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Honest Game Trailers Tackles Smash Bros Wii U

It was bound to happen sooner or later, but those good folks over at Honest Game Trailers have produced their own commercial for the upcoming Super Smash Bros on Wii U. It’s not the best they’ve ever done, but it’s certainly an entertaining watch and some parts will make you genuinely chuckle. Be sure to watch it in the video, above.

Thanks, WhiteEagle

42 thoughts on “Honest Game Trailers Tackles Smash Bros Wii U”

                    1. i didnt watch the whole thing, but the bottom of the barrel part was very true. blue peach and palutena seem more like playstation all stars battle royal characters.

    1. You seriously suck ass if you call a game without handicaps “lame”. Goes to show you have no chance to win a fair game without cheap tricks even once. lol Stick to COD please. You’re way out of your league for this game.

      1. And Mr Game and Watch, and Mario…dude there’s a few people who can absorb or deflect energy. Use one of them agains Picachu until your friend learns how to mix up his moves :)

  1. Lmao that was actually funny. Saw a lot of butthurt comments on the video from people raging about Lucario, etc. but they should learn to take a joke. Smash is my favorite series and I still got a good laugh out of this. From 1:55 onward is greatness.

  2. What is this shit and why did i get notification from this bullshit. Commercial lol please. More like random smash gameplay with a crappy ass voice over.

  3. Lucas is not a clone, he is a semi clone. Wolf isn’t even close to a clone, and Lucario is not anything like mew two. If u say that they’re clones because they share a few special moves u might as well say that robin and ness are clones because their side b moves look similar.

  4. This was pleasantly surprising. Knowing the Honest Trailers series, I was expecting a trailer that spent a good portion of time bashing the competitive Smash community for “jacking off for thirteen years to a ‘competitive’ game that’s actually a party game full of glitches, even though it’s long been surpassed by more polished entries with more content”. That didn’t happen. In fact, it even acknowledged Smash as a competitively viable formula a little, or even more than a little.

    I’m feeling a little spry right now. Thank you, Screen Junkies!

  5. This video is downright insulting to the Smash Bros. series. And, am I the only person who wanted to punch the daylights out of that screaming jerk near the end? My GOD that was obnoxious!

  6. I will never understand why so many people complain about Brawl and praised Melee? Brawl was better in my opinion (as most sequels are). I never noticed any difference in gameplay.

    1. Then you are truly ignorant to the level of technical skill involved in competitive melee. Brawl changed nearly every single mechanic to make the game
      1. more unbalanced for the competitive scene (which does exist)
      2. Slower, more boring to play and watch

      The level of technical skill required to play melee (or project m) at a competitive level is astronomical compared to that of brawl. In melee you have complete control over your characters movements thanks to wavedashing and wavelanding. In brawl…. you get to trip randomly…

      If you want to enlighten yourself, watch professional melee matches online. You’ll see that the game is MUCH faster and MUCH more fun than brawl.
      seriously, brawl sucks. bad.

      1. If I liked Brawl, that means it didn’t suck. So your point is useless to me. Besides, it’s been SO freakin’ long since I’ve played Melee that I don’t remember anything specific about it. Every game feels the same to me. And I never play these games competitively.

        I play all of the single-player modes and unlock everything I possibly can. Then it’s on to another game. I’m not a fan of playing multi-player. My nephews used to drive me CRAZY in the past, always wanting to play Melee. They made me HATE IT back then. They bored me SO bad!

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