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Nintendo Ceasing Production Of Nintendo 3DS XL In Japan

It was bound to happen sooner or later but Nintendo has ceased production of the Nintendo 3DS XL in Japan. The move came about as the company recently released the New Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS XL in the country. We are still waiting to hear when the New Nintendo 3DS is coming to the west. All we’ve heard so far is it’s coming sometime next year.

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70 thoughts on “Nintendo Ceasing Production Of Nintendo 3DS XL In Japan”

  1. I got a little worried there because the first thing popped in my head was the 3ds period. Lol I forgot about the new 3ds. Cant believe its not out here yet. What’s taking them so long…production?

    1. I don’t think its production hun I think it is a hurry up and wait situation for them simply because the more hoopla they get about us wanting the new system the longer they’re going to postpone it because they know we’ve been waiting along time and the minute it is released we’ll run right out and buy it. It’s a sales drive thing for them.

    2. No, they just wanted to deplete their inventory from Christmas and the holidays. It well most likely come out in February. They well also most likely have a direct video announcing more games by then

  2. Welp those who have the standard 3ds. Keep it good condition. That shit gonna worth a butt load of money in 50 years.

  3. Most likely because the old XL is still selling there, as we’ve seen in the weekly reports, and they want people to buy the newer, pricier models. It’s a logical move, business-wise.

    1. It’s bad for their reputation though. I was gonna buy an XL to play smash bros on but then news comes out that there’s a new model coming out. So I decided not to buy an XL. Had I bought an XL before hearing of the news I would have been upset that I had purchased an “obsolete” model that won’t be able to play some of the new games coming out, Like the Xenoblade port.

      1. I definitely understand, and things like that are the reason why I added the “businesswise” at the end, because I as well believe that some aspects of the new 3DS aren’t too good for their reputation. (:
        The fact that the new model will have exclusive games upsets me personally the most, because I honestly believe a device that’s supposed to be an upgraded model only shouldn’t get its own games that aren’t compatible with previous models. Having games not compatible with previous hardware is one of the main features of a successor of a console, not the feature of an upgraded-only version of an already existing console. Nintendo has given us various upgraded models of already existing systems, for both handhelds and home consoles, but none of them actually had exclusive games worth mentioning, let alone exclusives developed by Nintendo themselves or their 2nd-party developers, if I’m not mistaken.
        I really don’t mind them giving the 3DS an upgrade, but yea, there is a difference between upgrading a console and giving us a system that’s basically something entirely new.
        That’s just what I personally think about the whole new 3DS issue, nobody is forced to agree with me, of course.

          1. Same here. I bought the original 3DS at launch and a an XL about a year later, there’s no way I’m going to get myself a 3rd model. Other than the improved 3D functionality and the better performance, there aren’t many other features I personally find attractive about the new 3DS, actually. Neither the added pair of shoulder buttons, nor the 2nd stick, which the size and placement seems terrible of, are supported by enough games for them to be valid reasons to upgrade, in my opinion. Of course they might announce new games until its western release, but you have to keep in mind that there’s going to be several months inbetween the announcement and the actual release, which means we’ll keep getting closer to the next generation of handhelds while waiting for games for the new 3DS to even release, making the point of investing into a new 3DS questionable, if you ask me. That’s what I personally think, at least.

  4. Will be announced after Christmas in U.S. They don’t want to hurt U.S. sales for the current 3DS. And stop thinking everyone knows about this “new” 3DS. 1% of the population knows, at best, and that’s the core gamer that checks the website. 99% of people have no clue Japan has a newer model.

    1. IMO, you can apply that logic to anything and it’s correct. People are less informed than wookies’, but I don’t fear making people mad.

  5. Well, new 3DS should be coming soon if they’re discontinuing the XL…then again, it’s already out in Japan so it makes sense to stop standard 3DS production

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  7. They sure were in a hurry to cease production of the 3DS XL. Usually Nintendo waits a while. I hope that when the new 3DS XL is released in North America that there’s automatically different editions and colors to choose from instead of the usual, boring black and white.

  8. Something else that doesn’t make sense is, they’re treating the new 3DS like it’s the successor to the 3DS. But it’s just a more powerful 3DS. I don’t get it.

    1. I highly agree, it has everything the regular 3ds has, nothing new. The only stuff that’s new just makes it faster and with the new XL you can just customize it. I hate how they’re treating it like something completely brand new, I just hope they don’t discontinue making games for the old 3ds, cause I can’t afford a new 3ds for awhile. Now if it had brand new things to it then I can see it a next gen handheld. But for now this is not really :/

  9. I played Smash Wii U with another player for the first time. He didn’t know Nintendo made another console after the Wii. He owns Brawl so he was good with Meta Knight. I let him use the Pro controller while I used the Gamepad. Now that he knows about another console after the Wii he is planning on getting Wii U and Smash.

  10. Its basically the same thing as going from the nds to the nds lite, there are some new things and improvements, but most stuff will still work on the older model

  11. New 3ds software only software means that they are supporting the wiiu as well I wonT need a new3ds to play the next mario games as I own a wiiu and a normal 3dsxl and won’t need a new 3ds to play the next main mario games as I own a wiiu that came out last holidaye

  12. Well guss in gonna have to buy the new 3ds xl next year I’m ok with that but I am mad at nintendo for doing this that’s just stupied

  13. The price had better not be any higher on the new 3DS XL. Because even the $200 price for the regular 3DS XL is already crazy.

  14. i recommend getting a new 3ds or new 3ds xl also this means that when we get new 3ds/3ds xl they’ll cease productions of 3ds and 3ds xls over here too im calling it

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