnished.

      6. Not really a good analogy. WiiU was just released too early, but has become better as the games came out, like Smash, Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3, and the other stuff coming.

          1. Lol every Sonic that come out its worse than the others.I hope they give Sonic to Nintendo and teach them how to make games.

            1. It seems Sega’s kinda stupid to realize why Generations was considered the closest 3D perfection for Sonic? They had it right that time and then go back to fucking it up as usual. Nintendo should take Sonic IP for a spin because if anyone or any company on Earth that can do a Sonic game right, its them. They’ve never ruined a single video game they created by themselves aside from Other M which Team Ninja also majorly help fucked up.

              1. Now I love Nintendo, but they’ve fucked up for sure. Super Paper Mario and Paper Mario: Sticker Star are travesties, Smash Bros. Brawl has random tripping, the New Super Mario Bros. series is garbage, and that’s not even mentioning Skyward Sword.

                1. Super Papar was actually good. A different game but had its loved RPG elements. Now I’m totally not sure what made Sticker Star so terrible but I’m betting that they removed most of the series essential RPG elements or changed it for the worst. Super Paper Mario was good though. Brawl was good but I must agree, the random tripping idea pissed me off and had a shitty online mode that I hope to god its foxed for SSB4 on Wii U. Too late for 3DS though because the lag is just like Brawl.

                  New Mario Bros. is a rehash, I agree. New Mario Bros. Wii was far enough and the DS game was great when introduced.

                  XD What’s with everyone’s beef about Skyward Sword? Its Zelda. How can a Zelda game suck? *looks at Zelda 2* Oh…

                  1. Just ignore the Skyward Sword haters. I still say they are just bitches crying about not getting another bland Twilight Princess with boring realistic graphics.

              2. Except Team Ninja did the gameplay which was flawless while Nintendo was in charge of the story which failed. So you are putting the blame on the wrong developer.

  1. That’s odd considering the same thing happened with Sonic 06 except half the people from Sonic Team were working on Secret Rings, and the other half 06.

  2. This game had no chance as soon as they showed the character models, especially knuckles. SO many people said that flat out wouldn’t buy it on that alone, and now that it’s known to be glitchy, good luck selling this. I hope it burns. Knuckles looks like an idiot, and sonic looks a little off too.

    1. Not sure why people got mad, it wasn’t part of the main series, and why wouldn’t Knuckles be the biggest one since he’s portrayed as “The tough one” in the main series?

      1. Is there even a “main series” at this point? honest question lol. Most people don’t like it cause he’s never looked that way, and honestly he never would have been as popular if he did. He looks cool normally, now he kinda looks like a dumb muscle head who skips leg day lol. And you don’t need big muscles to be tough. Look at Vegeta & Nappa from dragon ball z. Nappa is huge and muscular, yet Vegeta is the tough bad ass. Knuckles doesn’t look like a bad ass now, he looks like he’s trying to hard.

            1. Huge DBZ fan so yeah. Speaking of, I need to watch Battle of the Gods. I need a good canon movie to remind me that that shit known as GT never really happened.

    2. Knuckles not only looks like an idiot in SB- he IS an idiot. Have you seen any cutscenes where Knuckles is present? They made him extremely stupid.

      Yeah, Knuckles was kind of an egghead in the games past Sonic Heroes and was always gullible, but he was smart enough that he didn’t have to look at his hands to figure out which way was left like in Boom.

  3. From what I’ve seen this game is major trash. I was really excited for it before it released but I eventually found out the game isn’t even good… From what I’ve seen the game seems so incomplete… The framerate is horrendous, the graphics are like PS2(not that I care a lot about graphics but come on no one can deny how terrible they are). And when playing with 2 players the graphics and framerate get a lot more worse all of a sudden. The glitches are as bad or maybe even worse than Sonic 06… This is probably why… They could of told us that the game wouldn’t be good if we release it now and delay it to next year. I mean Smash is coming out this month so it wouldn’t be a loss for anyone if they delayed it plus Smash would’ve over shadowed it anyway. Also people would be spending they’re money on amiibos and Smash so delaying this would’ve been an amazing idea.

  4. Why didn’t they delay the game then? This just seems ridiculous that they let a game out like that unless they were thinking of patching it afterwards.

    1. They never delayed it but in this case, they REALLY should have. But it’s too late. This game was doomed from the start and it’s not because of Wii U/Nintendo in general but because Sonic has a very rocky reputation.

      1. I know it wasn’t delayed, I’m asking why they didn’t just delayed the game. It actually looked like it had potential at first.

        At least the show is pretty good. Oh well.

        1. Their trailers are boring, the game has almost no sense of speed, the preorder bonus is pathetic and the launch is embarrassing. With that money, I rather buy Bayonetta 2 or Sonic Lost World.

