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Here’s How Super Smash Bros Wii U Has Sold In Certain Countries And It’s Nearing A Million

We’ve finally got some numbers indicating how well Super Smash Bros Wii U has sold in certain countries. The brawler has sold the most in the United States with 490.000 copies sold within the first few days and has sold the least in the United Kingdom, which is the biggest video game market in Europe. Super Smash Bros Wii U is on its way to be a million seller and an announcement should possibly be made soon by Nintendo.

Smash Bros. Wii U
USA: 490.000 (first few days)
Japan: 244.747 (first week)
France: 200.000 (expected until the end of the year)
UK: 31.000 (minimum first week)

Total: 966.000

Should be a million seller by now. Maybe it breaks 2.000.000 worldwide by the end of the year.

Thanks, Jason M

141 thoughts on “Here’s How Super Smash Bros Wii U Has Sold In Certain Countries And It’s Nearing A Million”

    1. It’s not just that, I know a LOT of people who either didn’t get their games on time from Amazon or had to get their orders cancelled due to stock shortages, so Ninty is partly to blame :c

            1. Hahaha I do see your point but that’s the mainstream audience, the proper gamers here in the UK play everything :) Nintendo has its own cult following here, you either have loyal Nintendo fans or you don’t.

              1. No it’s not. It actually gets so boring and the fact that you have to waste time on this game everyday doing the same shit which BTW the activities/mini games and the open world doesn’t offer much or isn’t as fun at all. Maybe if Wii U expands that shit beyond its current dull ass offerings that’ll increase the open world a lot, adds more content, customization, funner mini games and improved interactivity, then maybe I’ll go back to Animal Crossing. But for now, New Leaf with be my first and final AC game I’ll even think about wasting money for.

                  1. It is now nothing but a chore. I dont like games that feels like a chore in a short period after “sorta” having fun with exploring the options and possibilites. If Wii U AC feels or even looks anything like that, I’m quitting the series and rather want Pikmin 4 instead.

                1. You’re acting like your opinion is a fact. ACNL can keep you busy for quite a long time if you have the right goals, there’s actually a lot to do. The game has its own huge communities all over the internet, with thousands of people taking part in them. Just because you personally can’t get enjoyment out of it for too long, doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same. I’ve personally played the game for nearly a whole year straight, almost every day. Yes, it did feel like a chore at times, but most of the time, it was enjoyable.
                  Nothing wrong with not liking a game, but talking about it like it’s terrible just because it doesn’t fit your personal preferences is another story. ACNL was a huge success globally and there’s a reason why.

                  1. WTF says my opinion was fact besides you shoving BS in my mouth?

                    I said it can get dreadfully boring with its repetitive routine after earning enough content and the fact that future games will occupy time. The ONLY way for one to enjoy this chore of a game is if you have absolutely NOTHING to do and I mean NOTHING.

                    1. Nobody said your opinion was a fact. I said you are acting like it is. As I’ve said in the last paragraph of my previous comment, there is a difference between simply not liking a game, and acting like it’s a huge pile of trash just because you don’t like it. And your last sentence is another example for you acting like your opinion is absolute and universal.
                      You need to work on your way of expressing yourself, because hostility isn’t going to help you have a decent conversation with anyone.

                1. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt

                  They play what they want to play; if they are missing out on great games, then that’s on them… no need to hate.

          1. It’s because I get UK is a HUGE football “soccer” fan and I get why that game sells there but everything else like Call of fucking Duty still sells when it’s nothing but a rinse and repeat POS now?

            1. and smash bros isn’t s rinse and repeat? Mario kart isnt? New super Mario bros games aren’t pretty much the same?
              Pokemon, 8 gyms, beat champion, Breed pokemon.

              But you’re right, cod is rinse and repeat.

