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Here’s Watch Dogs’ First Official Screenshots For Wii U

Ubisoft has shared the first official screenshots of Watch Dogs for Wii U following the game’s release today in North America. Images for the Wii U version have sadly been scarce – though we did receive a few earlier this month – for the open world title which follows hacker Aiden Pearce, but if you’re interested make sure you check out those listed in the gallery below. For those wishing to download Watch Dogs, you’ll need approximately 15GB of space on your Wii U or external hard drive to do so.

Though Ubisoft will not be bringing the game’s Bad Blood DLC to Wii U owners, launch-day DLC is now available which includes the Conspiracy! and the Access Granted Pack, delivering new skins and missions. Watch Dogs will be released for Europe on November 21.

93 thoughts on “Here’s Watch Dogs’ First Official Screenshots For Wii U”

  1. I got to be honest, after what ubisoft did to wii u and this game with the release date and dlc and all, I was really sceptic about buying this game…. But now I kind of want to buy it again. :/

      1. Just cause somone has a different opnion doesn’t automatically an idiot. Some people don’t have other consoles besides a Wii U and might be interested in this game. Stop being so salty. <·<

    1. So you only have a Wii U or are you retarded? But again, if you only have a Wii U, you are retarded.Let me reformulate that. Are you retarded or are you retarded?

      Anyone who buys this now is retarded without question. You weren’t interested in the game until it is shown on the Wii U? Makes sense.

      1. Trying_to_be_reasonable

        well to me, even though I have other consoles but I decided not to buy the game until it release on WiiU (call me what you want, I don’t care). The WiiU version was my choice from the beginning since it meant to be a WiiU exclusive before they decided to release it on all other consoles.

            1. Thank you for that very informative and insightful answer, your eloquent way of expressing yourself has convinced me that Watch Dogs indeed was meant to be a WiiU exclusive. Considering it was developed by Ubisoft, Nintendo’s biggest 3rd-party support up to the present day, it was very silly of me to expect that not even in a billion years it would cross Ubisoft’s minds to make Watch Dogs an exclusive title for the WiiU, please excuse my foolishness. I’ll go back to the kitchen now.

  2. Are people really getting this? I stopped wanting it the moment it was released for other consoles, and the hype died faster than the speed of light. Even if the game had been worth getting on full price, I would have gotten it for PC by now.

  3. I would like to have played it on my day off of work buuuuuttttttttttt gamestop still haven’t shipped the game out. -.- what kind of thing is pre-order if it still didn’t ship out on the day it comes out. I swear two times preordering didnt go my way so i’m never doing it again. Retardation at it’s finest.

    1. i got the same problem i pre-ordered and im still waiting for my copy and whats fuck up is if you dont pre order is like you have little to no chance of getting the game later since each gamestop store in the city get like one copy of the game

    2. “Pre-ordering a game doesn’t help the consumer. It helps everyone else.

      “That’s the reality of the situation. Good pre-order numbers sound good on earnings calls, and they’re evidence of an upcoming successful launch. They can be a PR weapon if a company wants to crow about strong early support for a title. They’re treated like money in the bank, and rightfully so: A customer is more or less committing to buying a game before they’ve read a review or heard from others who have played the game to completion.

      “Pre-orders help publishers, we know this.

      “Pre-orders also help stores like GameStop manage inventory. Selling new games is a low-margin business compared to selling accessories, used games, and the other trinkets you find in the store. This is why you’re always upsold when you go into a specialty video game retailer: They don’t make that much money on new games, so they want to push you towards products that earn them more money. Knowing the demand for a game allows them to order the minimum amount of product to meet that demand, so they don’t waste money on inventory that sits and takes up space.

      “Pre-orders help publishers, we know this.

      “When you’re pre-ordering a game, you’re giving a retailer money so they don’t have to order enough copies to fulfill a demand that may not exist. Any scarcity on the part of the retailer is artificial; they’re trying to save money by ordering the minimal amount possible, and you’re giving them a data point to help in that quest.

      “You’re also locking yourself in to that retailer: You’re given them a financial commitment that you’ll come back to that particular store to pick up the game, and won’t go to a competitor. It’s also saying you’re likely to come back and buy the game no matter the reviews, or even before the reviews hit.

      “If you decide not to get the game, you have to go back to that location, ask for your money back, and they’re going to try to get you to either buy the game anyway or move the preorder to another title. There is nothing a retail gaming store hates more than returning the deposit on a game.

      “So you’re fighting a problem of potential scarcity, a problem created by the retailer, by making it harder to back out of a purchasing decision later.

      “Pre-orders help publishers and retailers. They’re bad news for consumers. This is a general rule…”

      1. An so we all just schooled by the obvious that we never bothered to think about. Very well put and very enlightening.

        For me, in a preordering in a game that I want, eliminates the risk of having to travel to numerous locations only to fail to find the said game/system. This has happened with a few games I wanted, but 99 percent of games simply will not gain the bragging rights of being the must have masterpiece that cannot be found. The Last of Us comes to mind most recently for me, albeit briefly, but a week felt like forever to spend the time and energy required to search. When I was a kid, pawing through the directory, looking for the one forgotten store that may have somehow been missed by the mad hunt for Super Mario Bros. 2– this may be the origin of my quickness to pre-order, lol. But unlike the electronics isle at your 24 hour Wal-Mart, you can pre-order at Gamestop. Gamestop has their mission objective, but so do their clerks, and so do we all, right? They are about incentive and profit, and whereas I reap certain comforts from their efforts, I will not be coaxed into a 5 game lockdown every time I walk into their store to buy a game. The choice is always our own to make.

