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Toads Are Confirmed To Be Genderless And Toad and Toadette Are Not Siblings

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker producer Koichi Hayashida has cleared up the confusion regarding the Toads. Hayashida says that the Toads are a genderless race and that Toad and Toadette aren’t siblings and they aren’t romantically involved. If you’re interested here’s what he had to say on the subject of Toad and Toadette.

“This is maybe a little bit of a strange story, but we never really went out of our way to decide on the sex of these characters, even though they have somewhat gendered appearances,” Hayashida said. “But I think what I can say is that Toadette and Toad are not siblings — perhaps it would be more accurate to say they are adventure pals. And that’s certainly true here [in Captain Toad].”

Hayashida clarified that Toads are not mushrooms at all, but the resemblance and nomenclature is too uncanny not to wonder. “This particular riddle might stay unsolved,” Hayashida said. “That’s one of the great mysteries of the Mario universe.”

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

102 thoughts on “Toads Are Confirmed To Be Genderless And Toad and Toadette Are Not Siblings”

    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      I’m on it. You want a few dozen or just the two? Science leaves no stone unturned! Nintendo as my witness we will solve this.

    2. Don’t bother. All of their genders were evolved into the Yoshi race eons ago.

      Why do you think the males are able to lay eggs?

    1. sex. they have sex. simple. Toad shoves his mushroom head(perfect shape too) into a female appearing toadette’s mouth. and he releases the load of spores(sperm) into her body. and give it a few days and voila! Oh yea, and she dyes after wards, thats why toadettes are more rare, and toads are plentiful.

  1. Call bulll. They just saying the for the game now. They knew what they were doing with them before hand making genders. Toadette a girl, Toad a boy, mr. Toadsworth. It’s obvious they changing how they want people to view them now.

        1. That’s implying they are all male. So no, none of them are cross dressing. One just appears more feminine while the other can be either male or neutral depending on who you ask. But whatever.

  2. They are genderless, they just take on role identity to express personality, in a similar way birdo is a boy who cross dresses.
    Toads are mushroom like creatures, so its safe to say they reproduce by spors

  3. That is a load of NONSENSE. How is Toadette not a girl? She’s covered in pink. Her car in MK8 is pink. Her mushroom head has female hair!! It even looks like she’s wearing a skirt in that picture. She sounds more feminine than the other Toads! I think he’s lying.

        1. No, they aren’t. They are features of a gender stereotype. Nobody is born with pink clothes and hair/hat. But honestly I don’t care, I’m just going with whatever the hell they want them to be. I didn’t create the characters so it’s not my thing to decide.

    1. Pink was a colour commonly worn by men until the late 19th century. One’s favourite colour doesn’t determine gender anymore than one’s favourite flavour. It’s arbitrary. They’re fictional, agendered mushrooms and you’re flipping out that one likes to be pink and cute.

      1. The colour isn’t the problem though. its that twin tail that makes things more gender ish
        If it wasnt for those … it?… would look just like a toad with a pink hat and clothes with a red scarf

        1. Pig tails are cute, Toadette is meant to be the cute one.

          Again, changeable things that are matters of personal taste, like hair styles and favourite colours, do not determine your gender. I have no idea why this needs to even be said. Some women enjoy wearing pants and having very cropped hair but do not identify as men. Some men like wearing make up but do not identify as women.This is not a difficult concept.

    2. I agree with you here. Toadette is obviously a female. Why would they say toads are genderless? I would buy it if Toadette didn’t exist. Then all the other toads look the same, ok so they are all genderless. But Toadette screws this theory up. I believe Nintendo made a

  4. That is because of the “politically corrected” era we are living in. If they say they are male & female then the gender neutral, cross-gender, transgender & the lgbt, the religious & the fundamentalist will take it against them. Then MS & Sony will take advantage by making games with androgynous characters that can reproduce with either gender & are atheistic fundamentalist that cos play as furries…

  5. lmao all the sexist people are coming out, GENDER AND SEX don’t mean the same thing. Toad is blue and red yeah boyish traits but it doesn’t mean he’s a boy,Toadette is pink and all yeah girly colors but COLORS and HAIRSTYLE does not mean she’s a girl. Why is this so hard to grasp and why does it need even further clarification. A developer already clarified it, so let’s end it with that.

  6. This is such bullshit xb
    Just like with the whole Koopalings change -.-
    Toad is a Boy, Toadette is a Girl, the Koopalings are Bowsers children, and that’s final!

    1. Wait wait wait… actually, Miyamoto was correct in saying that the Koopalings are Bowser’s children. Otherwise, you’re just going to have to explain the relationship between Bowser and one of Koopalings: Morton Koopa, Jr.

      This thing about genderless Toads, though… yeah: just… no.

  7. So, is Toadette a boy? NOOOOOOO!
    And Toads will always be mushrooms to me. That’s why they’re cool. Mushrooms are cool.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Genderless means neither male or female, how do you even make Toadette a boy from the official statement?…

  8. The way the USA is going , everyone may as well be gender-less . Morals and self dignity at an all time low. Fags get ass hurt when we try to tell them it’s not right but they continue to spread their propaganda everywhere sending everyone who supports them to hell with them ! …….. Oh this is about Toads ??

  9. this is bullshit when they obviously have genders in mario games toads r boys toadettes r girls just stop lying to us

  10. Where in that interview does it say that Toads are genderless? That headline is incredibly misleading.

    Also, there are Toads with actual genders which are referred to with gendered pronouns in the Mario & Luigi games.

