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The Legend of Zelda Wii U Analysis (Video)

Those fine folk over at GameXplain have torn apart the footage of Zelda Wii U which was originally showcased at The Game Awards. As you’d expect there’s been plenty of things to uncover in the video including just how big that map is. If you want a detailed analysis of the Zelda Wii U footage then be sure to watch the video above.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

155 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda Wii U Analysis (Video)”

          1. Not sure really, I may have made it up but I’m sure he said the concept of the open world has been on the cards for a long while. Plus we don’t know how long they really had been developing the wii u for. 😁

        1. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt

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          ……….”…\………. _.·´

  1. Zelda Wii U doesn’t seem like a Zelda game at all LOL. It seems like life. You walk around large areas, and you see trees. A couple of baddies there but nothing really. It’s a big place. You walk. The sun becomes night…not really a Zelda game, just a life simulator.

    1. Can life let you jump of a horse, get out your arrow, and start shooting enemies in a split second or in slow motion? I think not. Can life let night and day pass by in minutes? I think not. Can life let you set marks on your map when you spot a shining landmark miles away? I think not.

      1. You can’t even jump off a horse in slow motion in mid air. You can’t have days pass in minutes. You can’t set marks on your map if you spot shining landmarks miles away. You can’t even do all this in a video game. However, Lik certainly could.

      2. Hmmm… This comment about slow motion shooting and markers on maps reminds me of shooters, GTA, and a whole lot of other non-nintendo games that you nintendrones hate on all the time. This game even looks like an elder scrolls game, maybe a bit worse than oblivion graphics wise. The environment is shabby looking at clashes with the celshaded-ish art style of the character models. And fuck, selfguided epona twitches around like she is having a seizure and her tail looks like bouncy rubber hoses warping through her legs. That sums up almost all this alpha footage junk, but hey ‘OHMYGERDANEWZELDAGAMEDERPYDERP’, right?

        Fanboys living in a dream world where anything with a nintendo label is gold. So sad.

        1. Your living in a dream world if you think these graphics are on par with Oblivion. These graphics look better than Skyrim. Go back and watch the reveal trailer over again. The detail and animations are second to none..

          In my honest opinion, between the art style and Nintendo’s amazing attention to details, this is the best looking game I have seen so far.

          1. Oh, he said graphics *worse than Oblivion? I thought he said on par… Yea he is just trolling. I was willing to discuss the matter and prove to him that these graphics are not only far superior to Oblivion, but are also superior to Skyrim. But I keep forgetting, trolls do not discuss anything…

          1. I know right? Some people. They make a claim, then never come back to defend that claim. I think Zelda and the Witcher 3 will be the best Open World games to date. And then you know what we will probably see in 2016… That’s right.. Elder Scrolls 6.

            1. Don’t forget fallout will be coming soon. I do believe that this zelda will be the best game to come from this gen though.

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    2. “A couple of badies”

      The game is still in development, and this demo was to showcase the world and epona riding and fighting mechanics, not the enemies. It’ll get more populated as the release date approaches.

      “The sun becomes night”

      Ocarina of time? Ever heard of it?

      “Not really a Zelda game, just a life simulator”

      Unless skyward Sword is your first and only Zelda game played then you must be trolling, or not a fan at all.

    3. If that was it, then the gane would be out now. There will be more enemies, more everything that will make the game more complete. You seem like the only one NOT excited by the Open World feel of the game…Why???

    1. Needs substantially more fog to be accurate. We’re talking Turok the Dinosaur Hunter levels of fog.

      The Wii U is no powerhouse.

      1. Fog? And who In the hell even said the Wii u was even a power house. Its a picture of what the art style could look like if improved

      1. Finally I agree with you on something lol. All of those games are gonna be major system sellers for their respective consoles. If Uncharted 4 plays as great as it looks then I shall buy a PS4

    2. What do you mean by how it might look like? Isn’t that from the E3 presentation or something? Or is it modified a bit to see how it could turn out?

        1. It looks pretty much the same, honestly. I feel like the modified picture looks exactly like that area, but with a sunset. We saw the gameplay demo, that’s exactly how the sunset looks like in the game.

            1. Yeah, it’s so amazing. My jaw dropped during that gameplay with the sunset, combined with all the scenery and depth–combined, everything is just amazing.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Realism doens’t belong in games…

          And if you want a realistic artstyle, then combine it with creative characters, environments and so on instead of the garbage of today with their American Call of Duty recruitments games, Assassin’s Creed and other sorry excuses for imitations of life that takes away the very essence of what a video game should be…

          Like Uncharted 4, nobody can deny that it looks lovely but the gameplay itself would bore me after 30 minutes because it has already been done 10000 times before…

          1. Wow i cant believe i have to agree with you,but for once i agree.There is nothing more stupid playing a marketing realistic game and see all those things in the game,like gta5.Fall through the floor,glitch to the air,get send to sky by a gate and all those shit.People still believe gta5 is realistic…..its fun but not realistic.

