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Sony Says Wii Is A Shadow Of Its Former Self And That Vita Offers Better Value For Money Than Nintendo 3DS

Looks like Sony is back making digs at Nintendo while defending their own products, which I suppose is to be expected. Firstly Sony UK MD Fergal Gara said that the Wii, or the Wii brand, is currently a shadow of its former self. Then in a separate interview Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Shawn Layden said that the PlayStation Vita offers consumers better value for money than the Nintendo 3DS. You can read the quotes from the two employees, below.

“I’d like it to continue with the innovation stream I just talked about, but also what we want to see in the next year or two is a bigger mass market play, shall we say. So in order to broaden and perhaps fill the void that’s being left latent by, say, the Wii – which is a shadow of its former self. We need to have the kind of product that will engage that more casual consumer. I think that’s a big opportunity for us, and that’s not yet clear on the horizon, but something we should and I’m sure will be focused on as we look forward into year two, three and four.”

“I believe that Vita is the best handheld gaming experience, full stop, period. Nothing comes close to that. You can talk about your mobile, you can talk about your tablet, you can talk about, you know, Nintendo platforms or what have you in the handheld space. I think, pound-for-pound, buck-for-buck, Vita is the best gaming experience you can have.”

Thanks, gamerprince1999

223 thoughts on “Sony Says Wii Is A Shadow Of Its Former Self And That Vita Offers Better Value For Money Than Nintendo 3DS”

    1. yea Nintendo messed up big time with the wii u, its going to to be a rocky road for the rest of the life cycle but still an amazing console. as a person who had a vita, no the vita is not worth it, after you play the 5-7 games that are actually worth playing there is nothing but indie games left, not that that’s bad but it has no games coming for it, theres no more anticipated game that people are looking for, even on some users has given up on it.

      1. the smartest nintendo fans would admit that the WiiU is a failure.

        the people responsible aren’t walking through the offices of Nintendo with a big proud smile on their faces … they apologize daily.

        Apple had it’s antenna, Microsoft had it’s Windows 8, Sony had it’s Betamax, Sega had it’s Sega CD/32X and Nintendo had it’s Virtual Boy and WiiU.

        1. Dude, nobody is going to argue that the Wii U is a huge success, but to compare it to the things you did? Way off base. The Wii U still has potential, and the biggest game yet is about to hit it. Pre-orders for the game and the bundle pack for Smash Wii U are higher than any previous game and bundle. True, Mario Kart 8 didn’t keep selling insanely well and continue to push the system like MK7 did for the 3DS, but either way, the Wii U is going to see a huge influx of sales. Maybe they will continue, maybe not.

          1. The “biggest” game has been hitting the Wii U in multiple occasions sibce the Wii U launched and it just barely makes a dent every time that “big” game is released.

            1. Why gamers are so interested in sales is beyond me . Because of 3rd party? Wii sold over 100 millions and srill didnt get 3rd party, know why?

              It sure as hell is not how many consoles sold because xbox gets more 3rd party than wii u even when its in the same situation as the wii u was.

              So why care? Let Iwata and Regie care about sales its not our job but theirs.You know that there are great games comming and thats all we need to know about.

              U bought mine for xenoblade chronicles x and thank god I tried some games I never though I would like as the 2d mario and nintendo land because I hadnt have so much in my life.

            2. …Yeah, that’s how size works. When a game comes out and is bigger than the game before it, it is now the biggest. Do you understand how that works? Do you need a diagram?

          2. Don’t forget Splatoon wich looks funner than COD and Xenoblade Chronicles X wich looks better than Final Fantasy. Oh and can’t forget Bayonetta 2.

        2. I wouldn’t say it’s a failure per se. Six months ago, I’d have been very close to agreeing but it’s selling pretty well now, for three months it sold better than the Xbox One. Comparatively with the PS4, it’s not doing so great, but it’s still ahead in total of the Xbox One and probably will be by the end of the year.

                    1. Dumbass! Shipped to Stores is not the same as to consumers. Xbone will never out sell ps4 hahaha. From six million units sold last month to 10 million? Your mind is so deluded and so unable to actually read the article it’s funny. The title is so misleading.

                    2. Do you not understand that ten million shipped means higher demand for the console? And you do realise that shipping means selling to the retailers, right? And I never said anything about the PS4. Has anyone heard from Nintendo about ten million Wii U consoles shipped?

                    3. Fail! Your first article says nothing about the Xbox One outselling the Wii U. “That means it’s fairly likely the Wii U is still outselling the Xbox One, but perhaps understandably so considering its twelve-month head start.” Is the only mention of the Xbox One in that article. lol And your second article celebrates consoles shipped as if that’s consoles sold. xD I hate to use these terms but go home, Xbot. You’re obviously high off Microsoft’s shit.