  4. This game is coming out Friday in Ireland and I’m trading in 2 games to get this game for 10. Ubisoft is getting fcuk all of my money on this game :L I will however be uploading game footage of it in full HD in 60 FRAMES PER SECOND! XD

  5. there is no copies available for purchase at all in nyc it released today and im still waiting for my pre-order copy .fuck you gamestop!!!

      1. Chicago here. Same problem. The clerk said maybe later today, but then slyly suggested that I pick it up when I come to get Smash this Friday. Hmmmm… something was fishy about suggestion…

    1. Damn you too? Only reason I preorder is because I know my jacked up store won’t recieve it. I will check tomorrow at Toys R us to see if they have it in the store. I they do… Preorder cancelled. Piece of trash gamestop.

  6. Dang, I really wanted to get this game, but Ubisoft just HAD to release it a week before… well, every other noteworthy game this year. So of course Ubisoft is going to see this as ‘Wii U owners are not interested in our games, so we are not going to release our games on the system anymore’.
    *Sigh* Ah well, I guess I’ll get this once I have money after Smash U, Persona Q, amiibo’s and Pokémon AS. Maybe it will be down in price by then…?

        1. I didn’t pre-order it, but the guy at Gamestop vaguely implied they were getting it, yet gave no definite date. Which seemed kinda shady, so I will likely download it. I don’t need your help getting any game I want, because I can afford to on my own. Nor am I asking you to follow my example, you, Next gen ripoff, was not included in ‘we’. I was talking to legodavid15 because he was on the fence. You are just butting in, lol

      1. You aren’t getting 3rd party support from Ubisoft. They’ve made it loud & clear that they don’t give a flying fuck about the Wii U & have been doing anything they can to stop support for the console for most of the Wii U’s life up til now. But by all means. Waste your money on the game. I’m sure it will pay off for you when Watch Dogs 2 skips the Wii U. xD

  7. this game isn’t good its generic its boring it’s been done a thousand times its by Ubisoft its by Ubisoft what more can you say its by Ubisoft

  8. Really Ubisoft? After such a long time and fucking around with Wii U and the Nintendo,fanbase, you expect that we buy this dumb game? Are you stupid? Keep your games and go bankrupt , please!

  9. how the hell did they fuck up the release . there no copies no where wtf. watch ubisoft bitch that it didn’t sell but how can it if there no copies at all for sale.

    1. learn how to spell and understand time span. the game came out 6 months ago not years. you should stick your ps4 controller up your ass and let it rapid fire vibrate until the batteries die or you do which ever comes first

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Not only that, he admitted earlier this day that he even bought an Xbox Done instead of a Wii U…

        This makes him not only an abomination in our eyes but the worst traitor ever by Sonyan law…

  10. Game looks like shit like Ubisoft’s false promises..oh hold on, this is Watchdogs? It’s always been shit. If it had been like 2012 and released at the same time, I would’ve respected it. But fuck it. Got Bayonetta 2 and I’m closing in on Smash Bros. 4 and Pokemon. Fuck you Ubishit.

  11. Why is Ubisoft even making this for Wii U when they completely canned the idea of bringing anymore Assassin’s Creed games to Wii U? Watch Dogs looks SO boring compared to Assassin’s Creed.

  12. what i find funny is how people in here are upset that some of us are buying the game understand that we buy the game cause we support nintendo but you, who are mad are the reason why nintendo does poorly in sales always waiting for a price drop bargain bin special. understandable some games might be gimped but i buy them any way because i want nintendo to succeed with 3rd parties and get the support it desperately needs.

  13. doesn’t look bad graphically .. well it does come down to frame stability i guess

    but it’s not like a whole lot of people will still care about this game.. financial desaster is almost pre-programmed it seems

  14. graphically weaker than rushed out zombiu a game built in less than 6 months and not the slightest bit pushing the wiiU

    ubisoft are a joke

  15. I’ll buy it! I’ll buy it! I’ll buy it! …next year…on sale… for 15€! Ubishit deserves nothing more of my money! ;-P

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  18. I always be on the fence for that one, cause I thought it will be the game which will make a good use of the gamepad hence why I did not buy/hack the PC version yet. I did not mind the delay to be honest cause at the end if they include the gamepad function which exclusive to Wii U it’s better to wait than having a crappy game.

    Now what ubisoft have done in the past against or for Nintendo and its fans is annoying but t it’s not the end of the world either. I will wait for more review on this version and try to understand how well the gamepad is use. If they just put a map on it and did not resolved the bug, it’s has been 6 months delay for nothing and I am going to hack the PC version which will allow me to enable the feature to make the game looks way better than PS4 and xbox1 and if possible get free DLC which should come free in the first place.

  19. These poor fools that are buying this game in the hopes it will make Ubishit change their mind about abandoning the Wii U. You guys go ahead & try. If you Ubisuckers can somehow get Ubishit to get their shit together by being puppets & buy their shitty games & stop being asshats to the Wii U, cool. Have at it. Good luck because you guys are going to need it.

    1. Fair warning: we WILL tell you guys “we told you so” when your hope is crushed by Ubishit, so be prepared.

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