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One Toys R Us Already Has The Zelda Amiibo’s On Display And For Sale


One of the readers has contacted me to say that his local Toys R Us have already put the Zelda Amiibo figures on display and they’re going through the till just fine. The Toys R Us store is located in the KCMO area in the United States and he says that they’ve got Diddy and Little Mac in the backroom, but not on display. There’s a chance this isn’t an isolated issue so it’s worth checking with your local store.

27 thoughts on “One Toys R Us Already Has The Zelda Amiibo’s On Display And For Sale”

      1. No it is not. At all. Especially on mobile. It was nice seeing aricle titles in this nice little list, but now I have to do all the damn scrolling past the articles themselves.

  1. Not only do I dislike this new design (Loads SLLOOOOWWWW on mobile and generates pages that are miles long), but it also seems to be forgetting cookie information. Not impressed.

    1. It must just be your device then, becouse it actually seems to load faster on my ipad, and the cookies are intact. I hope they keep this new design.

  2. Dos anybody know why my Wii U is having problems loading lately? I’m having a HELLUVA time trying to get all of these MyNintendoNews posts to load. I keep having to close the internet browser and reopen it. Again and again. Sometimes I can’t even check my e-mail because it won’t load. WHY?!

    It hasn’t even been a full year since I bought my Wii U. The internet browser worked flawlessly until recent weeks.

    1. I haven’t had troubles with my web browser, but I would try going into the web setting and deleting all memory and cookies, you might have also left multiple tabs open for major sites, so close all your tabs also

      1. I’ve already deleted all cookies, and even selected the “reset save data” option and started all over. But it didn’t help. I even changed the browser from Yahoo to Google, and still, it didn’t help. Then I deleted my entire internet connection and then re-connected it. STILL didn’t help.

        What really worries me is that my original Wii was giving me similar problems on the internet browser. Until it got so bad that all downloaded games got corrupted/deleted, and the internet didn’t even work anymore. I sure hope these aren’t the early stages of this same thing happening to my Wii U. Nintendo takes AGES to reply to e-mails.

        1. The problem is more than likely coming from your internet connection, rather than your Wii U. This happens to me sometimes, and usually time is the only remedy. Sometimes your Wifi/internet can run slow for no good reason. It hasn’t happened on my Wii U, but it happens on my Ipad about once a week..

          1. I do have an odd suspicion that it could be my modem causing it. Because when I turn it off, and then back on, the lights sometimes freeze on it. And I have to flip it off and on several times before the lights start blinking and working properly.

            I just got through doing something extreme in hopes that it would solve the problem. And now I regret it BIG TIME! I copied my Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors game files to a flash drive, then I deleted all system memory. After taking FOREVER to set the Wii U settings back up the way I had them, I was going to copy those game files from the flash drive and put them back onto my Wii U’s internal memory. And it says it has to format the flash drive in order for it to work on my Wii U. I was like, WHAT? I didn’t think I’d have to format the flash drive AGAIN (since I already did before). So I just lost all of my hard work from those two games. And to top it off, after doing all of this (and regretting it), it didn’t even solve the problem. I wanted to scream.

    2. My 3DS is also having problems loading and it can’t load sites that are too big. Now its more difficult to select a news here because its bigger now.

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  4. I heard that wave 2 released at Gamestop/Ebgames on the 12th and everywhere else on the 14th…..but street dates seem to be broken all the time with NFC figures; Skylanders, Disney Infinity and now even amiibos……guess I’ll be popping over to Target, Toysrys, Walmart and Gamestop tomorrow just to see :P

  5. My TRU in Emeryville, CA was selling the Zelda Amiibo today. And this week they’re running a deal buy 1 Amiibo, get 2nd for 40% off. I bought a couple, b/c Zelda was one figure I didn’t pre-order. I think they sold Diddy and Little Mac, but they were already gone. Just 10-15 Zeldas amongst leftover Wave 1 figures.

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