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Here’s A Controversial Canned Promotional Poster For The First Mario Strikers Game

Nintendo was clearly defiant back in the day and it shows with this aggressive promotional poster for the original Mario Strikers which launched on the GameCube back in 2005. It’s fairly obvious why the poster was eventually canned, but it’s certainly a good one.

mario_striker_banned_posterThanks, Michelle


73 thoughts on “Here’s A Controversial Canned Promotional Poster For The First Mario Strikers Game”

  1. Lol!! Me and my mom saw the photo and laughed so much!!! We love seeing Nintendo News. I said to her jokingly, “buy me that sack”

      1. What’s wrong? Don’t you sometimes watch this with your parents? It really makes the articles much more entertaining. Here’s my story: I was playing Mario Kart 8 with and then she asked me, “How do you know of all these games you want me to buy?” and I said, “This way mom, I’ll show you the place where your dreams are made of”. So yeah, whenever I want to go on this website, I call her from accross the house, she comes to my computer and we have a good time. And we eat snacks while we read. This article never made us laugh harder. We bonded much more as mother and son.

          1. Who is that person?? Is that your father you look at this website with? It would be funny if my mom and your dad and everyones parents they look at this website with start to chat. lol XD

              1. You are just very sad because your parents don’t want to see this website beside you. Well, you can make them a special treat and beg them lol. XD Once you see this website with them, it opens your eyes. You share emotions of funny

          1. Why did ypu decide to comment that. I was gonna show her my comment and how she would like that, but because of your comment not anymore. This will be embarrassing. She might check these comments on her own time. oh no

              1. why do you people keep posting random names??? Is Ben Sanders your dad you look at this website with?? If not, how do i remind you of him??

          1. Reallyyy? Are you my twin brother?? Did mom send me to another mom when I was a baby just because one of my elbows isn’t right??

            1. First off I’m a girl, and secondly I just figured out you were severally trolling. I’m feeling pretty silly right now. ;-;

                1. Thank you Hollow, that actually made me feel much better. Although your new profile pic is enough to do that. xD Who is she? She looks like a WayForward character. :P

                  1. Lol no. It’s Panty from “Panty and Stocking”. It’s an anime. I love the show. Just to let you know though, it has tons of swear words and sexual content and is definitely NSFW!

                    1. Ohh, I’ve heard of that. Yes I know how bad the show can be, but don’t be fooled I’ve watched and read quite a few things myself, I doubt it would phase me. ;P

                      1. Captain HollowGrapeJ

                        You can never be too sure though. I am perfectly fine with adult content most of the time, but even I was caught off guard when I first watched it. The only reason it was really funny to me though is because I understood all of those dirty jokes and all the other stuff… Your mom would absolutely kill you if she caught you watching it. XD

        1. did she see it and then sux your little bold ball sack,or was she suxings it off as she looked tell us more

          did you lick moms bottom as sge dd these things

          1. You know what?? I don’t care if she sees your comments because we know it’s not true!! Not true at all! Plus she would be proud of me for standing up for myself against a cyber piece of cheese that you are. lol i hope she buys me the Mario amiibo i wanted for my brave act lol XD

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Because humans are so utterly pathetic that they are ashamed of one of their most natural biological primitive organs ever…

            2. Maybe Nintendo wanted to maintain that family friendly image back then or knew that angry parents would be offended by such an immature joke. But yeah, there’s literally nothing wrong with the human body and Americans need to realize that.

              1. But there is something wrong with excluding 50% of the world’s population (and thus 50% of your potential audience) with an advert that essentially says “girls can’t play our games”

                1. But does it say “girls can’t play our game”? No. Why would people assume something as dumb as that just because of a silly ad? You don’t literally need a pair of balls to play a video game. WTF.

      2. They were a different kind of awesome back in the GameCube days lol. I miss some of the attitude but understand why this one was a bit much.

      3. Reblogged this on Magic and the G33KD0M and commented:
        OMG, this is actually good though! At least the first one anyhow. Sure it is a little aggressive, but back then kids were nothing but that and they still are today! My commentary is simple: The first one should have been let through for the promotional factor around it. Soccer is a much loved sport and I believe the reaction promotes taking your anger out on a fictional character of whom to us cannot experience pain and suffering unless programmed otherwise.

        The second poster is just flat out funny and will be seen as something I personally (at first) found truly harmless to younger kids. And then I remembered that nowadays Nintendo would probably get in trouble for that now. :)


      4. I heard it is actually fake… Intelligent Systems was not involved with the game and there is no Gamecube logo.

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