              Donkey kong tropical freeze was just SOOOOO different than the last donkey kong…

              1. The new COD changes some things up a little for the better I think….but I have to disagree with rinse and repeats of at least mario kart, and smash….every 5 years is not that….just like zelda and the more true mario games….been around 30 years sure but they are not around every year….been some new super sure…but if you only have one a hand held or console you have only seen two….and all four hav shown on four differnt consoles so that makes the point mute to….but if you feel like they are repeats you can feel that way….mayebe I’m old, I’m tired of gamers bull, no reason as fun and awesome has the wiiU and it’s games are it should be struggling….again I’m old and I’m not cool, nor would I can but I can see these kids that don’t know that bower was actully named king koopa would be weird about what there peers thought….I will get an x1 one day cause I don’t want to miss out on stuff but I am always disappointed with Nintendo’s performances In the UK

            2. To be fair, the States isn’t a lot different. Substitute Fifa for NFL etc. and it’s basically the same.

              Fifa is garbage, but try to appreciate the market and audience in the UK is different.

    2. In their defense, Smash Bros came out at a pretty dangerous time since there were a lot of other new blockbuster titles out on the market. I’m sure that sales will steadily increase over there.

      1. But what can Sakurai do? He worked his ass off to bring the game on time for the holidays (a working game on top of that), as promised, so it could give Nintendo a shot to sell more of their Wii U hardware for Christmas and later on. If it were to release after the holidays away from the other competition, it would’ve been a bigger mistake and more of a loss because most people stop shopping after New Years so they can save money for future occasions.

        1. Oh, I agree that Sakurai did the best that he could. I don’t think there would be a “right” time to release it in the UK since I agree that pushing it after Christmas would be disastrous. Pushing it back a week or two so that it could come out right before Christmas may have been a good idea to help people get over their Smash Bros 3DS fatigue, but it still ended up being decent. I think too many people just think of it as Brawl 2.0 and not as a legitimately new game.

          1. Brawl is a joke and I’m so fucking pissed that people just judge this shit on how it looks. It feels more polished and balanced plus functional than Brawl but its not anywhere like it. You could say the menu layout is similar but everything else from visuals to online to content, its not.

            1. I think the main part is the content and visuals. The new Orders, Tour, and in depth online systems are different, but many would argue that this is about where the buck stops. The majority of the stages are old and the Stage Builder isn’t really that much better than Brawl’s. The new modes and additions definitely do make the game an improvement over Brawl is almost every way, but the custom items that you have to find and lack of Story Mode plus Smash Tour gives Brawl the slight win for me. If we’re just talking gameplay, the Wii U version wins easily.

              1. Wait I have to unlock more items? Damn. Also are there other items to unlock in custom stage builder or is that it? I like Smash Wiiu stage builder better but Brawl had more stuff in stage builder.

                1. Ah, I mean the enhancements. (Gloves, hats, etc) I think that’s it for the Stage Builder. It looked really cool at first, but it’s surprisingly limited. It’s fun that you can share them online and check out other designs, but I think they could have added more content into it. Free DLC is always an option though. Either way, I’m still having a blast trying to finish the final 10 challenges. I still have my 5 hammers and I plan to use them on the final 5 challenges. #MustCompleteByChristmas

        1. What are you talking about? Smash was well marketed in the states maybe not as good as they did Mario Kart 8 but still very solid. At one time I kept seeing Smash Bros ads during NBA games and television shows. What hurt Smash sales in Europe was Nintendo failing to meet stock demands. Remember it was already reported that Smash Bros was the Wii U’s fastest selling game due to preorders so something not adding up which leads to it being a supply and demand situation

        1. Lol you identified yourself as a tween with a limited allowance. No adult will ever go broke from ocassionally buying a 50 dollar game.

          1. Fucker, i work at a $8 an hour BS catering job for almost 3 years and had to help support my family with housing issue and bills. And I’m no where near broke since I have about $5000-6000 savings in my account. I don’t buy much BS stuff I don’t need and when I don’t need what I have anymore, I can simply sell them off.

    3. It is because many of the UK retailers have pulled out of selling Nintendo games altogether including big supermarkets Tesco and Sainsbury. It is insane. The only place I could get a copy was from Amazon, and they sold out very quickly.