              1. Even if that is a fact, you have to consider the time the consoles have been out. Wii u has been on sale way longer than the current gen consoles.

        3. Did you just compare the Wii U to the virtual boy? Please tell me you’ve been smoking something and aren’t naturally this stupid.

        4. The only thing bad about Wii U is the name and the confusion it caused. I’m sorry, but it’s hard to imagine gaming without my gamepad. Off-TV has saved me a lot, and Miiverse has me drawing a lot. Games like Game and Wario prove what the gamepad is really capable of (in multiplayer at least).

        5. You, sir, are a nit-wit.
          The Wii U has recovered a great deal, has plentiful core-oriented offerings, and is set to have an excellent holiday as well as several incredible titles in the next year that you simply cannot get on multiple consoles or PC, which will contend, EASILY, with anything the AAA third parties are trying to show off.

        6. Yes, I will admit that Wii U failed first year and quite a bit of second year, but it really began picking up around Mario Kart 8 and the time of E3, and with the amount of people getting the new Smash Bros, it is expected to further increase.
          Yes, it most likely won’t get as many console sales as the other companies, most notably Sony, but it’s install base will be quite a bit stronger.

        7. ‘the smartest nintendo fans would admit that the WiiU is a failure”
          What for you is considered as a “failure”?
          Sales? Lol if that’s what you think.

          ” the people responsible aren’t walking through the offices of Nintendo with a big proud smile on their faces … they apologize daily.”
          I wish I personally knew some Nintendo workers like you do.

        8. i’ll reply to everyone who replied to me …

          i bought the WiiU … and love it … but it’s Virtual Console releases have been slower than the Wii which is my personal biggest problem with the system.

          why? … because of poor sales … publishers and distributors and rights-owners aren’t pushing those contracts and signing off because they don’t feel it’s worth it.

          if sales were amazing, Goldeneye and Perfect Dark would be on my WiiU home page right now! … along with other classic gems that i don’t wish to play on an emulator ever again … WiiU was supposed to obsolete all my PC Nintendo Emulating … i still hope for this to be the case some day as off-TV is the coolest thing ever with classic games.

          huge Nintendo fan … but being someone who purchased the Virtual Boy and loved it only to have the short-comings based on low-sales … it feels like that is happening all over again to me.

          1. And stop calling yourself a nintendo fan. You are a near twenty prick who grew up in the n64 era and hopped immediately to ps2. You say shit is a failure but you’re so caught in the spin you can’t tell your ass from your elbow go back to ac unity and fuck right off

          2. Why would Perfect Dark become a virtual console for Wii U? xD Did you miss the part where Microsoft owns the company that made Perfect Dark, making it a 1st party game for Microsoft consoles? You’re delusional if you think Microsoft is going to let that gold mine of a game be a virtual console on a console that isn’t theirs.

        9. I like that Nintendo has two failures compared to all the other companies’ one. Bias much?

          And I don’t see people in the offices saying ‘Sorry’ daily. In today’s age, who even says ‘sorry’ anymore? More like a ‘sorry that you suck’ or a ‘sorry that the world hates you’ but never a ‘sorry that our console is bad’.

    2. “Nintendo will always be on the top” is that why the Wii U is the worst selling next gen console? I’m not hating on Nintendo but it’s the truth. You said it your self. Because facts are facts.

      1. If sales are the only thing you see, I feel sorry for you. True Nintendo gamer would realize how great and unique the Wii U is, good sales or bad sales.

              1. It’s actually a head of the Xbox One by like 1 million units. It almost caught up with the Wii U but it’s still ahead. With games like Smash Bros coming out in 2 days in Japan and USA it may boost a lot. Just look at Smash 3DS. So we’ll have to see. It’s gonna be close since Xbox One is getting the Halo Collection.



                  These are big, reliable sources, written less than fifteen days apart. And don’t you pull the “it’s shipped, not sold” on me, because we all know that means higher demand, and stock running out. I have a Wii U, and like it, but when these wankers in the comment section boast incorrectly they frustrate me.

                2. Don’t bother, gamerprince1999. He’s one of those idiots that thinks 10 million shipped equals sales to consumers. He probably thinks the 5 million shipped months ago also meant sales to consumers. xD

        1. Ten million consoles shipped to stores means higher demand. Obviously the Xbox One is around the ten million sold mark if they’ve shipped that many. Can you not understand that, you thick human?

