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Here’s Some More Details On Rodea: The Sky Soldier For Wii U And Nintendo 3DS

Kadokawa Games have given us some more information on their latest project, Rodea: the Sky Soldier. The game was originally announced back in 2010 for the original Wii but has since made the transfer to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Here’s some new details regarding the game and you can watch the trailer, above.

  • Takumi Miyajima created the world and story
  • Scenario is from Yoichi Kato of Yo-kai Watch
  • Rodea has lost his memory at the beginning of the game
  • Story revolves around the idea that he slowly regains it
  • Ion will act as a support heroine
  • Huge boss battles, with bosses comparable in size to the Tokyo Tower
  • Both versions use two screens
  • 3DS version will make use of stereoscopic 3D
  • Explore the world and gather rare items
  • Customization for Rodea in the Wii U and 3DS versions
  • Original Wii game is included in the Wii U release
  • Wii version doesn’t have customization elements
  • Wii U and 3DS game is a “sky adventure”
  • Original Wii project is “flying action”
  • Wii version is “pure action” while Wii U has added “growth” elements

23 thoughts on “Here’s Some More Details On Rodea: The Sky Soldier For Wii U And Nintendo 3DS”

  1. Nice to see the clarity on the Wii U version, though I’d still like to know if the 3DS version is going to be different or something.

  2. This better come to the US along with Fatal Frame 5! I don’t give a fuck if they sell millions of copies or not outside of Japan! If I get my hands on an awesome game I really want, fuck sales!

    1. Yeah i know, these games are what we need more off. These games are like back to what was offered in the ps2 era. Original damn content, i want to play this. It seems promising. It looks like a mix of sin and punishment, nights, skies or arcadia and even shaows of the colleses at points.

      We need more games like this, it’s fresh air. These type of games are sometimes even the most exciting, because they are so niche and rare these days. Some of them give you the best experiences you can get and they make the bigger games like uncharted, zelda and stuff seem less stale because you played something different for once.

      Fatal frame and this better come to the west. They are some of the games that actually make me feel interested, like it will give me a new and much needed experiences and break from the usual games.

      im excited for xenoblade and stuff but i want some of these other fresh games. That’s why it would be nice to get another eternal darkness or something, that kinda stuff honestly to me is more exciting than “oh yeah look zelda, that will probably be great.” Stupid gaming has goten stale, im sick of these western blockbusters, there not original enough anymore. They goten overused,.

      1. We definitely need another Eternal Darkness. Nintendo needs to quit sitting on their asses with that awesome IP. What’s the fucking point in even renewing the damn trademark if they aren’t going to do anything with it? I sure as hell hope they went straight to working on a new entry after they renewed it. Hire Dennis Dyack, for writer purposes only since he apparently hasn’t done a good job with being a director of everything after the release of Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, since he probably still has ideas for what he wants to happen with the series.

        1. Yeah i know, we need games and more diverse franchises like eternal darkness back on nintendo.

          Most nintendo fanboys are so fucking retarded, every time i say something you did i get attAcked by a bunch of fraud nintendo fans who are the ones you see sucking iwatas dick and saying they are such big nintendo fans. No there not there faggots and wiitards who make the overall nintendo fanbase pathetic now days, they really should just go to play on tablets where they belong.


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