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GameCube Controller Super Smash Bros Edition Apparently Facing Delay In The UK

NeoGAF forums members are reporting that they’ve received emails from Amazon UK and ShopTo informing them that the Nintendo GameCube Controller Super Smash Bros Edition is being delayed until sometime next week. It appears as though it’s just the controller, not the actual game, that’s the issue. Sounds like Nintendo UK didn’t correctly estimate demand for the controller.

Thanks, Kyle

23 thoughts on “GameCube Controller Super Smash Bros Edition Apparently Facing Delay In The UK”

  1. Duhh because it’s a fucking holiday week were bitches go wild for low prices. So yeah there’s always gonna be delays at this of year.

    1. I’ve gotten Nintendo games at the end of the year when most are released off Amazon, usually I get them a day or so early, this time its a month later…so no, it aint because “bitches go wild” its a screw up on Nintendos part…

  2. I got an email today from ShopTo about there being a delay with my Samus amiibo. It won’t arrive till Saturday now as there was a stock error.

    My Smash + Adaptor bundle is also a day late by ShopTo’s standards, so either Royal Mail (UKs postal service) problem or stock issues have resulted in the delay!

  3. Wait, let me get this straight: Is it just the controllers that are delayed or will my copy of Smash Bros that comes with the adapter get delayed too? Man it still sucks though for those waiting to play it on release…

    1. They’re in the same box so yeah its delayed. This is annoying, since my local GAME got the regular edition in on Tuesday and I could have bought it Wednesday. This explains why the GC adapter version I have preordered hasn’t arrived yet.

    2. No, this is only affecting the GameCube controller, not the standalone edition or the game+adapter bundle. They are two different products. My bundle has already been shipped, so check your emails/Amazon account to see if your’s has as well.

  4. Anyone else pre ordered smash with the GC adapter in the UK?? Amazon is saying I should get it tomorrow before 9 but it hasn’t dispatched, not had an email saying about a delay or that. I’ll be pretty p’d off if it doesn’t come, my local independent game shop had smash in on Wednesday when I went in but idk if they had the adapter

    1. 9am or 9pm? If you ordered late, it might be pm. And if it is, delivery can take place overnight. Double check your account.

      1. 9am, I ordered over a week ago! :p checked my email and account. I’ve deffo pre ordered it, it’s all there. Just hasn’t been dispatched. I’ve been doing a lot of Christmas shopping on amazon and I’ve been receiving stuff and getting other dispatch confirmations. Fingers crossed I get it tomorrow !

    2. I also ordered the game and a controller and the game was shipped on thursday, but they said the controller will arrive until tuesday.

  5. Well it’s not just in the UK also here in the Netherlands. It’s delayed till 5 December. Same goes for my link amiibo.

  6. Mine was delayed till the 19th of December… Received the email just gone mid-night. Really let down.
    Canceled my order… I’ll just buy it in GAME.

  7. Picked up all of my stuff today in Sweden/Europe, including this controller, Amiibos and Smash as well as Pokémon. No delays here… You should always pre order stuff for pick up this time of the year.

  8. Amazon have flat out canceled my order for the GC adapter smash bros. and what makes it worse it that they have essentially patted me on the head and sent me on my way saying they are doing nothing about it.

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