          1. I’m so sorry if this comes off as rude but I don’t think you understand how sales and marketing works please allow me to explain .. the “demand ” you keep speaking about is a number projected from their previous sales an example is if they sold 1 million units and they calculate that those unites numbers are growing then the following year they will add a few extra thousand or million units the following year .. does that mean they will get sold absolutely not . so when the annual (or monthly even ) business report comes back they are looking for sales money earned (made per sold unit ) take things into account and adjust , in the last few years we have seen a company like Nintendo suffering in sales so they have made adjustment in what they ship and play it safe instead of wasting money on building consoles they might not sell its safe to say Microsoft is assuming they will sell “x” amount doesn’t mean they will or wont but at the end of the day its not “demand” they are looking for its sales number meaning how many units were actually sold because units sold is money and demand isn’t (its assumed sale and a definite one ) … again I’m sorry if i came off as rude I just felt like you didn’t understand what everyone else was trying to say to you ..

    1. It has a lot of games actually but most of them in Japanese in the end yoi can not play them unless you know Japanese of course…

    1. It’s so good they don’t even need to make games for it. It’s such a good value on it’s own, they decided games would overshadow how amazingly awesome the vita is. :p

      1. Don’t forget, Vita’s memory cards also add to the handhelds affordability & ease of use. That’s why I loved my Sony-Ericsson W580 & needing the special Sony-brand adaptor when using the card in my laptop. When you’re into Sony, there’s just nothing else.

        Unlike 3DS, which allows for any SD card (including a non-Vita Sony card) & which typically costs far less. Guess Nintendo didn’t learn from the GCN’s memory cards. When will Nintendo get it right?

        1. infamousplumerwithbanjo

          The amount of stupidity in this comment is too much. Pretty much EVERY device that isn’t made by Sony uses SD cards.

            1. Yes, I was being sarcastic. But it seems the lack of inflection & my forgettable status here has caused some to incorrectly interpret my previous post. Well I’m happy Pete C @ least understood.

  1. Wow, how can he honestly say that about the Vita? I mean, seriously, I know its his job, but saying the Vita has anything going for it at all, much less the best handheld available, is a bold faced lie. The Vita is dead in the water.

      1. It is when you compare it to the competition, but it honestly doesn’t have that many great games.

        The only ones that come to mind are 3D Land, Zelda ALBW, Pokemon, Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem, Fantasy Life, Smash, Resident Evil, and Mario Kart. (Plus 3 remakes, DKCR, OoT and Star Fox)

        The rest are mediocre or ok games. Mario & Luigi DT, Mario Tennis, NSMB2, Luigis Mansion, Kirby triple deluxe, & Yoshis New Island.

        This is a console that’s been around for well over 3 years.

        If you compare it to the Vitas though, well the 3DS is a gold mine of games.

  2. Sounds to me like Sony is a bit behind Nintendo, and now they just blurt out negative fact about Nintendo. Nintendo doesn’t say that about Sony. Just shows how immature Sony is being.

      1. We did.
        He made a good point about many of the multiplats coming to the systems feeling the same despite being different franchises.
        At least when Nintendo does that, it’s a new entry in an established franchise, which is a reasonable explanation for the similarities between titles.
        For new franchises from third parties, lately, there should be more to it than a different world to shoot more waves of flavor-of-the-day minions in with slightly different looking guns.
        There should be a wealth of whole new experiences that differentiate themselves greatly due to being new IP’s.
        Nintendo may have fewer new IP’s going than the multitude of third parties, but they’re definitely more differentiated and much more high in quality control.

  3. The Wii is dead already anyway and the Vita isn’t doing great outside Japan, and I thought Sony wanted to focus less on the Vita. :P

    1. yea pretty much, theres like 5 or so games that are pretty good like persona golden and gravity rush, not worth 200$ though, id say more like 75

  4. I thought it said Wii U for a second and i would have shown more rage. But comments like this are retarded Wii and 3DS sold way more units than any of their devices at that te would. How can Vita be the best if it has no games and less units? Wii U would continue the trend believe it or not if people can pay attention

  5. True about the wii brand, still enjoying my Wii U more than my Ps4. There is no game platform right now that can beat the incredible games the 3ds has., period.

  6. I’m sorry, Sony, I couldn’t resist laughing a bit.

    Seriously speaking though, It’s not that the Vita is bad (it’s definitely a fine handheld), it’s just that it’s not making people say “Yes, I must have this!”. Of course, the complaint of the lack of popular games will be brought up over and over again until the Vita up it’s game.

  7. Ok Sony, then how come all 4 versions of the 3ds are constantly outselling the Vita in Japan alone? And as for the Wii U, it is a great console that offers more than the other two in terms of variety.

  8. good way to piss of nintendo fans. way to go sony I look forward to my new Panasonic tv or whatever other good tv i can find. :)

    also nintendo stopped marketing to casual gamers with a reason.

    and the stupidity in these guys statements is over 9000.

