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Nintendo Set To Patch Highlight Reel Error Code From Mario Kart 8 In Future Update

Mario Kart 8’s recent update to version 3.0 following the first DLC pack has had a few issues since its release. Unfortunately, users are now experiencing error codes when trying to upload their Mario Kart TV highlight reels to the YouTube community. Nintendo says they are aware of the error code 104-1852 users are currently facing when uploading reels and are looking to patch the issue in a future system update. Have you stumbled across this problem? Let us know in the comment section below.

When uploading a Mario Kart 8 highlight reel to YouTube, some users may receive error code 104-1852 and their video upload may fail as a result.

A Wii U system update is being prepared to address this issue. This article will be updated when this system update is ready for release.

22 thoughts on “Nintendo Set To Patch Highlight Reel Error Code From Mario Kart 8 In Future Update”

    1. Man you are missing a great DLC, this is like one third of a whole new MK game. Once the second one comes in it will be almost a 2/3 rd of a new game for a low price. Think about it! Is more than what most DLC contents from PS4 and XB1 will ever give out for a way higher price.

      1. Well I have an issue with the DLC buisiness and for me those courses and maps you mentioned should have been with the game I paid £40 back in may or free of charge. PLease note that I say course and map. As for characters and parts I don’t mind if they are on DLC and you have to pay for it. it’s my principal not to encourage developpers to create more DLC even if it means to miss on great fun.

        1. Well, unlike most DLCs this days, I don’t think you can say the same for this one. The game had 32 courses, which is the number of courses that most Mario Kart have, so you couldn’t say that the game was incomplete; and this are tracks that were developed after the game was released, not Day1 DLC bullshit. For $12 you get 16 courses, which is almost as half of the content as the original game had. To be honest, is the first DLC that I gladly bought.

          1. good for you, I already gave my reason (geez it was a long explanation) and I stick by it. If you are happy to encourage this kind of practice yeah go for it, Me I would not give it a minute of my day.

  1. Well I did got the error code. At first I thought that it was my crappy ISP but after they fixed my online problem the error still there, but just for the video upload thingy.

  2. You know what? I got bored of this feature. It takes too long to upload and NOBODY is watching a 30-60 second long recordings that focuses on personal point of view instead of the actual gameplay in third person what players always see.

  3. Fuck yes I faced this god damn problem! I really wanted to post a highlight reel of my first 3 star Grand Prix victory with Link on the Master Cycle with the Triforce Tires & Hylian Kite! Fuck I was so pissed! Then I started having trouble with the item generator being shit… so now I’m back to not even bothering with Mario Kart 8. Oh well! Hyrule Warriors & Bayonetta have been keeping me happy!

    1. Don’t bother. He thinks all DLC is evil even if the devs did put a lot of work & effort into it without screwing people over with on the disc stuff.

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