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Nintendo Has Filed Patent For Game Boy Emulation On Smart Phones, PDA’s, PC And More

Nintendo has yet again filed another interesting patent which has been discovered by NeoGAF member, Rosti. The patent allows for emulation of classic Game Boy titles on various devices, including the latest smartphones and tablets. Here’s a description of the recently filed patent.

A software emulator for emulating a handheld video game platform such as GAME BOY.RTM., GAME BOY COLOR.RTM. and/or GAME BOY ADVANCE.RTM. on a low-capability target platform (e.g., a seat-back display for airline or train use, a personal digital assistant, a cell phone) uses a number of features and optimizations to provide high quality graphics and sound that nearly duplicates the game playing experience on the native platform. Some exemplary features include use of bit BLITing, graphics character reformatting, modeling of a native platform liquid crystal display controller using a sequential state machine, and selective skipping of frame display updates if the game play falls behind what would occur on the native platform

Thanks, MasterPikachu6 and WhiteEagle

94 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Filed Patent For Game Boy Emulation On Smart Phones, PDA’s, PC And More”

                    1. I'm a Boss ass Bitch

                      Yup but some people here are to fucking delusional to see that. Don’t get me wrong the wii u is a pretty sweet ass console. But it’s slowly failing and people are trying to deny the reality of it.

    1. It depends on the game. There are some fast paced games (platformers or action games) that are really tough to play. But turn based games work really well. Something like Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, or Pokemon would work really well.
      I’ve have Mega Man 2 and Final Fantasy Tactics on my phone, and they actually play pretty good.

  1. This is just wrong. Gameboy emulation on smartphones already exists. Nintendo should not be awarded a patent for something they did not invent.

    1. Why not? when said emulation is only there to illegally use their intellectual property. I say good for them, let them do whatever they want with the patents.

      1. Sometimes, they’re used to run homebrew (although they might not be as common nowadays as in the past). That’s a perfectly legal use of emulators.

        That, and it’s only illegal if you were to share ROM dumps you made with anyone else. ROM dumps you made for personal use are not illegal as long as you don’t distribute them.

        1. Software shouldn’t be patentable in the first place. Did you know that the page up and down keys are patented by Microsoft? The “slide to unlock” software is also patented, I think by Apple.

        2. Seriously? Do you really think most of the people that download emulators download them to use “homebrew?” Go to ROM sites and see how all those Roms are being downloaded by the millions. If people dumped their own Roms we wouldn’t have the need of sites that gave them for free.

          Hell, I doubt 90% of the people who download emulators even know how to make their own Roms.

      2. Software shouldn’t be patentable in the first place. Did you know that the page up and down keys are patented by Microsoft? The “slide to unlock” software is also patented, I think by Apple.

  2. Oh, and PC. Of course gameboy emulation already exists on PC as well. Hopefully the patent office understands this and rejects Nintendo’s patent.

    1. To be fair, other people probably didn’t patent their emulators out of fear that nintendo may shut them down. So l wouldn’t be suprised if Nintendo are the first ones to actually officially patent a gameboy-emulator..

    2. You cannot patent a Gameboy emulator unless you have rights to the Gameboy that is being emulated. Nobody officially, or legally has a “Gameboy Emulator” except Nintendo.

      1. That’s not true. Emulators are totally legal.

        Patent lasts a really short time, like seven years I think? Any patents that Nintendo had in the GameBoy would have expired long ago.

        Any, legal or not, you can’t patent stuff you didn’t invent. Nintendo didn’t invent emulators so they can’t patent the idea. It’s the equivalent of someone trying to patent the wheel.

        1. Dumbass, their systems themselves ARE emulators that plays the GameBoy games THEY created and owned all this time. The emulators on PCs and mobile phones were never original or patented at all because it all belongs to Nintendo.

        2. No i`m sadly saying to you, they are not. They use illegal bioses. And There is no LEGAL way to get the bios without breaking copy-protection. so YOU FAIL, asshole!

          1. Thought I’d chip in here to clear up your mess:
            I write emulators (Mostly 6502 based systems). Not all systems require bios. YOU FAIL, asshole!
            Just a little tip: Maybe you should educate yourself a little before you claim the high ground, huh?

    1. No, this might mean, Nintendo will shut down all illegal Emulators. Or they will sue them. Just like i predicted years ago. hahahaha- all those illegal-Players will get sued. Oh yes, Baby. Ist their own fault.

      Ist like stealing Software. I saw hundreds of People playing Pokémon on their Smartphone. Without paying for it. Well they should have known it. Ist over then for them. Their IP is secured, N will know where to hurt them. Thats how it goes today.

      1. I doubt Nintendo would sue each and every individual that downloaded Pokemon illegally, but at least this way they can get these GB,GBC,GBA emulators off the App Store and Android Marketplace. Those who got them will still have them, but those who don’t wont be able to get them.

        At least not through those places since jailbraking and unsecure app installs on androids are still a thing.

      1. wait…what? You hate Nintendo because they don`t want you to use their games without PAYING for it? It seems you are the asshole in here. I hate People (everyone who does it) who don`t pay for games. I allways tell them that it will be soon THEIR FAULT if there will be any day only games which will be streamed. Then there will be NO MORE games you can steal. Then the Police will be at your door if you simply try to steal a single Digit of data of the game.