  9. Vita is better value but you aren’t even making games for it? Who do you think you are kidding Sony?

    Everybody keeps bringing up PS4 success but honestly I remember when this internet was full of bias saying how Vita was going to be so much better than 3DS XDDDDD

    I can’t believe people actually ignore the penis move Sony played in letting it drown. If something isn’t moving you make games. Know why Wii U sales have been boosting lately and Vita hasn’t Sony?

    1. Yea your right. The Vita is not a bad handheld device. It just lacks first party support. (third party too) Sony depended solely on third party to support the Vita, and they didn’t get it. Unless Sony does a full kickstart on the Vita, and start developing first party games, the Vita will likely never sell more than 10 million units. The 3ds obviously has more value. One reason is the robust library of games. Another reason is upcoming games. The 3ds has full third and first party support for the foreseeable future.

  10. sony i know ps4 is doing good because of all the hype and shit but vita is dead. no body in the states really even notice it and no one in the states really care for it because if that was the case you would be in the 3ds shoes and 3ds would be in yours.

  11. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the 3DS not just has better software than the Vita but is a better piece of hardware also. The 3DS is a nicer size, has double the screens (so important for screen real estate on a handheld), and a nicer analogue stick to name some of the advantages. On software it’s not even close. The Vita is more powerful, but so what? Fun games are fun regardless of graphical acuity.

  12. How cute. Sony dishes out irrefutable insults based off of hardware power.

    Software sells hardware. Show me figures and games to be interested in and I’ll listen to you. Take into consideration that I need at least 10 games I’ll play 100 hours long for.

    Earlier this year, I ALMOST bought a vita to spite Nintendo and Sega because of the 3DS’s Region Lock and buy Puyo Puyo Tetris. Today, I’m wiser than that and to be honest, I’m glad I didn’t buy a Vita, because I don’t see any other games than PPT that would have given me any satisfaction. With Homebrew around the corner (Saturday) I’m going to be the wiser and avoid the competition alltogether.

  13. what but the 3ds has multiple pokemons, marios, mario kart (well maybe only one mario kart), legend of zeldas, smash bros( still one oops), everything you need?
    what does the vita have
    idk like 7 games or so worth playing

  14. No, just no. I can agree about the WII thing but the 3DS is superior to the Vita, anyone saying the opposite is in denial. There is no comparison at all. Also, Nintendo is trying to help the Wii U, and now it’s selling more units; Sony is not even trying with the Vita.

  15. That would be true for some people, just not most! the Vita has plenty of great games, the thing it does not have is a good variety, If your a fighting game lover, or really into RPG’s, Vita is better for you! if not, the 3DS is with its great variety of diff types of games! which would be the case for most people, and the main reason the 3DS does so much better! Vita is a better console in almost every way, except the one place it really counts, the games!

  16. Smh it’s the shit like this that makes Sony look bad imo. Also, lol the Vita’s far from a good value. It’s decent hardware but you’re spending all that money for Remote Play mostly, cause you’ll quickly run out of great software to play and if you don’t have a PS4 then it loses even more of it’s value. 3DS has a great library and they’re still making great games for it…

  17. The ironic part of this is that the Wii is really just a shadow of the Wii U. Every Wii U practically has a Wii built into it. It can do everything the Wii could, plus play all the new Nintendo software. The Wii U is the most underrated gameing console of all time.

  18. The Vita is indeed more powerful than the 3DS but that it irrelevant when the games featured on the Vita are nowhere near as popular as those found on the 3DS. Power doesn’t always trump quantity or quality.

    As for the Wii, the Wii has finished its gaming life cycle. It was natural to start closing its doors and putting on the send-off.

    It was a bad move for Nintendo to announce the new system so soon when many of their games weren’t even in development yet. I hope they’ve learned that having a good line-up of games at launch and the following year in place is a good solid foundation for securing a good momentum for their next system.

    Additionally, the Wii-U was stupid and confusing name and it was poorly advertised. It also didn’t help that almost every gaming website and podcast show was shitting on the system at launch.
    The fickle third parties also left it hanging out to dry by delaying and withholding games during the dry periods when they were saying before launch about supporting the platform. Fuckers.

    Nintendo, I hope you’ve learned your lesson. Build first and then start buying the furniture before launch. *Remember the one golden rule… everyone wanted you to fail!

    1. How is Wii I more stupid or confusing that PlayStation 1, 2, 3, 4 etc… I’ve seen multiple older people in stores to buy a PlayStation games not knowing which system they need it for.