  5. By the way, does the 3DS version suffer from glitches as well? I was thinking of glpicking that one up but if it does indeed have them then I’ll just pass.

  6. I already sensed this game was gonna flop. The cartoon series is good but the games are the opposite of the norm. I’ve seen the trailers of Wii U version, didn’t impress me one bit and I tried the 3DS demo, I didn’t like it.

      1. Aaaannd the Androidork speaks..I mean “squeals”. Anyway, have you seen the gameplay and trailers? Very underwhelming and not exactly what a Sonic game is suppose to be; eliminating the need for speed. In this case, Lost World is a better Sonic game than this.

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  7. I own this game and have almost played through. I have only seen one glitch so far and it didn’t affect my experience at all. It is totally different from any Sonic game, I will give you that. BUT IT ISN’T A BAD GAME! Every one had their own bias expecrations of this game that they don’t see it for what it is: and expansive and fun exploration game.

  8. Almost every game has glitches if you look for it. Play the game and see how it is for yourself. I bet most people who give this game crap are people who buy every single Call of Duty and other shooter even though they are practically the same thing repeated over and over.

      1. What? And taking this person right to say their mind LIKE YOU DID? How about you shut up and suck it. There are people who can see beyond the glitches and EVEN ENJOY the game. I mean, that’s what I heard from Assassins Creed fans.

    1. Yes, every game has glitches if you look hard enough. but people found a glitch to get to the end of the game within the first 48 hours after it came out. I have not seen a single run where it doesn’t glitch out yet.

  9. I was somewhat interested in this game when it was announced, I hated Sonic games because of the need to rely on speed in the game, I hate being put under pressure in a game, I want to enjoy it at my own pace, look at the side quests, listen to the music, waste time doing stuff like fishing, playing minigames, break pots etc.

    But all I see is glitches in this game, also Assassin’s Creed Unity.
    Where is the dedication to quality nowadays?

    1. There is no quality anymore. The problem is, that devs forgot what a game used to be; Entertainment and fun, but nowadays, they only have the mighty dollar sign in their eyes and can’t stop milking their fans, which is why people are pissed about them. Plus the horrendous development time. It is a joke to believe that nowadays, devs just take one(!) year to develop a game and rush it at the end of the dateline. They should take a hint from Nintendo and how long they work on a Mario or Zelda game. I wish they would take their time to develop their games, but greedy producers are forcing them to create games, which are full of glitches, which does not mean that you will see the glitch but it is possible that it will occur.

    2. well then if you like 2D platformer, you would most likely, really enjoy Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal on 3DS, its really great, you can really explore the levels, and take your time, if your looking for every secret in a level it can take like 30 mins per level, my only grip so far is I have not encountered a single boss fight!

  10. I also played the demo on the 3DS, and not only did it have that god awful timer, but the levels weren’t even built like Sonic levels, how can you be expected to rush through a level that requires you to stop, change characters, press a button a couple feet away, jump over the spikes and THEN rush forward after it took you 30 seconds.

    1. Um, that’s because rushing through the level isn’t the point. It has some exploration aspects along with utilizing the unique traits of every character. In both aspects, it succeeded in my opinion.

        1. Dude the timer Counts up not down, and once you get used to the controls, its pretty fun to rush through levels and try to beat your time, but it is more of a exploative game!

    1. lord ghost : king of the federation

      other games in deed have glitches but they can still be somewhat be good game. sonic boom in the other had nothing really good or fun in it. even the glitchy fest ACU has some fun element even though the game suffered from frame rate issue’s that will be patch. sonic boom will likely never be patch just like sonic 06.
      sega will bury this game in it’s grave like 06, and completely make it look as if it never existed.

      1. ACU brings nothing new to the table, that was not in AC already. Sonic Boom at least tries some new ways, which you haven’t seen so far in a Sonic game… except in Sonic Heroes maybe.

        And on a side note, it is not Sega but BigRedButton, who needs to work on this title like Ubisoft on ACU to minimize the glitches as good as possible. But we will see what the future will bring. I hope they can fix the game, because in my eyes, it looks like a good direction for future Sonic games, which means that I will buy it, once it is out here in EU.

  11. It’s too bad that the game ultimately didn’t work out, because there are some things I like about it. I liked the art design overall and the sense of adventure. It’s just too bad that it just ended up so unfinished.

    1. Again with the damn graphics… the game still looks good. It is not like Mass Effect 3, where pixel figures are running in awkward two animation motion in the background.

