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Rosalina And Luma Amiibo Confirmed As A Target Exclusive


Hoping to get your hands on the Rosalina & Luma Amiibo figure? Well if you reside in the United States then you’ll only be able to purchase the figure from Target. We knew that certain Amiibo figures would be retailer exclusive and it looks as though Rosalina & Luma have joined the party.

Thanks, Michelle



  1. it’s a mystery to me why anyone would even want to jump on the amiibo bandwagon with bullshit restrictions, regionaly restrictions even, like these..


  2. Not surprising except I thought the Zelda amiibo was gonna be the Target exclusive but oh well I guess. I’m calling it again the Mega Man amiibo will be a Walmart exclusive and the Pac-Man amiibo will be an Amazon exclusive or vice versa


    1. You do know m amazon basically confirms exclusive amiibos months before their release, they had all wave 3 amiibos up for pre orders hours after they were announced, all except lucario, Shulk, meta knight, and rosalina. The exclusive amiibo. And amazon, toys r us, best buy, etc, all have megaman up for preorder so don’t act all badass when you don’t even know what you are talking about


  3. So, so far…

    • Lucario = Toys R’ Us
    • Meta Knight = Best Buy
    • Shulk = GameStop
    • Rosalina & Luma = Target

    Which major video game retailers are left? Amazon doesn’t have an exclusive yet, off the top of my head.


  4. Why does the Target website say “out of stock online” for Rosalina? In fact, why does ALL of the second and third wave amiibo say that on their site?


  5. Ehh, I’m good. I’ll wait for Meta Knight to be announced. *notices someone mention Meta Knight exclusive to another store* :o *leaves with only smoke in the shape of a human body left behind*


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