  19. vita doesnt have what the 3ds has, an extensive quality library and need i remind them that the 3ds ate vita for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as a snack all day everyday? though there are games that the vita has that the 3ds doesnt but that doesnt matter because i do plan on getting a ps vita with some games i have my eye on but first its 3ds games that are coming soon

  20. Wii is now but a shadow of it’s former self?
    Yup. No shit Sherlock.
    PSvita is a better gaming experience than mobile games?
    “Who tipped you off, genius?”-BattleBlock Theater.
    PSvita is a better gaming experience than the 3DS…?
    That’s kinda ballsy to say, seeing that the 3DS is outselling the PS4 (the best-selling home console this generation), has more games, and has Smash Bros. and Pokemon. If your rival’s handheld has a full pokemon game, you don’t talk mess around with your rival’s handeld. Unless you’re GameFreak/Nintendo, in which case you should probably sue, because what is a Pokemon game doing on your rival’s handheld?

  21. Vita….better then the 3DS? lol no. It’s not even better then the NES. Sony themselves gave up on the Vita, and just made it a PS4 controller to try to copy the Gamepad which it doesn’t work as good. Nintendo is the king of handhelds, always has been and always will, and why? Cause of Pokémon. Pokémon runs the handheld market lol the 3DS has been the most dominate system in the world the past 2 years, Vita has been at the bottom of the list.

  22. As an owner of every console, I can say the Vita is a great piece of hardware. Unfortunately, it lacks software that takes advantage of the hardware… And every good game is playable also on the PS3, whether as a PS3 title or PSVita emulator…

    1. Makes a decent companion to the console thanks to all the shared content though. Can’t say the same for Nintendo Thier handheld/console are completely separate entities (only worth buying the 3DS).

  23. Mynintendonews headline: “Sony Says Wii Is A Shadow Of Its Former Self And That Vita Offers Better Value For Money Than Nintendo 3DS”
    IGN headline: “Sony exec: PS4 Needs to ‘Engage the More Casual Consumer’
    Tsk tsk… Man, it’s hilarious how easy you guys fall for Sickr’s clickbait. Don’t mind me though. Continue arguing!

    1. *facepalm* Did you even read the article? Once again, you read the title without reading the article. Sickr took a part from the original article where Sony is deliberately insulting Nintendo. Now go sit in a corner & don’t open your mouth til you do. For once, Sickr’s title for the article is not just simple clickbait.

      1. Nowhere in that article does it say the Vita is better than the Nintendo 3DS. YOU go stand in the corner for trying to correct me when you clearly don’t know what you are talking about.

  24. They all said this because smash and ORAS have recently gave nintendo a 1 up and a mega shroom man is nintendo doing great. The people at Sony are peeing there pants that nintendo with just 3 games has over taken the expected . I know people who got a 3ds just to play the new pokemon games

  25. I can’t take this seriously. The 3DS is way beyond better than the Vita. Sure, it would be nice if the 3DS had the power and functionality that the Vita has (though it’s not really all that far behind) but what are they for? Playing games. Which has the better game library? 3DS. By a mile. It’s not even close.

    The Wii brand is pretty much dead. The Wii U is doing ok. Nothing spectacular, but it’s going to get a bit more help with Smash Bros. I do think if the Wii name had been dropped, and the Wii U had just a little more power and/or easier to code hardware, they would have been in a better position than they are now. The Wii U is looking to be the next Gamecube. It won’t blow people away with sales, but it’s going to have an amazing library of games.

  26. I hate sony dnt know why so many of you defend them they’re always taking shots at nintendo microsoft never does. Thats why i have an xbox one also Sony just hypes everything up wuts so great about the ps4?

  27. Funny how people on here get butthurt once Sony says a product of theirs is better than Nintendo’s, but whenever Nintendo fires their shots at their competitors, such as saying the WiiU is better than the other two current gen consoles, nobody bats an eye.
    But anyway, to come to the actual article, while I agree that the Vita is the better handheld and does have a great library, its library still isn’t good enough to keep up with the 3DS’. The 3DS simply has more major games, and most importantly, games that are part of more commonly known and more popular franchises, such as Mario, TLoZ and Pokemon. The Vita does have really good games, no doubt, but they simply aren’t even remotely as widely known as the 3DS’ games. And the fact that Sony themselves aren’t putting out any big games either isn’t helping the Vita’s situation at all. Both handhelds are fantastic, and even though the Vita has superior hardware, the 3DS’ software library is simply more appealing to a wider audience.
    So, to put it short, I agree that the Vita offers better value for the money you pay for the hardware itself, but the overall package you get with the 3DS is more appealing to the consumers as a whole. Like, I personally prefer the Vita over the 3DS and I think has some truly good games I’ve had a great time with, but I’ve still spent more time with the 3DS, simply because it has games like Zelda, Pokemon etc. In the end, it comes down to what kind of games you personally prefer; the 3DS has some types of games you won’t find on the Vita, just like the Vita has some types of games you won’t find on the 3DS. If you happen to have both, you win.

