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Nintendo Extends The Deluxe Digital Promotion Which Will Now Be Discontinued April 1st (Update)

Update: Sorry, it turns out the the Nintendo Digital Deluxe Promotion isn’t extended. You just have till April to redeem any vouchers.

Good news for those of you who are participating in the Nintendo Deluxe Digital promotion as Nintendo has announced that it’s extending the program till April 1st. The promotion was thought to be ending at the end of 2014, but thankfully Nintendo has decided to extend it for a little bit longer. Have you been taking advantage of the promotion?

The Deluxe Digital Promotion will be discontinued on April 1, 2015. Please exchange your points for an activation code by March 31, 2015. Activation codes must be redeemed in the Nintendo eShop by June 30, 2015.



12 thoughts on “Nintendo Extends The Deluxe Digital Promotion Which Will Now Be Discontinued April 1st (Update)”

  1. Actually, they didn’t. They just mean you can redeem your codes until that day, because afterwards the site will be unavailable. They just formulated it a bit confusing…

  2. so wait. does this mean that it will just start over like club nintendo does every year or will it be gone forever now?

  3. I doubt I will get 450 points during that time, as it took me a lot more than I have on my balance to get those 500 points for my first voucher – and I have a game on 3ds eshop I’m waiting for.

    In EU, they don’t count every single £ you spend. I bought Mk8 DLC for £11 for example, but got £9.50 worth of points….

    But this is still good news. :)

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