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Tetris Is Being Removed From The eShop

Reports are coming in via Twitter that Tetris is being removed from the eShop by the end of the year. Nintendo has yet to offer an explanation as to why this is, but it could have something to do with Tetris Ultimate which was recently released courtesy of Ubisoft.

141 thoughts on “Tetris Is Being Removed From The eShop”

        1. Minecraft has a Metacritic of 90, better than Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3, NSMB U, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, W101, Nintendo Land, and Hyrule Warriors. Fail :P

        2. Minecraft has a Metacritic of 90, better than Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3, NSMB U, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, W101, Nintendo Land, and Hyrule Warriors. Fail :P

    1. But Ubisoft is the one releasing the new tetris game, and Nintendo is the one taking away the old tetris. So wouldn’t Nintendo be the one who gets mad and takes their toys home?

          1. Isn’t it obvious? Ubishit makes a pointless 3DS Tetris game when Axis was already there. Who else would made Nintendo decide to remove them out of nowhere? Common sense dude. Learn what it is and how to use it.

              1. Tell me, after 3 whole years of Axis on Nintendo 3DS, why suddenly take it down after a new Tetris game releases? Take Ubishit’s Tetris out of the equation for a second and try to think of any other reason why Nintendo would remove Tetris Axis permanently besides Ubishit. Come back to me when you have a good answer besides the “Because Nintendo feels like it” bullshit.

                1. Stranga can you fucking listen for once? I said IT’S OBVIOUS UBISOFT WAS THE CULPRIT, but you have no evidence. It’s like Lindsay Lohan suing GTA because someone in the game looks like her.

  1. Ubi is being a bunch of cocksuckers now.

    What will they do after xb and sony fans finally stop pre ordering unfinished games with pre orders for dlc season passes? Pc? Hahaha










    3rd party support haha what a joke.

  2. This is very childish from Ubisoft. Keep their fucking games. Take off Child of Light while you’re at it. I hope Wii U owners don’t buy Just Dance. I’m sure All the revenue is doing is going toward an upcoming PS4 tittle.

  3. You guys keep blaming Ubisoft and we don’t even know the reason why it is being removed. Just don’t worry about it and get tetris axis.

    1. It’s because of them and only them. Their garbage isn’t selling so what do they do? Complain and possibly threaten to sue if the old 3DS Tetris game isn’t removed so they can attempt to sell their own garbage WHICH no one is gonna buy anyway for 1. Axis already exists for 3 years and Nintendo fans despise Ubisoft now.

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    1. not at all.. Ubisoft´s Tetris is just a plain Tetris game with a few enhancements. Tetris Axis is way better, not only visually but with more play options and better music – and it´s cheaper too.

  4. Just to make everyone aware, ‘Tetris Axis’ is just called Tetris over here. I’d understand them wanting to take down Tetris Axis:- who’d want to buy Ultimate Tetris when you can buy a cheaper version that’s probably better?
    What I don’t understand is why they’d get rid of the original GameBoy game….

  5. Yet another reason to hate Ubisoft. Removing the old and better Tetris that was always there and it’s cheaper. Just another cheap ass stunt to try to sell their own POS that nobody is gonna buy.

  6. These fucking idiots seem to forget that Axis is also physical and costs just as low as the digital. Removing the old to try to sell off the new that sucks ass anyway isn’t gonna work at all. Once again, Ubishit is beyond fucking stupid and disrespectful.

          1. “Without evidence”? My god I have never seen such slow people in my life. Axis exists for 3 years and now planned to be removed immediately after Ubishit made a pointless Tetris game on 3DS which already had not one but two others from the DS era: Tetris DS and Party.

            If it wasn’t for Ubishit’s next garbage to land on 3DS, you wouldn’t be hearing about Tetris Axis phasing out by now.

            Seriously, I couldn’t believe people today can be THIS fucking stupid but damn. lol

            1. Or maybe Nintendo did this out of their own accord? Maybe Nintendo decided that to fuck the original Tetris? Maybe Russia threatened Nintendo with Nuclear strikes to remove Tetris? But I can’t confirm that, BECAUSE I HAVE NO SOURCE.

              1. lol You can’t be serious? Are you so heavily asleep on the coincidence that this happens after Ubishit’s Tetris game hit the 3DS and the fact that its sales is so abysmal they decided to continue their underminded tactics to remove any obstacles in the way as their pathetic attempt to sell more garbage to Nintendo fans who don’t want anything to do with Ubishit anymore?

                    1. It’s obviously more probable, but you have no proof. That’s all I’m trying to say, get it?

                      1. What? This new lame ass and pointless Tetris which is $20 more than Axis which is $10 and the new coming from Ubishit which Nintendo really hates right now?

                        I dont see how this BS game is gonna make a fucking lint of difference.

                      2. You seem to have completely avoided my point and instead begin damage controlling your statements, going off topic and suddenly talking about quality. Hilarious

                        If anything Nintendo should be LOVING Ubisoft right now. They were the first and last multiplat supporters of Wii U, so I’ll say that’s pretty impressive given how bad their games were bombing on Wii U.