    1. *Forgot to add, I actually have more games on my Vita than on 3DS, to support the argument of things really coming down to one’s personal preferences in games.
      The main reason I have more playtime on 3DS is because there’s a game I put 750+ hours into, lmao. Second highest playtime on a 3DS game, Pokemon, is 85 hours. For comparison, the game with the highest playtime on my Vita is Persona 4 I believe, with about 150 hours.

  28. The wii u may be a failure by numbers, but not as a console itself. I personally love the wii u. Wind Waker alone makes it a great console.

  29. sherlockwillfightbilbo

    I have a sneaking suspicion they called it the “Wii” to confuse non-Nintendo gamers. Smart, but douchey.

  30. That’s funny. Well actually I own a Vita but the good games only come out in Japanese. Nothing can beat the 3DS, just look at it’s sales.

    1. xD I’ve seen tons of people argue with that. Typical dumb Sonyan. Least the Sonyan Namie can admit the Vita is getting it’s ass trounced.

  31. Sony also said that the wiimote looked like a lolipop and made fun of it. Then they made Playstation Move…

    If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that Sony is full of morons and assholes…

  32. Don’t make me laugh Sony LMAO. Vita doesn’t offer better value. What games does it have?
    You don’t even do anything on it. You’re just focusing on the PS4.

  33. From what I’ve heard people say about the Vita, it doesn’t have crap as far as good games goes. But the 3DS on the other hand……WOW! It has SOOOOOO many great, must-have titles. I feel sorry for anyone who wastes their money on this Vel-Vita cheesiness. Yes, I always thing of Velveeta cheese when I hear the name Vita.

  34. I really wish people would stop looking at the sales of a console. I dont care that it isn’t selling good. I still bought it and am still enjoying everygame that comes out on it. You know except sonic boom…

    1. if it is just about money then they aren’t lying. 3ds games barely ever go on sale and it doesn’t have anything as good as PS+ when value is concerned. It cost about the same price as the XL and the games always have good sales when most eshop sales suck.

      1. But its more than money. Simply put, 3DS has the better/bigger library of games, with even more to come, and that’s the vital thing that Sony doesn’t get.

  35. “Better value” Is that why the Vita doesn’t come with any memory and must be bought separately at lucrative prices? I like the Vita and all other systems but come on if you’re gonna talk shit but have that against you, just come on!

  36. “the wii is a shadow of its former self” Gosh if your going to bash another system get it right, it’s pronounced wii u!

  37. i bought a psvita and it’s collecting dust at home. not because i’m a nintendo fan but because no questions asked, 3DS has better games. you only need a copy of pokemon and not to mention other great titles like fire emblem, shin megami tensei, link between worlds, you just need to play pokemon and that will prove my point that you’ll get a better value for buying the system

  38. Wii is last generation. Wii U is more relevent than Wii. A shell of it’s former self is like saying that PS2 is a shell of it’s former self because it isn’t supported anymore. Both PS2 and Wii are not shells of their former selfs. Majora’s Mask 3D is enough to make the Vita and it’s games seem pathetic and below par. That being said, saying that 3DS is better because it has the better sales is like saying PS4 is better because of it’s higher sales. Fact is, it’s up to personal preference, some like Vita more than 3DS, some like 3DS more than Vita. Some like Wii U over Xbox One and PS4 and others like one of the other two over the Wii U and the other of the two. If this is in response to Reggie’s statement, then that’s weak. Why? Because Reggie was promoting the Wii U by trying to entice readers into buying one. He didn’t insult the competition in his statement. He didn’t call the PS4 and Xbox One inferior for any reason. The employee had no right in taking a shot at the Wii to get the Vita over with the crowd. I’m sure that the president of Sony agrees that the Wii was innovative in terms of motion controls and agrees that the 3DS is superior because of one reason, then most inportant reason…THE GAMES. Last year was so great for 3DS because THE GAMES WERE THERE. Sorry about the rant, but in closing, if this was just an ordanary person that said this, it would come off as an opinion, that I would respect, this just comes out as insulting…

      1. 1.He stated what a lot of people are saying.
        2.He was stating that those games are ONLY available on Nintendo.
        3.See description for answer to point 2.

