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Here’s The First 25 Minutes Of Watch Dogs On Wii U

It’s been shrouded in mystery, but now we’ve finally got footage of Watch Dogs running on Wii U. Ubisoft has created a very soft launch for the game, but we had some screenshots earlier today. Thankfully we’ve now got the first 25 minutes of the game in action. Will be you be purchasing the delayed version of Watch Dogs for your Wii U?

Thanks, Don Billbo

61 thoughts on “Here’s The First 25 Minutes Of Watch Dogs On Wii U”

    1. I used to want this game too. Until Ubisoft downgraded it for no apparent reason whatsoever. The game had so much potential. Now it’s just a wannabe GTA with hacking.

    2. I was going to get it for Wii U, then the delay. Now way to much stuff to play, so it’s on the periphery of my interest.

  1. Watchdogs is actually made with the same formula used for Minecraft. The way NPCs appear in the same pattern, and the way dialogue skips 3 seconds. Either, Minecraft is much better than Watch Dogs.

  2. Tillman is shit at playing games. Did you even see this guy’s HW gameplay?
    Anyways, I want to buy this game since there aren’t any other shooters coming on WiiU for a while.

  3. (- _ -)
    It sorta reminds me of those horribly boring real-time sequences in the Assassin’s Creed series. Except the whole game is based on it. Ugh!

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  5. You would think this is enough proof that major third party games can run fine on the Wii U. Most people still believe the Wii U is under powered, when it’s actually not. There is not one “next gen” game out right now that the Wii U could not handle. Even AC Unity.

    1. You say it can’t run Unity or even Arkham Knight because of map size? Look at Xenoblade Chronicle X and Zelda Wii U who’s map sizes are as huge as a specific country, most likely larger than Unity’s Paris and Arkham Knight’s Gotham City which is likely almost x3 smaller than Los Santos in GTA5.

  6. Actually this game doesn’t look like a bad game. Just extremely mediocre. Average at best. I understand why it gets hated on though.

      1. STFU all you ever do is bitch and whine about Ubisoft. You were NEVER gonna buy the shit anyways and don’t give me that BS “Oh I would’ve bought it if it came on time” or none of that shit you hypocrite. You bought your Wii U thinking about Nintendo games first and you probably didn’t give a rats ass about Ubisoft games. You’re part of the reason Wii U has no third party games now because bitch ass whiny fanboys like you scared them all away. You can take your “go buy Bayonetta 2” bullshit and shove it up your ass. People are allowed to like and play whatever they want. Everyone doesn’t have to like every game you play. Fuck off. You’re a fucking disgrace to all Nintendo fans.

        1. So I guess we as Nintendo fans should just give Yves Guillemont a pass every time he slanders the Wii U or Nintendo. Or gives out really unfair charts of their sells on Nintendo consoles just to smear shit on the public trust on the company. We should be understanding every time Ubisoft declares, like a fucking mobster, that they were developing Wii U titles, but will only release them if the Wii U manages to move more units (ignoring the fact that content is what moves the consoles). We should be grateful Ubisoft keeps up this bullying campaign on NoA. Or make deaf ears of the whole Assassin’s Creed Unity embargo fiasco, or the fact that it was released unfinished and buggy as fuck. We should just be fine with the fact that Ubisoft is turning into EA.

          We should all just shut the fuck up and be grateful that Master Ubisoft is gracing us with its glance and giving us some scraps. We’re so hungry for their mediocre, unfinished games. We should just take what we can.

          I don’t need you to believe me when I say I really wanted this game. But since they delayed the release, Ubisoft has shown its true colors. So they can go fuck themselves. And so can you, you little bitch.

          1. Yes you should shut up. You know why? I’ll tell you why. You guys complain about Ubisoft day in and day out on these articles……. Are they reading them? Hell no. We see the same comments from Stranga each and everyday… You want us to listen to him and follow his example of being an angry humanbeing? Or do you want us to be our ownselves and criticize our own games on our personal liking?

  7. Ok, it looks fine to me. Don’t have a Wii U yet, but I could see myself enjoying this. Actually there’s more then a few reasons to go ahead and grab one…

          1. Man, he gets the game he wants. Stop teliing someone not to get one game only because you don’t like that company. I’m a Wii U owner, but that doesn’t mean I must only get Wii U’s exclusives.

              1. Have you seen any proof that the game is gimped on the Wii U? Only because Ubisoft has screwed Wii U owners big time doesn’t mean that the game is crappy. Just saying that, if he likes that kind of game, then just go there and buy it. It’s not his fault the company acted as**holes, and it shouldn’t prevent anybody from enjoying the game

                1. Its shit. Remember the original game release? Everyone who’s smart knows its a lie and the embargo stunt they pulled was to hide the truth. The game is shit. Stop acting like their best bitch and open your eyes.

    1. You’re foolish. You beg people to buy Nintendo games and not Ubisoft’s. You are working for Nintendo for free, haha. They couldn’t give a shit about you, and you’re so obsessed with this. Please.

    1. You should know, that your opinion is your opinion, this is about games. Is it a good game. Maybe yes. That you feel betrayed doesn’t mean that the game is bad.

    2. lord ghost : king of the federation

      lol this guy is a die hardnintendo fanboy. he wont even give a non nintendo published wii u game a chance.

      1. Splinter Cell? Oh yeah. Its Gimped. Watchdogs? Delayed and gimped too. 2 COD games in a row? No DLC and took 2 fucking years to install a day one DLC that was originally promised. 2 Assassin’s Creed? No DLC. Arkham Origin? Gimped and no DLC. Sniper Elite 2? Severely Gimped $60 scam. Rayman Legends? Pointlessly delayed twice when it was already conpleted for Wii U launch day. Wii U’s launch library is an orgy of old ports that are crap to decent for one playthrough and then gets boring.

        Of course I don’t waste time with those because they’re LAZY GARBAGE CASH IN PORTS.

        1. Give Legends a chance if you haven’t. Ancel didn’t have any choice on the delays, but the game is good enough to be a Nintendo platformer.

  8. I wanted it on Wii U when it came out 6 months ago. But, the hype has died down now (I don’t own a Wii U anymore) & they chose to release it when GTA V comes out for next gen.. Silly Ubisoft.

  9. Sorry Ubisoft, I was going to get this but you’re charging full price for a 6 month old game, not even bundling the DLC to apologise for the delay, and the gamepad gameplay is barely there. AND you no longer support the system. I bought every Ubisoft Wii U game and I’m afraid this is a slap on the face, I’ll get pre owned or wait until it’s £15 on the eShop

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  11. I will forever keep the belief that the other two companies paid Ubi$oft to purposely delay the Wii U versions of both Legends & now Watch_dogs. The only thing that I saw happen was that this game was crap, according to many, and the hype was already dead when this version came out.

    What sucks for us, though, is that we have a choice: buy this version & show them that we give a sh*t, or give them the middle finger & hurt them in sales numbers. Which is really the right answer? We all have our sides on the topic, but doing either one has adverse effects, doesn’t it?

  12. So many Ubisoft defenders. Ubisoft is fucking even the PC over & some of these people still don’t see the bullshit Ubisoft is pulling. I swear. I’m seriously starting to think the entirety of Ubisoft’s employees could go to a mall & kill everyone inside & these fools would still buy their games. lol

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