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Pokemon Bank Update Version 1.2 Available Now

A new patch has been released for Pokemon Bank. Update version 1.2 requires 210 blocks of free space and is required for online features. There’s currently no official word on what the patch does, though it probably has something to do with Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire – both of which launch this Friday, November 21. Pokemon Bank is a Nintendo 3DS application that allows players to store thousands of their Pokemon via the Internet. The app is available on the Nintendo eShop and offers a free trial period to first-time users.

26 thoughts on “Pokemon Bank Update Version 1.2 Available Now”

  1. Also heard it deletes hacked pokemon created via the AR Power Save. Not sure it was a joke to scare the community or true.

    1. They already used the term omega. If they do remakes of the originals they will probably use names of items relating to the colors. Either that or something similar to what they did with HG and SS.

        1. … Yes… Yes it has. I’ve owned and played every Pokémon game for handhelds. But that doesn’t eliminate them from remakes sometime in the future

  2. That’s great if it really does get rid of hacked Poke’s. I’m tired of people having shiny poke’mon that shouldn’t exist and a million event Poke’s that the trainer only want shiny poke’mon in return. It ruins the game in my opinion.

      1. Excuse my computer for not having that key… I don’t know how to do an “é” on my computer. Do you really have to point that out?

  3. Cool, I got tons of good Pocket monsters in my Soulsilver just waiting for new stompin grounds! If it makes it easier to move them from game to game, then im down.

  4. If there really is a free trial I can finally complete the pokedex without spending money ;) screw the hackers with that powersaving thing. I battled a guy with a diancie and a hoopa and a buch of lv100 pokemon who had obviously hacked because diancie had never been officially announced yet and I beat him with my charizard X:

    When I saw diancie I had to clean my glasses and look again, then I did some research…

  5. This reminds me, this guy gave me the last Shiney Gengar and Diancie download cards for X and Y. Sadly im working my way through black atm…

    1. Iv asked this before, but just to be clear. To get Pokemon from SS I need Black or White, then from those I can transfer to OR/AS correct? Just wanna make sure.

        1. Crap, boy they could have made it easier than all that. But I guess thats how they hook people on needing the next game, damn I should have been keeping up. Thats like three versions I have to play to get them to AS!!!! Gaaaaaaaaaaahhhh

  6. Support for the new games and more anti-hacking attempts (that will fail because hackers are better with things like that than Nintendo). I’m sure it’s useful for the new games at least, but they might as well just give up on preventing hacking, at least it’s not piracy.

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