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Xenoblade Chronicles X Director Talks About The Origins Of The Game

We are dying to hear more information about the forthcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X. Thankfully, the Executive Director Tetsuya Takahashi, has taken to Twitter to talk briefly about the origins of the long-awaited game. Takahashi says he will tweet more regularly to keep fans updated about how the game is coming along and what they inevitably have planned for the franchise.

“Apologies for the wait. I’m thinking of rambling here 2 or 3 times a week from now on. This time, I’ll start by talking briefly about how the Xenoblade X project began.”

“After the completion of the previous Xenoblade, when I told [Hitoshi] Yamagami-san’s team at Nintendo that I wanted to create something a little more sci-fi using Xenoblade as a base, they said it could be worth the challenge.”

“So then, we began thinking about what updates would be possible with the Wii U (such as making the maps seamless, having the game connect online etc.) and started to research. When everything seemed feasible, that’s when actual development began.”

Thanks, N-Dub Nation

43 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles X Director Talks About The Origins Of The Game”

  1. The sci-fi route is kinda meh, since it makes everything look bland. But hey, i’m sure it will still be amazing like the first one.

  2. I feel like the people don’t realize how big this game can possibly be. This is the huge open world game from Nintendo and it’s going to be beautiful :D

    1. I understand completely. It’s always been my most anticipated game, equal in hype to Zelda U. People that haven’t played Xenoblade do not understand how big the game is. The original Xenoblade map could fit three Skyrim maps inside it. The atmosphere and the unique and varied terrain litterally renders you speechless when you first see it. Xenoblade X is going to be my next favorite game of all time, i can feel it.

    2. Both this and Zelda pleases me with vast open world designs and exploration possibilities. And they say it’s not possible on Wii U because it’s “weak” like Arkham Knight. lol Pfft. Like I said before, they don’t know shit about Wii U and give up on it so easily as an excuse to take shortcuts.

  3. Xenoblade is too much like Roblox in a way…the glitches and lanscapes are too similar. Maybe they will get it right with the next Xenoblade game in 5 years. If you guys know Roblox, you’ll see what I mean.

  4. Have xenoblade but never had the time to beat it but now that it’s releasing on the new 3ds I’m definitely going to be able to beat it and it’s gna keep it fresh in my mind for x even tho they won’t b related

  5. This game should be amazing !!! For those who have not played the first one , assuming you have a wii or wii u … You should find it and buy it !!! It is a Great game and over 100 hours long … Definitely one of the best non-first party wii games ever made !!! If you even slightly like RPGs you will not be disappointed !!!!

        1. Monolith Soft is 100% owned by Nintendo making their games 1st party Nintendo games. That’s like saying Fire Emblem & Pokemon are 2nd party because another developer under Nintendo makes them.

    1. Xenoblade is first-party. What the fuck are you on about?

      In the Smash Bros. roster placement for Wii U, why is Shulk is not placed with the third-party characters? Because he’s first-party. Also, Nintendo own 97% of Monolith Soft.

      Fucking hell, is there really still people who think Xenoblade is third-party?

      1. I was under the impression Nintendo 100% owned them since Bandai Namco sold the remaining shares they had to Nintendo.

  6. Seamless maps? Thats sounds awsome actually. I wonder if that means the terrain will slowly change as you progress, as opposed to a loading screen and just being planted in a new area.

      1. There were a ton of good games on the Wii. Twilight Princess, Galaxy 1 and 2, Skyward Sword, Metroid Prime, Resident Evil 4, Xenoblade, Mario Kart, MH Tri, Wii Sports, and so many more to remember off the top of my head. This is all opinionated of course, no hard feelings if you disagree.

  7. I want to be hyped for this game, but I just don’t know. Length in RPGs is often due to a need to grind and stuff like that, so the length and the combat system (which I’ve read about but that’s all I know) seem pretty tedious, and I usually prefer full real time combat. RPGs have never been my favorite genre, but there are a few I like. Would someone like me enjoy this game? I want to like it, and I’m on the fence with this one, but I’m just not sure if it’s for me.

    1. Xenoblade is an exception to the rule of long RPG’s being long because of grinding. As long as you accept quests as you go, you shouldn’t ever need to grind in this game. And the combat is real time.

      1. It’s technically turned based combat but in real time, since the enemy still damages one of you even if you’re out of range

  8. I can’t wait to play this game. It looks so good. Plus I can’t wait to learn the mystery of how this ties into the original Xenoblade Chronicles. Perhaps a cameo from Shulk?

    1. Maybe the planet the earthlings land on is the planet Shulk, his friends, & his fellow Bionis/Mechonis inhabitants live on. That’s the only thing I can really think of since we do see something that looks like a piece of the Bionis in the Xenoblade Chronicles X stuff we’ve seen so far.

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