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Black Friday: Nintendo 3DS XL Retro Nes Edition $199.99 At GameStop


We are nearing Black Friday so it’s time for those American retailers to start listing their spectacular deals for consumers. There’s a few Nintendo deals to be found at GameStop this year from the flyer which has been published online. You’ll be able to pick up the Retro NES Edition Nintendo 3DS XL For $199.99 or if you own a Nintendo 3DS XL you may want to opt for the Monopoly: The Legend of Zelda set for $39.99. You can check out GameStop’s Black Friday deals, right here.

34 thoughts on “Black Friday: Nintendo 3DS XL Retro Nes Edition $199.99 At GameStop”

    1. Yeah, Gamestop doesn’t know what Black Friday is. They think it’s a good time to show off the asking price of games and hardware and call it a “sale”. They’ve done this every year, and every year I don’t go to Gamestop for “Black Friday” sales.

  1. My friend has that 3DS XL. He says that opening and closing that oarticular 3DS makes strange noises that alters the way your digestive system works, and if you have to deal with that for a few weeks, you need to be rushed to the hospital due to loss of poo. He’s been there. Watch out guys.

      1. I agree. Why aren’t they getting more physical rewards? I have 1,900 coins, and there’s nothing to spend them on.

  2. Didn’t Nintendo just reveal a Wii U Skylanders bundle with Nintendo Land for $199.99? So you can get a Wii U with two games for the price of a 3ds? Thats not a very good deal. Why would you even advertise that.

  3. Sickr I’m on overseas for the next few days so I can comment (assuming this comment gets posted) when I get back home I’ll check again.

  4. I got my 3ds XL for $169.99 plus a free game at Walmart earlier this year; it was the special Luigi edition and came with dream team preinstalled so I technically 2 games for free, and that is a much better deal than this

  5. Hm… or I could just wait for the New 3DS next year. The bottom screen on my 3DS is slowly degrading, but it’s still usable. Why on earth would I go and spend $200 on a piece of hardware where the next one is coming out as soon as NoA decides to release it like Nintendo Japan and Australia did. Honestly… I get the fact that they want to encourage Wii U sales this holiday season, and the New 3DS would create more competition, but the fact that Japan and Australia have it and NoA refuses to even acknowledge the fact that it’s coming here….

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