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GameStop Has Little Mac Amiibo Available

These Amiibo are selling like hotcakes and it’s no surprise really given how little stock appears to be going round added by consumer demand. Thankfully, GameStop currently have Little Mac Amiibo figures available for order so I’d advise snapping them up quickly as they’re selling for the recommended retail price.

Thanks, Jose M

39 thoughts on “GameStop Has Little Mac Amiibo Available”

      1. No, you really shouldn’t. They don’t care about gamers in general. Not Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, PC master race… They just want to see the world burn.

          1. :P you can consume the world with whatever you feel fit. You would do it for the greater good. These guys do this for the sport. They want to ruin everything every gamer holds dear. However, I’m glad I had smash and my Wii U.

            1. I don’t role play like NC -_- do you seriously think I’m this “entity” on this website thats “above” all of you? Its just a handle dudebro, Chill -_-

              I assume you don’t need anymore more proof now do you? Your liege.

        1. Now as for giving my NNID over this shit fest comment section XD yeah keep wishing, but if you do see me online you’ll know, I play mostly as Ness, Jiggs, and Dr Mario under the name of ABC.

            1. Ness: My favorite Melee character so he just carried over

              Jigglypuff: no one expects it to kicks ass so they under estimate it, plus its aerial movements are unmatched.

              Dr Mario: Stronger than Mario (albeit slower) and he actually play different enough for me to choose him over Mario.

              Who do you main anyways?

      1. Ness is awesome, been a main of mine since 64. Jiggs I don’t use but I definitely noticed his aerial attacks are pretty ridiculous, in this game at least. The way he floats can be tricky. Little Mac can be annoying with his quick speed and strong attacks especially the no flinch attacks he has, but he’s certainly not unstoppable at all. I haven’t played much online so I can’t really say, but offline with my friends I don’t have much trouble with little mac although since he is so quick I noticed he can juggle pretty quick against opponents in the air. He can run and up smash or up tilt quick and KO people above. But 1 on 1 I don’t think he’s a problem. Are you friends with anyone on here on miiverse? I saw in a more current post of yours that you don’t put your NNID on here, and I don’t either lol so if you are friends with someone on here I could maybe find you. I’m friends with a few guys on here.

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      1. It’s idiots like you who keep getting butthurt over obvious troll comments that we EVEN HAVE troll comments. Please apply some common sense N Dub

    1. I have actually destroyed, people online with little Mac, and he’s my weakest character… I use to think little Mac was OP, then I just realizes most people online suck really bad at the game and when they lose they blame it on lag. I’m so glad for local play and actual good smash players in my area.

  2. I think I got one of the last lil mac cause I order him on the Gamestop store and he just came In the morning and I got him sumwere in Texas I live in Texas too so I was wounding who else got him also cause when I order him on the 25th of December and I check again on the store on lil mac again it said unavailable good thing I got him on time and am so happy that he got here on new years eve

  3. I want to know who else got the lil mac amiibo on the Gamestop online store I know I did he came in the morning just in time for new years eve

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