  11. But in games like bowsers inside story and the other games in that series like partners in time they refer to the toads as he’s like the one who needs help they say “mario you need to help him and get the…”

  12. I think he might have mistook the Toads for the Shroob Army.
    Jokes aside, I don’t like the idea of a Toad/Yoshi having the genderless label slapped on them.
    When I was very little I always thought that Pink and Purple Yoshi were females and the rest of the clan were males. (One of my most bizarre discoveries was learning that Birdo was originally a male in the older games, and later changed to female)
    So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’d be shocked to hear things like this.
    Next thing you know, they’ll be telling us that Peach and Daisy are actually blood related.

  13. He is comparing the mushrooms to the gender ….just cause they look familiar to us doesnt mean thats what they are …. just cause they look like a mushroom doesnt mean they breed like mushrooms THEY ARENT FUCKIN MUSHROOMS

  14. It’s kinda funny how people get so upset over this. I thought Toad, like Mario’s friend was a dude but I never really thought about the other toads being specific genders. Sure, the name in English is Toadette but the Japanese name may be more neutral. Which kinda makes you wonder why they made Toadette so feminine if they were genderless anyways. NoA need to get their shit together before naming the next new char. Or we’ll have dudes with girls names and vice versa.

  15. He’s lying and I can prove it. Here in Japan, Toad is called “Kinopio” and Toadette is called “Kinipiko”. The last part “ko” is only used for girls in Japan, for example Ayako, Sachiko, Mariko, Moeko, Hiroko, etc.

    So that’s some major bullshit. Good try Hayashida, but no.

  16. Reblogged this on Video Game tidbits and commented:
    Super Interesting. I always imagined Toad and Toadette just to be simply male and female mushrooms, respectively. I thought that Toadette was just created to be the other half, as they say, to Toad. Because there are always pairs in Mario.

  17. Did my detective work and can confirm!!! I went on the Japanese wikipedia of Paper Mario, which was the first appearance of Toadette AKA Kinopiko and it states: キノピコ: ハテナ虫のアシスタントである女性のキノピオ。 (Kinopiko: The assistant of Hatena Mushi, a female Kinopio).

    My theory of why they are claiming the Toads are genderless are because they are scared that because Toad IS a boy, less girls will want the game and could have a big impact on sales. Also, there is no mention of this in gaming news here in male-dominated Japan, so it seems this is geared to the west where women actually have a say.

    SO…Toad is a boy and Toadette is a girl.

    1. Names don’t determine your sex. If I changed me name to Susie I’m still going to be a male. It’s most like a person preference. Toadett is genderless but relates more to female characteristics. Toadsworth relates to males. IDK why you people are making excuses. Nintendo created them so they say what sex they are and if they are genderless it really shouldn’t matter. Same with colors. Just because toadett wears pink doesn’t mean she’s female. Any sex can wear pink. Birdo is a good example of that.

      1. OK, so what do you have to say about my other post that clearly states that Kinopiko is a female Kinopio (女性のキノピオ) “josei no kinopio” in the Japanese Wikipedia? How can you argue that?

        And who’s making excuses? Nintendo is the one that has brought it to our attention and after reading what I read, I have no reason to believe them. Again, they are trying to make their latest game’s sales better ’cause they’re afraid a “male” main character might deter girls from buying the game.

        Regardless, their game will do well in throughout the spectrum if gamers…I just don’t think they needed to announce this unnecessary news.

  18. What? Your comment is irrelevant. Where did it say they weren’t gay? They may well be. It would be awesome if Toad or Toadette were gay, or if any Nintendo character was for that matter. It’s about time they created one.

  19. There are some mario games which refer to different toads as he or she. ESPECIALLY in paper mario and Mario & Luigi RPG games where everyone actually has a personality..Regardless of that, it should be easy to determine a gender. The red standard ones should be boys. and the “girly” colored ones can be Girls. Besides, they always give the females different hairstyles. if a female happens to be red, we’d know that its a woman because of the lighter voice and hair. Just leave the guys bald or give him boyish hair, it isn’t that hard.

    Im fine with them being genderless, it just makes me think about how the hell they reproduce. are they Asexual? ….They probably clone themselves with magic or some goddamn machine

    All in all, it´s best to just leave their gender up to the people’s imagination. Red dotted toad is obviously a male and ToadETTE is obviously a female, hence the ette. The rest is who you want them to be

  20. The sex and gender distinction is not universal. In ordinary speech, sex and gender are often used interchangeably.

    Sex == Biological traits like sexual organs & chromosomes.

    Gender == the identity of the mind.

    So this article is wrong. They have gender but no sex. They are sexless, not genderless.. LOL

  21. Bullshit! The Koopalings are Bowser’s children & Toad and Toadette have genders! Fuck this shit! *covers ears* Lalalalalala!! I can’t hear you!!!

    Seriously, no. Just no. I’ve played Paper Mario & Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door which clearly shows the Toads have fucking genders! This is bullshit!

  22. gender=/= sex. he says RIGHT THERE that you can’t decide the “sex” that toads have. (the stuff between your legs)
    They obviously have genders, if everything constantly uses pronouns on them. they just don’t have the biological sex

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  24. This is all lies!!!! Toads have genders, otherwise the ones that look like guys would not be called a he and the ones that look like girls would not be called a she, and the fact that in Super Mario Sunshine, Toadsworth called the two toads boys, so case is closed!!!!

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