                        Why not criticize Activision’s for not supporting Wii U? How about EA, Bethesa, Rockstar, 2K Games then?

                        Yeah, yeah, I bet your reply would be along the lines of “Ubishit gimped haters bullshit DRM Xbox One”. You’re so predictable

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Apparantely more life than you all have considering all you do is stalk Nintendo fans…

        1. By removing a Tetris game most Nintendo players already owned and the fact that the fans hate Ubisoft so their garbage Tetris version isnt gonna sell well anyway? How does that make any sense on top of the countless lies of “supporting”, gimping, skipping games as well as not porting family games like Monopoly AFTER they just said they’ll be doing those BS games instead?

          Use your brain.

          1. That had absolutely nothing to do with economics. Did you even take that subject in college? In fact you don’t even NEED to study on that. This is more of common sense then anything. You should be the one applying some logic to your comments

                1. For one, nobody likes companies doing BS underhanded stunts like removing competition. Just look at Comcast and Verizon over Net Neutraility.

                  And Nintendo fans aren’t gonna touch this crap especially from Ubishit after they continously piss off the fanbase so their plan to remove on cheaper 3 year old Tetris game to sell another which also didn’t make any sense from the start is beyond stupid on their part. Then again, they have gone beyond stupid.

                  Again dumbass, your words of “reason” makes as much sense as Ubishit delaying Rayman for PS3/360 on the same week as GTA5 which 85% of the gamers on those platforms went and bought.

                  1. It MAY not sell well, but doing this will have a greater chance of 3DS owners buying this since it’s the only one available now on the eShop. That’s my point. God, is it that hard for it to get into your thick skull?

                    P.S. GTA V sold 34 million. Total install base of X360/PS3: 160 million. That’s not even close to 85%.

                      1. That’s why Ubisoft is doing this, because they know it’s not gonna sell and they want to remove competition so that anyone who searches “Tetris” on the Eshop only sees Ultimate. Do you get it now??

                        1. And thats still never okay. It means they have no balls to compete it directly and none of that matters anyway. Ubishit has gone off the EA deep end and disrespected many gamers of Nintendo and PC. There’s no way they’re gonna see shit going into their pockets.

                          If this would’ve been on Wii U WITHOUT the need to remove another available Tetris like the real bitch of an “entrepreneur” they claim to be, that would be a different story but not by much.

                            1. “which 85% of the gamers on those platforms went and bought.”
                              I don’t see how that statement was in any relation to public interest

          2. So many manchildren desperately trying to find reasons to bash Ubsoft lmfao. Bet if sickr didn’t mention Ubisoft in the article most of you won’t be crying about this

            1. He’s using it so social rejects like strangeblog that will always live with his mother spas out like the pathetic dorks they are. Sickr sure does no how to anger social rejects.

          3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Ubisian involvement or not, I’ll just put the blame on them for my own amusement and because they deserve it…

          4. Tetris has been handled by numerous companies throughout the years, it’s likely their license for it has expired. Assuming Nintendo is intelligent with their digital sales like Sony, when it’s taken off you SHOULD still be able to re-download it if you need to. I know when TMNT: ReShelled was taken off PSN and XBL it never disappeared from my download list, just from the store.

          5. Guys, what if the Tetris Company states on its contract that only ONE licensed tetris game can exist for a given platform at a certain given time? Maybe the reason tetris Ultimate isn’t coming to WiiU is because SEGA has the license for that platform with Puyo Puyo Tetris. It makes perfect sense as it could be a way to avoid undermining the sales of the product and by doing so the Tetris Company can make more money on the long run.

            1. There’s one problem with your argument: Puyo Puyo Tetris isn’t out in the west (orz) and Wii U is stranded without a Tetris game in this case.

              I don’t think the Tetris Company would be that blunt, The guideline methodology is mainly for the design of the game, but I don’t see any reason why to take off previous versions of a game (unless not profitable otherwise for server costs) since that still counts as revenue toward the company.

              The main case that I am concerned with is that the DS had 2 Tetris games on its system (Tetris DS and Tetris Party Deluxe) and when the 3DS came out they too, had 2 Tetris games out. This causes the issue of knowing if there are limitations to making a Tetris game per generation. Perhaps it’s just me, but it’s strange that the games had to be digitally pulled from the purchase server.

              Nonetheless, I’m still unaffected due to me owning all three titles, but still, Tetris is a part of life.

                  1. You should listen to the wise words of the Sonyan Shapeshifter…

                    Anyone with the word “Nostalgia” in their name will by default be classified as the abomination of abominations Nostalgia_W without questions…

              1. I understand what you mean.
                About puyo puyo tetris not being localized, it will most likely take a while. About Ubi maybe they had some negotiations with Nintendo? Also tetris axis started as a full price game and then kept going down on the price scale maybe, as you said, it wasn’t profitable enough.

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          8. Why are people hating on Ubisoft? I like the fact they made Tetris Ultimate. Think how many AMAZING games they’ve made.

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