  39. I have a PS4, a PSP, a 3DS and a Wii U and I can tell that I have more fun on my 3DS than on the PSP: I have more games, more things to do, but on the PSP there’s just 6 games that I tried and they were really short and sometimes boring, you can even find them on any other consoles for a better quality and better gameplay. The PS4 is good but the games are so repetitive in my opinion, the only games that i find interesting on the PS4 are japanese games like RPGs and Kingdom Hearts, and for the Wii U games, I get more fun than on any other games that the PS4 offers, there’s every type of games that I’m looking for, on the other hand the PS4 just decides to realease more 1st person games that are often shooters and they offer RPGs every 5 years (it’s a hyperbole). If you get my point I’d rather have a console with different genres than focusing on just one genre because it’s repetitive and it’s annoying. I know that E is for everyone but people think that it means “B for Babies,” to me, E means more opportunities, more ways to interact with the console and less “being bored” at home because of the differnet gameplays, all of these “Rated __ for _____” doesn’t make any sense because a child can now play M-rated games, whenever his parents go to the store and they can buy a game for him because they are older than he is. For example: I met a 9-year-old kid in a game he needed someone to improve him, at the end I decided to help him become a good player, so we played together, I showed him a few tricks, and the next day he came back from school with COD Advanced Warfare, not only was I shocked but also desperate I felt like I had to just let him go because I don’t really like those children that buy games that are not for them, so I unfriended him on the game and I never heard from him again. I don’t understand why kids would play those games, maybe because it has violence? Or to make friends by playing a violent game? I think so, and that makes me sad to know that now kids wanna play a violent game for fame, it’s like watching a guy that screams every seconds and say stupid stuffs about a game because it’s not realistic and at the end he gets a lot of subscribers (I wont give a name). If you had the patience of reading this comment, I’d say thank you, this generation of video games concurrence sucks, it’s not 2 companies but 3 that are in competition for the #1 spot. Remember I don’t say that Sony sucks, I just say that there is not enough things to do with their games, people just want to play the same game over and over and at the end there are no new ideas left, it’s just going to be COD and other sequels, no more new franchises. One day I hope that every companies will get along and try not to say that one is inferior than the other.
    BTW: I never tried the Vita too much but I know that the PSP wasn’t the best console I’ve ever played.

  40. psvita has no games the content on the 3ds run circles around the vita. vita is dead vita is a failure such a failure sony tried to shoe horn it in as a peripheral for ps4 and its still not selling. thats one handheld that deserve to get scrapped. sound like sony desperate.

  41. This guy I work with just bought a 2DS because he was bored with his Vita. He’s 29… EAT IT!

    Listen to Jack Parow.

  42. Then why does the Vita sales and library suck ass then? XD Sony, you’re beyond too late to damage control your own failure on Vita. Hell, you’re too ashamed to mention Vita anymore. lol

  43. It always comes down to the games. Yes, the Vita is a more powerful system, but the 3DS has way more games worth playing. I got a Vita for Persona 4 Golden. I’ve also played Ys: Memories of Celceta and that’s about it whereas I’ve played at least three times as many games on 3DS and I’m just an occasional game buyer.

  44. Sony is getting its butt kicked by Nintendo, and they know it. They’re only hope is an anti-Nintendo smears. Sony has sunk to all new lows.

  45. Wait so Sony Vita is a hand held game system after all? I thought it was just a PS4 peripheral or game emulator.

  46. No shit a rival game company is going to say they feel their system is better than the others. Tell me when Xbox comes out and says Nintendo makes better games than them – that’s news.

  47. By the way, guys, even if Nintendo’s consoles are failing, they’ve backed up enough money to be able to afford losing millions each year until at least the 2050’s.

    In other words, even if they’re losing a lot of money per console sold, they won’t be going away anytime soon.

    1. Can i just say that nintendo are not losing money on the wii U any more since march of this year. Comapre to 2013 the sale double, ok you can argue they were low to start with but the trend go upward.

  48. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… no.

  49. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Excuse me?…

    That’s it, the Sonyans have officially declared war!

    Expect no mercy Sonyans,you’ll be treated like the Xbot infection…

  50. Nintendo has its own developers and even without other developers, they can produce games.. But Sony does not have its own game developers.. Even Capcom pulled-out to produce MH to them..

  51. “while I agree that the Vita is the better handheld and does have a great library, its library still isn’t good enough to keep up with the 3DS’. The 3DS simply has more major games, and most importantly, games that are part of more commonly known and more popular franchises, such as Mario, TLoZ and Pokemon. ”

    Namie is a confused little overweight whore

    So, to put it short, I agree that the Vita offers better value for the money you pay for the hardware itself, but the overall package you get with the 3DS is more appealing to the consumers as a whole. Like, I personally prefer the Vita over the 3DS and I think has some truly good games I’ve had a great time with, but I’ve still spent more time with the 3DS, simply because it has games like Zelda, Pokemon etc. In the end, it comes down to what kind of games you personally prefer; the 3DS has some types of games you won’t find on the Vita, just like the Vita has some types of games you won’t find on the 3DS.

    @Namie you HIV/EBOLA infested slut,learn to make sense instead of contradicting yourself Perverted Bitch.

    Its either 3ds is better or not, PERIOD you SKANK,make up your mind already

    1. Is all that name calling really necessary? You can disagree with someone without being totally rude or mean about it. Even if you hate the comment they made, it has nothing to do with all the names you called this person.

