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Nintendo Japan’s Site Has Also Had A Redesign

We are not the only site to have had a redesign today as Nintendo of Japan has shown off its lovely new design tailored for multiple devices. Heavy on the images and eye-catching is clearly the first thing that comes to mind. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata had previously said that the site was in need of a redesign for scalability with multiple devices and it looks as though they’ve achieved their goal. You can visit the new look Nintendo of Japan website, right here.

29 thoughts on “Nintendo Japan’s Site Has Also Had A Redesign”

  1. Where’s the pics for mobile ? Saw it an hour ago or so and it looked pretty nice ! Now I just see text for the main news …

  2. The blue is too bright and the bar is too wide. Of course I’ll get used to it, but for now not impressed.

    Of course I’m talking about this website’s redesign, not the new Nintendo of Japan one!

  3. I wouldn’t mind it if Nintendo of America’s site looked like the Japanese one. That’s pretty epic!

    Also I kind of miss when this site used to have the header at the top and all the articles in the center. I do like the idea of redesigning this one too, but as some of the other commenters have already stated the side bar does come off a bit too wide and the blue is a bit bright. It would be cool to throw some “Wii U Blue” around here if it’s possible, but i’m still not really sure I like that side bar on the left. All that said the previous article footer at the bottom is pretty cool.

  4. Sorry but I really don’t like the new design, I loved how easy you could go through the available articles so quick. If there’s an option for the old design, I am very welcome to it.

  5. I really prefer the new mobile version of the site. Being able to look at images/ videos/ the actual article without have to click/ load the new page is really handy. Big fan of the mobile.

    Kinda iffy about the font size on the actual site. I just want to ctrl – a few times, so I don’t have to scroll down, just to read the next reply. Kind of an unnecessary hassle when you’re just trying to read the replies (which is already a hassle, as it is ;p ). That’s my biggest complaint.

    Nice job, though. I like the new color scheme and the mobile version is much better.

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