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Masahiro Sakurai Acknowledges European Launch Of Smash Bros Wii U

wrecking_crew_stage_super_smash_bros_for_wii_uIn his latest Miiverse post, Super Smash Bros. series director Masahiro Sakurai acknowledges the European launch of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, which is now available in the region in stores and on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. Sakurai also talks about the Wii U-exclusive Wrecking Crew stage, where walls are destroyed when bombs explode. Additionally, when there are only two panels or less holding up a floor, the floor will crash down, making the stage change constantly. Sakurai warns that you might get stuck inside a metal barrel that falls from above, after which other players can attack you until you get yourself out.

64 thoughts on “Masahiro Sakurai Acknowledges European Launch Of Smash Bros Wii U”

              1. Them’s fight’in words lol buddy! ;D

                I honestly prefer Smash on the 3DS, I like the game modes better and the controls feel tighter… But, that’s just my opinion. I’m open to some smash as well!

                1. Awesome! I have the 3ds copy as well, but i prefer the wii u for the control, ill give the 3ds version to my lil brother, lest fight some time, you seem like a cool dude, so definitely wanna play with you, ill give you my ID later, in 6 hours lol

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Except I’m a way higher advanced cybernetic drone not built by humans so water does not damage me either…

    1. Play today. one on one ;) lol jk. remember i’ll be be OMNI. Name will be Rise-A. it’s my friend’s wii u but still.

    1. Same here. (:
      Mediamarkt is pretty much one of the best retailers for games where I live, as the prices are often cheaper than elsewhere, plus, they usually put out games a couple days before the actual release, which is very much appreciated. d:

      1. If you ever play online (of course you will) look for Rise-A. My name will be OMNI. I might play tomorrow (friday night if that makes sense). This threat goes to everyone! Hugs!

  1. got my copy yesterday, played it with friends and had an absolute blast, same again tonight and for the forseeable future, online seems to work a treat as well, the co op team battles are a brilliant addition for the online

  2. So I sent an article about TINE MAGAZINE writer saying he would choose a WII U now over a Xbox One or PS4, and did not get posted…

    Why? Do you only post about bad news and post when trashing Nintendo as a brand? Really upset about it.

  3. Shame Royal Mail decided they couldn’t be fucking bothered to post me my fucking game. I spent hours (and £50 on the game) organizing a launch day-fest, and guess fucking what. Royal mail decided they’d rather sit on their fucking arses all fucking day instead of deliver my game. Royal Mail should eat shit. I don’t care if anyone from Royal Mail sees this comment. Every time I order a game, it’s late. So then I forgive them, but then they fuck me over again. But now they’ve gone too fucking far. Nobody fucks with my smash bros. Fuck you (Royal Mail, not people reading this).

    1. They continuously deliver stuff late and you keep using them? Are they the only deliver service in EU? What about UPS? DHL?

  4. My copy of the wii u version is sat in front of me. My sons 3ds version is here too. I’m gonna register both games, feed the wife and kids, and have a bath. Then an evening of Smash Bross for the wii u for me. The boy has to wait till Christmas for his version. I personally couldn’t wait. Had done that last year with SM3DW. Although it was great playing it on Christmas day the wait wasn’t so good.

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