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Lucario Amiibo Now Back Up For Pre-Order On Toys R Us Website

Want to get you hands on the Toys R Us exclusive Lucario Amiibo figure? Well it’s now up for pre-order. The item won’t ship until next year so bear that in mind. But if you are willing to wait then lay down your pre-order now as they will undoubtedly soon be gone.

Thanks, Shawn S

37 thoughts on “Lucario Amiibo Now Back Up For Pre-Order On Toys R Us Website”

    1. Who the fuck cares what people think. Go and buy yourself a amiibo. If a bitch is staring hold your middle figure up while making your purchase. They’ll eventually stop looking

    2. Lol this is the problem with society nowadays. Too many ppl trying to fit in and conform. If you want one who cares wt other ppl think why would you feel embarrassed about it

    3. The checkout lane at Toys R Us is nothing but adults. Kids don’t have money.

      However, I walked into Toys R Us on day one as soon as they opened to buy my Amiibo. Five other guys my age (late 20s, early 30s) were standing there. We had a good conversation.

      Nerd culture won. No reason to be embarrassed anymore.

    4. So? It’s for video games for ANYONE to enjoy. They wanna talk shit? Let them talk shit and then go buy more repetitive ass broken games while, at the same time, stupidly and blindly bitch about other franchises and companies doing the same thing when they don’t.

      1. Meaning is: who cares about what you’re buying? It could even be a present for a friend, son, whatever… you think way too much about your appearance.

    1. They need to make a new F- Zero, Metroid and more new IP’s. Stuff the the Kirby Rainbow bs. Why would I want to draw rainbows? They’re even including games like Project Guard and Project Robot to their line up list which makes me facepalm. They should also make a new 3D platformer that isn’t Mario. Games like Xenoblade Chronicles X, Yoshi, Splatoon, Zelda and Starfox are good but they need to release more for the core gamers.

      1. Yeah eventually they will. But right now they have their heads far up in their asses to even think about all.

        1. At this point, I won’t be surprised if Nintendo releases at least one of each of their more popular franchises this generation so they can see what sticks… and so they can literally say, “We have every type of game on our system!”

          1. Imo Nintendo should use this gen to develop obscure franchises. This console’s never gonna take off, so why not try and be creative with what you get? There’s nothing to lose.

            1. I wouldn’t be against them making a StarTropics eShop game, but I think Nintendo is too busy trying to figure out how they can make the Wii U successful… without advertising enough… *facepalm* lol

  1. Thank god i thought i lost my chance to get one. Just ordered one! I also pre ordered shulk and now to pre order meta knight

  2. After missing out on Marth, (he is still sold out everywhere in my area…) I immediately went to their website to get Lucario and Bowser. Just waiting on news of when I can preorder Rosalina, Palutena, Robin, Duck Hunt, and Lucina.

  3. Sold out… again. What the hell!!!!? Why don’t these offerings revolve around when I am able to make a purchase?

    This system sucks ass holes. Just let as many people preorder as they want and THEN make the amiibos to ship out after the fact. Why are they doing this, “Oh we have some more… now they’re sold out… Oh, we have some more… now they’re sold out…etc.etc”

    Just ALWAYS have some more!

  4. I pre-ordered 3 of these Lucario amiibo several weeks ago. Also Shulk. And just yesterday I pre-ordered 3 Meta Knights at Best Buy. Best Buy’s stupid website is incompatible with the Wii U, so I was forced to drive there just to pre-order.

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