    2. @Aeolus
      I’m sorry but you are disgrace for humanity for bringing those insults over someone you don’t even know personally , literally the worst person i have ever seen in the gaming community , wow i hope the community you belong with doesn’t include people like you

  52. If Vita is better than 3DS, why did they just abandon their console, huh? Are they kinda stupid? If they think so, they should have fought with Nintendo to show Vita’s “supremacy” over 3DS. And they didn’t, which automatically makes them admitt that Nintendo won in handheld market.

  53. heard people calling the wii u a failure? well then we need to work hard to make it a success then because that is what you normally do! consoles can’t live on hype forever you know “hrk ps4 cough xb1 hrrrk”

  54. Sony thinks that the Vita is better than the 3DS? Are you joking? The 3DS is the best selling handhold system. No way Sony can’t compete with that. They might as well give up on the Vita…

  55. Says the company losing Billions of dollars a quarter, not even the PS4 selling well will save that sinking ship.


  56. I fully understand why Sony is upset about this , its clearly shows that Nintendo was the reason the Vita didn’t do well since they invest most of their money on securing the system-selling IP’s for themselves , Case in point : Monster Hunter – Resident Evil – Final Fantasy and others
    All these titles has been money-hatted by Nintendo to not give the Vita any chance to shine , in all honest i think Nintendo was the shady evil in this situation for focusing on titles that helps the PSP to prove itself . its understandable that business is business but when it comes to situations like this … i think its too far and i don’t blame Sony for being upset about this , what I’m seeing so far in term of quality :
    3DS = 2009 smartphone quality games
    Vita = Almost the same quality as the home console

    in term of Quantity :
    3DS : Cheap development with huge library of games
    Vita : Costly development with a rare and small amount of games

    1. *facepalm* Sorry but the Vita is not a victim of the “evil” Nintendo. I hate to be rude but you’re just another idiot defending the sinking ship known as the Vita. I’m happy to break this to you but Sony does have themselves to blame for the shitty position the Vita is in. Sony screwed the Vita, not Nintendo. I guess you also believe Nintendo robbed the PS4 of Bayonetta 2 by paying for the game’s development. xD

      Now if this comment is a bad try at sarcasm, my mistake.

  57. Pingback: Sony dice que el PS Vita es mejor que Nintendo 3DS

  58. I’m disappointed in the flame wars that are happening here between 3DS and Vita users. The truth is that we should be uniting against the threat of mobile gaming. We’re seeing some games coming exclusively to mobile that should be on dedicated handhelds as well.

    Both Vita And 3DS owners didn’t get Final Fantasy Dimensions. Both Vita And 3DS owners didn’t get the Chaos Rings series. Both Vita And 3DS owners didn’t get the PS2 port of DQ VIII; or the remakes of Dragon Quest I and II, the remakes of FF V and VI. Is anyone getting my point?

    I think that the DS was overall more successful than the PSP; however they were still able to coexist within the market before mobile gaming expanded. I own both a 3DS and a Vita. If a game I want is released to either of them, I win. Even though I own a smartphone like everybody else, I hate mobile gaming so if a game I want is released only to that, I lose.

    Right now the 3DS is able to coexist within the mobile gaming scene. But if the Vita falls, the mobile market will try to bring down the 3DS next. Do any of you want phones to become the “official” handheld? I certainly hope not. Unless you don’t have enough money, let’s all unite by owning Both systems.

    Of course I’m exaggerating a little bit. I don’t really think mobile will put Nintendo out of the handheld business anytime soon. However mobile will still see more exclusives released for it that handheld owners will miss.

    1. I concur. I just wish Sony made the Vita more unique rather than a handheld console, or an easy target for multiplats. I have a 3DS not for portability but for exclusives & unique experiences. If it weren’t for StreetPass, my 3DS would’ve never have left home, but StreetPass has lost it’s appeal. Even the Game Boy line offered exclusives, but was basically a portable console. However, being of lower tech specs, it received nostalgia ports (or 2nd chances to play games missed out on), & incentive for devs to get creative, to overcompensate for the lack of power & space.

      & re Vita again, the overpriced, proprietary SD cards turned me off.

      1. I know the cost of the SD cards made me reluctant at first to pick up a Vita. But there were some games that I wanted on it, and when FF X/X-2 was released, I had to buy it since I don’t own a PS3. Right now, I’m totally happy to own them both. In any case, I know that not everyone will be able to afford to pick up a Vita, and the necessary SD cards. I don’t want anyone to pick up a Vita and then go broke. But at least 3DS and Vita owners should be reminding devs to remember us, instead of fighting each other. While we’re all arguing, more exclusives are being released on mobile.

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