    4. NO! compare it to the sales of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, they’re simply not interested in Smash Bros for Wii U. The sales figures of OR/AS in UK are high, outselling XY in Europe by 140%+. I also have a Wii U and Smash Bros for Wii U and do not enjoy too much, I don’t play anymore because it doesn’t feel competitive and personally it’s too easy to win. I prefer playing melee as it feels like the “Chess” of competitive smash. I am a fan of the well made aspects of the game like the stages, they’re amazing.

      1. It’s good for Wii U standards, sure, but isn’t this game supposed to sell crazy numbers? And correct me if I’m wrong but MK8 did outsell it in the same timeframe

        1. Ignoring the game is selling crazy numbers. Ignoring first smash game on handheld and console. No info on how the Wii u is increasing yet since its the first Nintendo big game to sell alternatives on either handheld or home like 2 months apart.

            1. Not crazy numbers. First of all I’m talking about Smash bros for 3Ds and Wii u not the the hardware it plays on. Ignoring Smash sold over a million first 2 days. Doesn’t matter the hardware when you brought up software. Now you say Wii U hardware sold 666% yeah and?

          1. I know that you love to keep ignoring (See what I did there?) the Wii U’s demise since you’re a big Nintendo fan, but you have to admit that these numbers are seriously not that impressive. Sure, it’s getting a decent total upfront, but that’s because they made sure to release it in all of the big countries so quickly. This just means that sales are going to come to a pretty sudden stop for most of the areas. I’m pretty sure that it’s underperforming based on our estimates in old MNN posts…

        2. Mario Kart 8 didn’t face any stock shortages in Europe now did it? Now in the same timeframe of both MK8’s and Smash’s US debuts Smash outsold it

  1. According to Vgchartz 2nd Week of Smah Wii U sales in Us were 294,862 which means S,ash has easiley sold 1.2million plus properly closer to 1.5 now escipley seeming we don’t know full week 1 sales let alone week 2

  2. And this list is not counting the games sold in Mexico.

    Smash Bros. is extremely popular in Mexico, in the first day the game sold like thousands of copies across the country. I really think that Smash Bros. is a million seller right now if you count Mexico :P

      1. Funny how Wii U exclusives that flop come out quicker than exclusives that are expected to sell well though. We just now getting software sells for Smash. No hardware info yet. But when Bayometta 2 arrived we already had hardware and software sales info a week later in the US.

          1. End of the month? Ignoring Japan and UK sales are weekly regardless if it is the beginning or end of the month. Also Bayonetta US didnt help with Wii U hardware sales neither. And that’s how I got the info on it not helping hardware sales.

          2. Also end of the month? Yet it is in the middle of December so why first week of November Bayonetta sales were already available ? Yet not first week of December to see Smash bros?

  3. Whys everyone act like a game needs to sell 15 million copies in a week? If thats the case 99% of games are bad and flops lol

      1. Ignoring you just conflicted with your self. 53:minutes agoo you said MK8 is a more popular game than smash on another post. So how would you know what smash bros standards are if it isn’t expect to out sell Mk8 anyway?

          1. What were their goals? Smash for 3Ds sold well and Smash Wii U was the consoles best selling game dethroning MK8. According to Scir’s post 2 weeks ago. So what are their goals? Put the link down for Sicr to post Nintendo’s goals for sales?

              1. GOD UR A FUCKING DUMBASS! You do realize that MK8 sold 1.2 M on a WORLDWIDE release, right? Smash was not a worldwide release. If it was worldwide it would be probably around 1.5+ M.

      2. Smash Bros on Nintendo 64 sold 5 1/2 million, Melee sold 7 million on the Gamecube and Smash Bros Brawl sold 12 million on the Wii lifetime so what special high standards did you expect for Smash to have? It’s a great storied popular gaming franchise yes, but it doesn’t sell astronomically high like how the GTA, COD and Pokèmon franchises do. And btw Smash Bros on the Wii U has already sold 1.2 million in two weeks time even while facing the likes of GTA V on both PS4 and Xbox One and not to mention Smash is still facing stock issues in Europe. Most of Nintendo biggest IPs sell extremely well over time not usually right away

  4. I have friends in the UK who pretty much say that there is simply not a huge interest for Smash at all. They’re either into Zelda or Xbox.