  12. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Even its creators don’t like this piece of outdated garbage…

    I declare Sonic the Hedgehog dead…

    1. Sega should just port Generations to Wii U with bonus contents/levels and call it a day. Boom and Lost World have been disappointing. Sega has lost sight at what makes Sonic a great franchise anymore.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        If the 3DS army didn’t buy the game in millions, it won’t do anything for the Wii U…

        Just kill this franchise off or just remake the real games into a 2.5D remake kind of thing and expand upon that without these damn hollywood crap jokes and attitudes…

        1. If it came as a launch title, more sales would’ve been possible. Generations, even though its celebratory game with 95% of old levels remade, it came very close to perfectly blend Sonic’s 3D gameplay and speed.

    2. Sonic has been dead since the Dreamcast. Play Sonic Adventure and try to tell me that its actually a good game. Sonic Colors was a miracle and that’s where they really should have stopped.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        If I wanted your primitive opinion I would have taken your cerebro and absorbed whatever small amount of so called intelligence you have…

        1. Awww… does my critic hurt you? I really hope so, because you are an idiot for making such an idiotic comment. But what does one expect from an idiot then an idiotic comment. CASE FUCKING CLOSED!

  13. lord ghost : king of the federation

    no wounder they were ex naughty dog devs. devs must been lazy and were like” this game for kids anyway” through out the development.
    they added shadow just to beg kids to pre order the game LMAO.

          1. Correction: It’s for Nintendo platforms; it just happens that this particular game is on the Wii U. Honestly that’s setting the game up for failure if you ask me.

                      1. I’ll admit the wii u is not best system( my fav is snes, and gamecube), but I still have fun with it. I have more interest in the the ps4 right now, bloodborne looks fun,and by then i should have one. Personally I have a little bit more interest in the XB1 then ps4. KI, MCC, sunset, look pretty fun. I personally could careless what the hard ware is, as long I can have fun i’m cool

      1. I just love it when people haye on the Wii U when they have no idea what the system is really worth. Games on Ps4 and X1 have a lot less polish making them review less than anything on Wii U. This game being unpolished is Sega’s problem meanwhile the recently released AC Unity also has bugs ruining the game

    1. Here’s the Pac-man & Sonic of the modern era:

      *Redesign your characters to look stupid
      -Make a CG show of it
      -Base oddball-spinoff games off it

    2. God both capcom, and sega are terrible with their Mascots. Nintendo just buy these ips and show them what effort looks like, not rush shit, or love is.

    3. SEGA really needs to get their shit together. Either they need Nintendo to help them create a game for them, or they need to learn what SEGA used to really be…..

    4. I swear both Sega and capcom, have fallen far beyond what they should. This new era really screwed with them. After the dream cast sega went everywhere, Capcom really went down after RE5, then they went worse when the megaman creator left










    6. I own this game and have beaten it. I actually believe the gameplay is good and liked the story to an extent. The cutscenes were nice and some of the speed sections of the game had a cool des

    7. I own this game and have beaten it. I actually believe the gameplay is good and liked the story to an extent. The cutscenes were nice and some of the speed sections of the game had a cool design to them. It was nice to play as other characters other than sonic. But what destroys this game is the frame rate drops and glitches and not so good graphics. Running through certain speed sections were just awful because of the terrible frame rate. I found it weird that at when in the day time the graphics are low but when in a factory or tech based level the graphics are better with nice lighting effect. If Sega released a patch to fix a lot of the issues In the game I would be content with it more and enjoy most of it. The highlights for the game for me were the Shadow and Metal Sonic Fight and some nice levels, and a couple speed sections (but still destroyed by the frame rate drops). Other than that the game is good but not really because of the problems it has.

    8. I was considering getting this on the cheap like I did with Lost World (£10) but looking at it now I think I’m gonna pass. If there are people out there that enjoy it good for them.

    9. Its just impossible to make a good Sonic game. Aside from the fluke good game here and there the series should have been killed off years ago.

    10. I actually had to look up the word “exodus” to see what it meant. Because I thought it was only a Bible term. Hehe

      1. Yes I get what your saying I played shattered crystal demo and loved it nothing pleaseies people anymore some of these dumb fucks won’t even buy a game because game journalists say that a game sucks and give it bad reviews and people will be like maybe I shouldn’t buy this game it got bad review I say don’t listing to all that game journalism bull crap if you played a game and liked what you played buy the game don’t lising to some dork that says the game sucks if you like it buy it so the people that liked shattered crystal and boom and played the game and liked what you played but it and don’t lising to these game journalist fags they aren’t real gamers lol sorry about the bad gramer but I know some of you get what I am saying

      2. You go through walls if you run into them. The AI is some of the dumbest I’ve ever seen. The game looks like it could easily run on the ps2. The combat is mashing one button. Projared literally sounded like he wanted to die after playing three hours of it. Don’t support it. Just let it die with some dignity.

