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Nintendo Has Sold Over 100,000 Amiibo Figures In Japan

Japanese sales tracker Media Create is reporting that Nintendo has sold over 100,000 Amiibo figures in Japan. Want to know which Amiibo was the most popular? Well it turns out it was Link, who is compatible with Hyrule Warriors. In total Nintendo sold 104,000 units across 18 characters in Japan.

Thanks, Master Pikachu

22 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Sold Over 100,000 Amiibo Figures In Japan”

  1. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah

    Jtz of Judah, imagine what will happen when games with more focus on these Amiibos release. my brother of Judah these unbelievers shall be converts to gaming greatness.


  2. If they sold over 100,000 amiibo in Japan than in the US they must have sold millions! That shows the Wii U is forever!

    1. not being nasty but I will LMHO if the US (we are not talking about the America continent or N.A which include you Canadian brothers) do much less than 700K.

      700K that being you are over optimistic especially for a country which is dominated by MS and Sony.

      Saying that I would be more than happy to be wrong.

        1. well done U.S then :-) and fantastic news by the way. I would not suspect for one second they will be that popular to be honest. It look like it’s 1 figure per smash.

          I read a lot of contradiction news lately about the dis-continuity of amiibo for the US. I hope Nintendo won’t fuck it up this time cause that a platinum opportunity.

  3. Oh … only a 104,000 well…must be a failure since everything that doesn’t sell over a mill in two seconds is a failure.

  4. I still declare that the Villager is the best (and cutest) amiibo of all.
    But I wonder why they put the old Villager body instead of the New Leaf Villager body (which had longer legs)?

  5. As awesome as the pose they got Link in is, I actually would have preferred the pose Link does in Ocarina of Time 3D since we actually could have seen Link’s face better. You’d think Link would get the same treatment as Mario & be one of the best looking amiibo out there! Hell! Samus, a underdog compared to Zelda’s hero, looks better than Link. :/

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