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The Samus Aran Amiibo NFC Figure Opens The Moscow Metro Gates

Miraculously it seems as though the Samus Aran Amiibo figure is capable of opening the Moscow Metro gates. We’ve got video footage of the gates being opened by simply placing the NFC figure in front of the reader. It’s got to be the cheapest way to ride a train over in Russia.

Thanks, Kill Bill

46 thoughts on “The Samus Aran Amiibo NFC Figure Opens The Moscow Metro Gates”

  1. I’m mostly questioning the thought process of this. Someone woke up one day and decided to scan the Samus amiibo on a gate.

    1. Why? Because one Amiibo out of a 100, 1000, maybe 100,000 actually tricked a Metro station’s NFC system? lol That’s pretty harsh to do over an NFC collectable that I bet are popular in Russia as well.

  2. Well, if that is really working i’m sure it won’t be for long. But like the user named Bear said it may not actually be working. It does mess with the lights at the very least though. The comments on the IG video:

    “So is working or not? Failed to pass in the end or just the green light comes on, but the leaf is still closed?”-

    “What year turnstiles? You in the past?”-

    (-via Google Translate)

  3. And why on earth are you sticking an amiibo on such a place? Are they going around to see what happens if they used a nfc chip on everything?

    Cause well, nice find…

  4. That Samus, always with the opening of doors. Maybe she misheard and thought this was the gate to the Moscow ‘Metroid’, not Metro.

    Either way, it seems like it didn’t work, so apparently Adam didn’t authorize this method of travel.

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  8. xD Funny thing about this is Metroid is actually the combination of Metro & android. I wonder if this guy was just secretly making a video as a nod to that fact.

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