    Gotta remember why all the good Nintendo collectors editions are always in the UK to begin with.

          1. Yeah I know what you mean bro. That happen yesterday when my old ass bus driver ran late. It was fucking freezing, and raining. I’m talking about standing out side with no umbrella at 6:02 “the ass crack of fucking dawn”, waiting for that old bitch to take me to that ratchet ass school who still has shitty box fucking tvs. Ugh …..Let me claim myself before I blow a fucking fuse in the middle of class. So, yeah that really sucks.

            1. Raining in the winter? Where i live the winter can get brutal, like last year it was always below zero, i think it actually got to – 18 or something crazy like that and with windsheild it felt like – 40. Really shitty winter last year, i fucking hate winter, and the fucking roads are like glare ice at times.

              this year is a warm winter though, it’s only like 30 right now and hasnt snowed that much.Funny enough when it’s really cold like last year and then it warms up to like 30, it’s like shorts and t shirt weather. Actuallly in this weather i don’t even where a coat have of the time, ill wear like a thin sweatshirt.

    1. Ha not even close I think it’s actually more americans, but I could be wrong. Maybe a balance actually. But yea definitely not the only american here :p

        1. Probably cause of all the UK chart posts and the UK gamers having to defend themselves once a month lol. I happen to reside in south floriduh myself.

        2. Well I’m from Texas (Houston to be exact) so you’re not alone as being as a reprensentative from the states. It does seem like it’s mainly Europeans who flood this site but I think that are a substantial amount of people from the states that frequently come on this site too

    1. Same. Where I live, the Wii U was released on JUNE 2013. I had to wait months to get the thing because I didn’t want to import and lose warranty. And the only games that come out same day as overseas are Pokémon games. The stuff here are also sooo overpriced. Wii U games cost over $70 :0

  5. Nintendo South Asian Fan

    Here a Wii U Game costs $80 and above oh my god. I imported one from US and that was unfortunately stolen only the console so i had to buy one more but my grandpa gifted me the other one so good for me.

  6. And when people ask what the difference is between the U.S and UK (or England’s) gaming market. This is it. While we are very similar most of the time with CoD, Assasin’s Creed and sports titles, U.S never fails to pick up the latest and greatest Nintendo titles, while UK (again, or England) just doesn’t support Nintendo.

    I was surprised when the Tamodachi wave was hitting the UK. Didn’t see that one coming. They definitely have their moments.

  7. Nintendo products stand the test of time , (my first NES) be kicking still! Playstation stands the test of time, my original Playstation works …. Now Xbox…………………….. 2 Xboxes ,4 Xbox 360s’ , 00000000 Xbox Ones as I have freak in learned my lesson.

  8. I’m from the UK and I completely agree. Everyone talks about the newest COD, Battlefield and Fifa. I’m one of the few who’s played games like Bayonetta 2 (It pisses them off they can’t play it though :)

  9. Smash U may have low sales so far in the UK, but ironically Amiibo is selling out all over the place.

    Looks like the UK hasn’t quite given up on Nintendo just yet.

  10. It’s moved ~1.5m by this point, easy. It was @750k in the US two weeks ago, before it even launched in Japan. It sold through 10% of the U owners in that country in one day. If Nintendo can get the copies around, two million is a shoe-in.

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  12. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah

    Shushei Yoshida Nintendo consoles are all making a profit, the WiiU and the 3DS, plus their software, apart from the PS4, how is the Vita and Sony doing?


    jtz on that Judah wisdom.

  13. When are people gonna get that Nintendo do very little advertising in the UK, and when they do it’s some annoying little kid that makes your ears bleed.

  14. I still haven’t played my copy of Smash Bros. for Wii U yet. Aside from listening to some of the music, and looking through the options. I’m trying to wait until christmas so I won’t be burned out yet if my niece wants to play HER copy. I want it all to feel fresh. But it sucks that it won’t be on an HDTV.

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