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Square Enix Reveals Bravely Second Subtitle And Japanese Box Art

Square Enix has unveiled the subtitle to its upcoming RPG Bravely Second. While we’ve received tidbits of information from the publisher on the sequel, such as confirmation of Edea Lee and a number of trailers, Japanese fans were still in the dark to its subtitle. As Bravely Default: Flying Fairy hinted towards the game’s story and overall direction, Bravely Second: End Layer will also do the same. It’s still a mystery to many but we’re sure to hear more details on the game’s content when it releases for Japan on April 23. In the mean time, be sure to view the Japanese box art in the image above.

Aside from the subtitle, Square Enix has also revealed Tiz Arrior will return as a main character for the sequel. He joins fan favourite Edea Lee in a quest to rescue Agnes Oblige – who has been kidnapped by an enemy masking as the Emperor Oblivion and his sidekick fairy Anne. And as a bonus for those in Japan who buy first-print copies of the game, exclusive costumes can be downloaded and unlocked for free. Bravely Second has yet to be announced for western audiences.

16 thoughts on “Square Enix Reveals Bravely Second Subtitle And Japanese Box Art”

  1. They should release the first game and the sequel together in a package. I never played the original so it would be good for me! :P

  2. Ridley, the Angel of Death

    I just hope when they do release it outside of Japan that they don’t overly censor it like they did the first damn game. Seriously, what was the point in changing their god damn ages if you are just going to alter the outfits & dialogue that made you change their ages in the first place, anyway!? It’s fucking stupid.

    1. Whoa, cool your jets. The ages didn’t even matter. They changed like one piece of clothing and some ages by a couple of years at most. Different countries have different ages of consent and ideas of what’s appropriate, so they just wanted to avoid problems with people who care too much about that kind of thing (like you, but in the other direction).

  3. I can’t really think of any neat and simple tricks with the subtitle that provides any kind of hint about the game, but you have to imagine they knew people would try to figure it out, so they probably made it much more difficult than the first subtitle.

  4. I’m actually very marginally disappointed that it’s a direct sequel with the same characters. I guess when you have voice actors, it makes the casting a bit easier. But I was hoping more for a new plot with the same basic mechanics and some improvements, sort of how the Final Fantasy series progressed. I just don’t have enough faith in video game writers (especially JRPG writers) to carry on a serial plot in a coherent manner.

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