        2. Its overused,its not bad.I hate it because its what dragging games down the previous gen.Why i like indies more and more.If the concept is to make it as much as realistic as possible and just let me push buttons while watching cut-scene after cut-scene why even bother making it a game?

          Hire actors and record multiple versions of every decision,then link them to buttons and time reactions and here its is.I just made the most realistic game of the year.

          Seriously the only next gen game so far is hands down Metal gear solid 5 and final fantasy 15.(in terms of realistic,which is lighting/environment/characters /animations are all top notch) and have gameplay.

        3. Realism isn’t bad, but its used too much for selling point. I understand people want these types of games over a toony game(despite most toony being deeper then what most people think. Companies now and days think its really the only way to make a game. I like games being identifiable with there style, but if you were to show BF, or COD side by side i wouldn’t be able to say who is who. isn’t the case for all games, but its going that route

      1. You seem to believe that realism cannot be used with creativity for some reason.
        Horror games for one are a genre where realism can work wonders in making it more atmospheric, its an artstyle in itself, the problem is’nt realism in games, it’s that games that are realistic and have sold well such as cod are being copied by publishers who could’nt give a rats ass about creativity and that therefore has lead to the market being saturated with nonstop gritty dark “realistic” lookin games that are’nt doing anything new, and is also a big reason for the obsession with realistic graphics in modern consoles.

        Not to mention realism is a pretty broad artstyle, Call of duty looks nothin like Alien isolation but both are trying to have as accurate realistic lighting and enviorments as possible, alien is just using the lighting and enviorments in a different way(for example the space station is incredibly claustrophobic and not something you’d see in real life yet it feels realistic, the lighting is also placed in such ways as to create really dark shadows and overall creepy areas.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              It should have been:

              A Cybernetic Drone with an Annihilator Beam is a kind of mobile shooter thing…

                1. Wow they really broke it down! And the overall vastness and what GameXplain said about the about the time shift stone in relation to Link slowing down time when he jumps off his horse. I would be shocked if Zelda Wii U, isn’t next after Skyward Sword in the timeline.

                  1. What gave me hope for this possibly taking place after Skyward Sword but before Minish Cap was the use of the sailcloth. *crosses fingers* Please be a direct sequel because I’d love to return to Faron Woods, Eldin Volcano, & Lanayru Desert from Skyward Sword to see how they’ve changed over the years.

            2. You good with Quadraxis now? I remember back when you didn’t have your official account yet, how you would tell him that he’s some loser behind a computer screen, and how he just acts like a might robot cuz he can’t get a piece of ass in real life. Ahaha

              1. Yes i still think commander robo ass is a loser, and doesnt get no ass ether. But when I try tell him that he goes on about robo techno shit. Whats the point? He won’t listen. Plus everything I posted got fucking deleted. I miss fucking with people but oh well. And where’s that whore nintendo lieutenant. Haven’t seen her in a while.

                1. lol at you this conversation with Quadraxis, made my day, haha. I do wonder, why would your other stuff get deleted? I thought anybody could say whatever they want on this website. The only stuff I saw get deleted was somebody saying racist stuff.

              1. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt

                Kolocktos was a pretty awesome boss though; it’s one of my favorite Zelda boss if not my favorite.

              1. It’s impact is definitely unquestionable. Lock on targeting is one thing Nintendo will forever have the right to say “We revolutionized that for the entire video game industry! You’re welcome!!”

        1. oh lol, nah, not your ocarina of time, I mean my ocarina of time. Apparently it was tweaked to be harder. Don’t judge, it was my birthday. You think i suck at OoT bosses? Cuz I don’t, you think I don’t right?

            1. Fine… *Takes 3 of your mechanical body parts, the key to the treasure chest of all Nintendo goodness, and runs quickly to Xbox Commander Xboxeratonos*

        2. What zelda game do you consider having the hardest bosses? If my mind serves me correctly i would think its majoras mask.

                1. Perhaps if a lot of people ask Nintendo to make a mode where the Zelda’s bosses are more difficult they will make it come true.

        3. In fairness, it WAS the first 3D Zelda. I mean, look at Mario 64, the bosses weren’t exactly difficult…

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            No, almost all 3D overall have easier bosses than 2D games…

            That’s what makes me the most bored sometimes…

            And because of the Xbot multimedia zeaots plus Sonyan graphic whores that these imbeciles of today rather focus on looks and power than challenges and experiences that go beyond reality…

            1. Yea, the bosses need to inflict more damage. Also Link should take more damage from regular enemies as well. How am I supposed to feel threatened when an enemy only takes one quarter of a hearts worth of damage? No enemy should only inflict a quarter of a heart damage. Every enemy should at least inflict a full heart of damage. The tough enemies should inflict anywhere between 2 – 6 hearts. Also I should not be able to find hearts by breaking pots or cutting grass. Health should be restored only by potions or fairys.

              I guess what I’m trying to say is that the hero mode (ALBW, WindWaker) should be the default difficulty. Otherwise we are forced to play the game on super easy mode.