    1. I really don’t like this one bit. It kinda sounds like Nintendo is finally caving into the mobile market and that’s not good. Unless their next generation console actually combines both portable and home console gaming together to leave some room for proper mobile gaming so it won’t cannibalize Nintendo’s own hardware sales, this isn’t a good move at all.

        1. If its Nintendo’s official Virtual Console emulator that only works by redownloading paid games (not purchase directly from the phone) from their own consoles onto smartphone via VC app and play it as well as adding BT controller of a sort, then that’ll be okay and won’t cannibalize their own hardware sales and purpose.

      1. It will be – IF it Comes- just for the cheap GB-games. No GB colour, no GB Advance, no DS, just cheap 20-30 year old GB-games.

      2. They just filed the patent. No one said that they will do this all and even if, this could mean even more money for Nintendo and especially new customers. It is a win-win situation.

        1. Well they asked for it and Nintendo is finally stepping in to provide it legally so now they may get it that actually works. So they shouldn’t be bitching about them removing other illegal emulators which are all of them because Nintendo originally created the systems and games that were emulated like the SNES’s GameBoy Player and GameCube GBA Player with Wii/WiiU/3DS’s own emulators.

  3. sounds fake and if t were true then nintendo would allow few non-nintendo games but like i said it sounds fake or a troll from someone. dont think nintendo would do that since wii u and 3ds have gb/c/a games

    1. Sounds perfectly real, these emulators cut into their profits so it would be stupid of them to ignore them. Specially now that they are starting to sell (like you said) Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance software in their eshop.

  4. This is quite smart.

    I mean if they do release some old games then they will get more ppl to buy their products. And better yet is if the would release the same game on wii u and allow the players to get a free download of it on their smartphone. I’d sure be buying more games if they did that.

  5. Either they’re finally catching up or they’re trying to sue everyone that’s made them already I really hope it’s the latter. I’ve been dying for them to finally get over their stubbornness of doing things the old way and just fucking emulate their own shit already.

  6. lets play hide and go fuck yourself

    i think they need to not put there games on crap like that phones and tablets need to just die no and those companies and unskilled developers need to take time to finally fuck off! steve jobs did permently so at least that saves some children from assembling crapple products to make him richer

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  8. Platformers just don’t do that great on touch devices. Games like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans are the only games that do well. The smartphone market is a dirty, run down, sleezy, casual, back alley, pay wall, gem buying, freemium, crashing, bug infested, glitch fest, rotton, pathetic market that I hope Nintendo never throws their hat in…

  9. I think this is more a ploy to give Nintendo the power to remove apps from the various platforms that do this, some of which put a price tag on it. For those that are charging, I would imagine Nintendo would then have the right to sue as they would have a patent that clearly defines what the app is. Nintendo has always had a strong hatred towards video game emulation and as a company, can you blame them? These are their software titles, their properties and people are theoretically pirating them by use of emulation software. The Smartphone era makes this easier than ever by supplying apps that perform the function and Nintendo either wants to get in on it and/or slam the doors on everyone else and take down those that have been profiting from it.

    I’m not against emulation, its how I enjoy some of my classic titles I don’t have a physical copy for, I’m just trying to see this from Nintendo’s point of view and come up with a plausible explanation.

  10. sounds like nintendo is ready to go war againts piracy meaning all roms and emulator sites will now have legal issues collect your roms and emu’s before they shut it down

  11. They are emulating games made by Nintendo so they do deserve money for them performing illegal acts anyway. Taking others franchises and pirating should be punished imo.

  12. I’m all for this, kudos for Nintendo for trying. However! Emulation sucks on mobile devices, retro and old school games weren’t meant for touchscreens.

    Unless Nintendo plans on unveiling a specific Bluetooth controller, I don’t see this whole ‘Virtual Console for mobile devices’ idea picking up much steam…

    Besides, this just means I’ll have to pay for the same games, AGAIN. I’m down for Poke RBG/ GSC for 3ds, or MK super circuit and such, but on mobile?

  13. I think Nintendo’s move is not to create an emulator for mobile devices rather to pursue legal law actions for anyone who is trying or creating emulators for their games.

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  16. They are old games its not the same as putting new games in these devices. Peope were already downloading the old games and playing them for free so this is deff a good thing for Nintendo

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  22. Is it just me or does no one realize that nintendo hasn’t been making ANY money off Game Boy games for years by now. The only way one can buy a Game Boy or any of the games now is through Amazon or eBay where nintendo makes zero profit. In addition, the emulators developers make have not ever been illegal in any way. These developers only provide software capable of emulating ROMs rather than distributing them which is perfectly legal. Furthermore, most people who are playing these games have previously owned them. This is due to the fact that people usually play emulators to get that nostalgic feeling. If nintendo decides to use this patent to distribute these games on the App Store or Google Play store I would gladly pay the price, whether it be 0.99$ or 9.99$, to play these games. It would be a win-win situation for both nintendo and the player. On the other hand, if nintendo uses this patent just to exterminate emulators it would be nintendo who would be being the “asshole” :3

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  30. Good. When the patent goes through, crush all emulation of Game Boy games! Next stop, NES, SNES, N64, etc emulation patents! It’s time to crush the renegades that dare think they can play these awesome games for free! The few good emulator users will also get screwed but they’ll survive. If they can afford to have a PC, smartphone, etc for emulating games, they can definitely afford to pay around 10 bucks for these games they were emulating on Nintendo systems.

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