    11. Pothead - Master of stoners

      Man don’t play this game, i was out of pot so i sold my sold my soal to the devil for a patato chip and since i wasn’t high he made me a deal and said here take sonic boom for wii u. WHAT A BREAK!!! Thank goodness we are smoking buddies. THEN WE PLAYED IT, ME AND MY WHOLE FAMILY!!! IT WAS SO BAD!!!! MY FAMILY STARTED TO FOAM FROM THE MOUTH AND GO CRAZY!!!! MY MOM SHOT HERSELF AND MY DAD WENT BEZERK!!! HIS HEAD TURNED AROUND LIKE AN OWL AND HE STARTED TO CLIMB UP THE WALL LIKE A SPIDER SO I SHOT HIM!!!


      THE HORROR I WILL NEVER GET OVER THIS. HOW WILL I GO ON….. woah i forgot i have pot cookies…… what was i screaming about. whatever. pot cookies!!!

    12. The show is decent, but the games were utter shit because of lack of effort. Just like a certain Sonic title that was released during the year of 2006.

      1. lot was put into 2006. a attempt at a good story, awesome characters and game play that resembles sonic adventure 1. id rather watch sonic sleep with that elise, then listen to the same crappy baldy mc nose hair joke. the game was flawed but time and effort was put in

    13. I honestly thought this game felt meh. By no means would I call it Sonic 06 2.0 (that would be exaggerarting a bit), but there really wasn’t anything remarkable. It was just…..average.

    14. Hopefully more concrete info is available sometime soon. This kind of thing is interesting to hear about- something similar happened with Lords of Shadow 2 (and I liked that one).

      Also, that Sonic Boom image is pure reblog deterrent!

    15. The game was never meant to exist. They made the cartoon show, and then through together the game to coexist with the show. Not alot of thought went into it. Their excuse is that it was made for kids, but kids dont like playing shitty games anymore than adults do.

      1. Yeah, what kind of excuse is that? Super Mario Sunshine was my first Nintendo game I ever owned, and I was 8 years old. The game was challenging for me, and I got stuck many times, but I never gave up and eventually beat it. Bottom line, from my experience, even kids deserve quality, challenging, and creative games. On a side note though, for kids who do play quality Mario games, I feel bad for today’s kids who play the modern, linear Mario games. I grew up with freedom, challenge and exploration…and stuff to collect.

    16. I told someone a while back (A Sonic Superfan probably) that this game was most likely going to fail. I didn’t see much coming out of it, I knew it was going to be trash, and now I can rub it in his face. (Wherever he is) But seriously, I don’t trust any future Sonic game to go well at all. Just my prediction on things.

    17. I think it’s a shame that Big Red Button got the rights to make a Sonic game. Sonic is like a whore that Sega will sell to the highest bidder. The Sonic franchise is all but destroyed. What BRB did with Sonic Boom is a disaster. Thats like Nintendo giving the Mario franchise to some unworthy developers and saying, “here, do whatever you want!” It boils down to Sega. Sega are the ones who killed Sonic…… Maybe Nintendo will see some potential and try to save him..

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        And reboot everything from the beginning with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles first and most, Dr.Robotnik going back into creating creative robots that often fit the levels…

        No more toy looking robots like the 3D games have and no more useless gameplay features…

    18. I decided to cancel my pre order on this game yesterday. ( It’s not out in Europe yet. ) I might pick it up later when it’s 10-15 £.

    19. Wii U owners trip me the fuck up. I see the complaints about why this tittle isn’t in top ten. Yet Bayonetta 2 a tittle very well put togather and it’s the same for sales… a flop. You Wii U owners find every excuse not to support 3rd party tittles. And then you 7 million complain why 3rd party is jumping ship.

    20. That comment didn’t make any sense. Who complained that Sonic Boom wasn’t in the top ten? And Bayonetta hasn’t flopped. With digital sales it’s close to 400k. It should at least hit 500k after Christmas. Thats not a homerun success, but it’s not a flop.

      1. Ignoring the article Sicr put up about retail sales outselling digital. So if Bayonetta sold 250 retail how you come up with 400k digital?

    21. #Nintendo
      You Nintendo haters are so annoying
      Read this
      And shut the hell up!

    22. BF4 came out broken it it didn’t flop like Sonic. COD Ghost was broken and it didn’t flop like Sonic. Splinter Cell and GTA came out broken and it didn’t flop. Yet Bayonetta 2 is fixed and it flopped.

    23. Looks like I might try Gamefly next month & rent Sonic Boom to see for myself if it’s as bad as people are saying. If it is, damn it to hell because I had high hopes for this game. So much potential… Minus Knuckles design. I hate that design as much as the next Knuckles fan. Sorry, Shadow, but it looks like Shadow the Hedgehog will be the only game I’ll ever enjoy playing that had you in it.

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