          1. Right. Thing is, hero mode only changes the damage enemies do, and how much you refill your lives. Master quest really changes every dungeon layout and makes it harder, and i think it also comes with what hero mode has to offer.

        1. Well not exactly. It was Zelda game I was playing (can’t remember which one) but once I put it on hero mode or “master quest” the bosses were harder, you lost more hearts when attacked and find hearts when cutting grass. That was some hardcore shit.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            More damage doesn’t make the bosses harder if they cannot hit you…

            I’ve played Master Quest on all Zeldas available and it did nothing…

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


        I want Metroid Prime 2 Echoes type of challenges on Zelda, then all dungeons and temple would be finally worth the trouble…

    1. OoT has the easiest bosses in the series. Just to challenge myself I played and passed the whole game with only 3 hearts. (I skipped all those mofos)

  2. I really like gamexplain but I hate when this guy narrates. He sounds like that little kid who has to go to speech therapy classes in elementary school. I cant listen to 23 minutes of him. sorry.

      1. LOL yeah, the other guy sounds like a grandfather who’s tired of life and already retired. That old, raspy voice.

  3. I don’t care what people say, but I really enjoyed the motion controls in Skyward Sword, and I would be happy if they returned…plus, I don’t own any Wii U Pro controllers right now.

    1. Skyward Sword was my favorite in terms of combat, story and characters. Hell I didn’t even mind the smaller map. Though constant back tracking did become cumbersome.

      1. Yeah, Skyward Sword probably is my favourite Zelda game, but if it wasn’t for the motion controls, it would be pretty bad. Just think about it.

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  4. The map is probably bigger than what was shown. You can clearly see the start of what looks like desert to the north west.

    1. Aonuma clearly said that what was shown was not the full map. I don’t know why gamexplain thinks it’s the whole map.

      I really doubt Nintendo would reveal the entire world map like that anyways. I’m thinking it’s probably half of the map, or maybe even a quarter of it. But no way is it the full map.

  5. Can’t wait for the bundle. There better be a damn bundle. I want this so bad.

    Anyone recommend Skyward Sword?

    1. I recommend the Nintendo Platinum edition of Skyward Sword. They made the game longer in that edition and it’s just like $15 more expensive than the normal price.

    2. Me its good,but you will need wiimote with motion+.Its linear but it has some good dungeons.See some revews that dont just praise it because its zelda and list some actual flaws to see if you want it.

    3. YES! Ignore the haters. It’s one of the best in the series. Small map and kind of linear but it has some of the best combat, puzzle solving, characters, mini games, art style and charm in the series. Not to mention the loftwing is quite fun to ride. Take your time and be patient with the controls. They’re odd at first but fantastic once you get the hang of it. Each boss and enemy is a small puzzle. i myself never wanted to play another Zelda game without them.

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  7. Skyward Sword has the most fun and interesting dungeons in the whole series (although ALBW comes very close), boasts beautiful watercolor-themed visuals (though I do wish it was released on Wii U for the HD treatment), and the motion controls make every battle against an enemy intense and exciting. My favorite fights were against the skeleton mini bosses (when you re-visit the Skyview Temple). The game is full of a variety of different quests and objectives, and has a wonderful, cinematic story. Definitely my favorite of the entire series.

  8. Skyward Sword was an amazing Zelda game. I don’t see how people dislike it. It’s not my favorite Zelda, but it is in my top three. It has my favorite dungeon of all time, the Ancient Cistern. It was such a great experience playing through that dungeon, and the final boss was also no slouch. And I love the water in Skyward Sword. Some of the best looking water I have ever seen. Just talking about it makes me want to play it again…. yes, I think I will replay it.

  9. Some people completely nerds out when they review or analize a game. They go so in depth that they talk about stuff I never even look for or pay attention to. Many could call ME a nerd. But I’m incredibly low-ranked compared to the detail freak nerds.

    1. I have watched this gameplay video over a dozen times. I have noticed quite a few things that Gamexplain missed in thier analysis. I’ve already wrote to them about it, since they usually do a follow-up analysis video about stuff they missed and viewer findings.

  10. Lots of interesting ideas in here! Still, it’s almost certainly not R to vault off the horse. The Japanese text appears to say なだめる (nadameru), which means to calm or soothe. I’m not sure how that could be used. I initially thought it would just equate to “slow down”, but the L stick text clearly says ” brake” in Japanese (which also suggests you can’t control Epona’s movement with the L stick at all). Perhaps Epona can panic and bolt if startled, and you have to use it to calm her down? However, the text is very blurry, so I could have misread. Another possibility is ながめる (nagameru), which is just to look into the distance. This would just be first person view, which makes more sense, but it much more resembles the former.

    At any rate, I need this game.

  11. haven’t anyone else thought that the map might be bigger then what we see here ? i know you saw the zoom…. BUT! can we scroll the map ?

  12. Please be a direct sequel to Skyward Sword because I want to explore Eldin Volcano, Lanayru Desert, Faron Woods, & the Sealed Grounds to see how they’ve changed… Oh & to see them in HD, of course!

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