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Nintendo Europe Is Releasing A Super Smash Bros Wii U Basic Bundle

Well, it turns out that Nintendo is finally planning to release a Super Smash Bros Wii U bundle after all. The Wii U 8GB Basic Pack comes with a copy of Super Smash Bros and is only confirmed for Spain at the moment. I suspect other countries will follow suit. We are now just waiting to find out when the bundle is due to be released.

53 thoughts on “Nintendo Europe Is Releasing A Super Smash Bros Wii U Basic Bundle”

      1. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah

        “Does anyone know dumb Nintendo is with their advertising?” You are in serious need of comprehension lessons.


                    1. While ironically, Nintendo is the ONLY GAMING COMPANY on earth who still makes a lot of profit and isn’t losing so much money over one platform despite how overrated they are? Sony lost billions starting from PS3 and Xbox has been so pointless as a console from the start it tried to overshadow its own Titan platform “PC” and yet still lose billions from the first Xbox.

                      Not to mention Nintendo’s games, as usual, are highly acclaimed, rated and continues to sell well and make significant impact even long after the first day launch it makes the world envy every aspect of their historic successes and wish to be like them or have their games on their own consoles.

    1. Honestly, as gamers why should we care so much over profit, loss, and financials? As gamers, we should just love the games that these companies put out, and appreciate the fact that they are always there for our enjoyment. Back in the day, people used to argue over which company had the better and more games. Nowadays, all I see are childish cat fights over sales and money.

  1. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt

    Why the heck is there still an 8 gigabyte console? Nintendo is always going to be a generation behind…

    1. Wii U dont need mandatory installs, and you can buy a 250gb usd hdd for cheap. Trust me, you dont need a lot of gbs on the wii u, i have a the basic and 120gb hdd.

    2. You don’t need a large amount of GB if you stick to physical releases of games instead of downloading them from the eshop.

  2. We really needed it in Spain, here, the only ad that you’ll find from Nintendo (well, Ubisoft) is “Just Dance 2015”.

  3. The trolls are so desperate for attention lately.
    It’s sad.

    Anyways, I’m glad to see some sort of bundle, but I’m hoping they’ll extend this into the 32GB models as well.
    If it’s just to get rid of 8GB stock, though, then I can see why they’d do this; I mean, the reduced price on top of a really great game bundled in might be tempting.

    1. Maybe it’s just where I live but I have never, ever seen a 8GB for sale here in general retail stores; only the very expensive 32GB bundles. I can only hope this offer comes to the USA because this is just what I wanted.

  4. This is awesome. Now all Nintendo has to do is announce Smash bundles for the US and Japan (or perhaps a deluxe version for Europe so they won’t cry about it) and they will own the holidays

  5. This, in a way makes sense. I know many people who only want a Wii U for Smash, and literally nothing else. So having an extra few gigs more, like on the deluxe, isn’t too big a deal since they probably won’t download anything to begin with.

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