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Xenoblade Chronicles 3D New Nintendo 3DS Vs Original Wii Comparison

Wondering if there’s much difference between the New Nintendo 3DS version of Xenoblade Chronicles and the original Wii version? Well this video highlights some of the differences which can be found in the game’s opening sequence. As you might expect, there doesn’t appear to be too much in it. The New Nintendo 3DS version of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D arrives on April 2nd in Europe and April 10th in North America.

Thanks, Shuhei Yoshida

69 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles 3D New Nintendo 3DS Vs Original Wii Comparison”

    1. cheaper
      $80, used, on Amazon

      I’d say get the New 3DS version if you decide to get the console. Unless you only want Xenoblade in which case yes, it is cheaper to buy the Wii game instead of a $200 console AND the game.

      1. Everybody, and I mean everybody already owns a Wii. ( unless you were a graphics PC whore. ) You don’t need a Wii U.

        1. It’s but…. 1) this is not the only game coming for the new 3DS 2) it’s a big improvement over the original 3DS and for those that may upgrade to a XL this is the system to upgrade to. 3) I’m buying it just cus of the better 3D, and the better browser. 4) this version is mobile and this version also has support for the second screen, C stick and amiibo. If you just want to play I for the sake of playing it, then sure just the Wii original version. If you are looking to get into the game, and ate also interested in xenoblade X then go with this clearly definitive version

        1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

          That will be a good thing. One for at home & one for when on the go or when I want to experience it in 3D.

  1. They both look the same to me. And knowing that 3ds games look better when you are actually playing them versus watching a blown up video.

    1. That is when they are stretched. They weren’t here. You can clearly see that the 3DS graphics don’t measure up to a console that was weak in the first place back in 2006. Look at textures and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

      1. No, it doesn’t matter if the image is not blown up. The game looks better on the 3ds regardless. You will see less jaggies, and the 3d effect actually improves the visuals dramatically. It’s like looking at the 3ds with one eye closed.

        You can argue with this until you are blue in the face, but the fact remains, 3ds games always look better on the 3ds.

        1. He isn’t arguing about whether 3DS games look better in a video or on the 3DS, he’s arguing that the wii version looks much better and he’s spot on… things like lower poly count, lower resolution textures, lower overall resolution and less elaborate lighting will still show on the smaller 3DS screen and you can argue with this until you are blue in the face, all these things are evident from the video.

        2. Ok, I’ll be kind enough to give that a benefit of a doubt. The game is still graphically inferior to the Wii version, you dumb piece of shit. And BTW. Yes, it does matter if it’s blown up or isn’t. If you can’t figure that out, I’m sorry.

    2. Exactly. When not blown up on a monitor or large phone, I’m sure the graphics will look great. Besides, I want to play it in 3D! Also, and most importantly, all Wii games look like shit on my HD TV, so the “looks better argument is invalid.

  2. No matter how good this game is I always thought the textures were fucking horrible. Then again it is a Wii game, you can’t judge it too hard. The new 3DS version looks at least as good.

  3. Hahahahahahahahhahahaha
    The Wii is more powerful than the supposed “next gen” 3ds. Lol
    Stupid baby game anyways. Only babies would play this game.

        1. Ice used the word “Babies” like, 5+ times every post. So I thought you were him. Although I think he’s a bit happier gamer these days.

      1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

        Hell no that’s not Ice. Ice actually has a brain & can make much bigger, better comments than this.

          1. Besides me trolling on here to past the time til Yoshis Wolly World comes out, I was walking from one of my college classes a few years ago and some drug head came up and stabbed me in the eye with a small pocket knife. Thankfully an officer was just pulling his car around the corner in time to call for an ambulance, and to the arrest the man.

  4. Well, there are some issues, with said graphics on the 3ds. A lot of textures are considerably more blurred or basic. Look at ryen’s weapon in the two and notice how the 3ds version is less detailed than the wii. The other thing of note is the lighting, some of it is better in the 3ds version, however I would prefer the wii versions lighting in general. I think in terms of graphics the wii version is superior, but because it’s a handheld, storage space is limited compared to the disk space xenoblade had. I think that Xenoblade on 3ds is not going to be as fun due to the screen crunch factor, and may seem like too much is going on at times. With most handheld games, normally what’s on screen is toned down so as to not overwhelm the player. Look at most mobile games, how much is honestly on screen happening? Not that much really. I think it might have done better as an hd remake on the wii u to celebrate Xenoblade X, and more people would buy the wii u as a result. The fights that are shown in this video, the interface seems rather cluttered with all the icons and then trying to see the enemies hp and your characters as well. I think it’ll be okay, but if you have the money, go for the wii version.

    1. Also in the first 5 seconds of the video you can see how much more detailed the tree and clouds are. At 8 seconds, shulk looks about the same but seems slightly more detailed in the wii version and the dragon fly looks way better in the wii version. You could also see at 8 seconds the difference of the ground texture, the wii version having more detail. at 23 seconds if you look at the shore line and water, you can clearly see the 3ds version is more basic looking and not as complex, the wii version you can make out the water detail a bit, but the lighting here in the wii version seems slightly better. at 25 seconds, there is a light from what I assume is a fire, that is not present in the 3ds version. at 28 seconds you can get a good look at ryens weapon and see the wii version has better detail, while the 3ds version looks more blocky and not as good. At 33 seconds you can see dunban, and he is more tan in the 3ds version which I’m okay with, but you can see how blurred his shirt is as well. Through out the duration of this comparison, the town is on fire. The wii version looks better with the lighting because it has more of a redish-orange lighting effect to make it look like there is a fire, while the 3ds version makes it look like it’s at night…and keeps the fire embers, so the lighting is better in the wii version. at 41 seconds you get an upclose view of the monado and it looks better in the wii version and has more detail to boot. During the entire scene comparison with metal face, you can see that all of his textures are in fact not as detailed and more blurred. At 1:16 there is a missing smoke effect in the 3ds version. So overall the wii version is better, but that’s because it’s on a console and not a handheld. The 3ds kind of looks washed out in my opinion with the lighting in the comparison, so once again I would recommend the wii version.

      1. Not to argue any particular point, but I wanted to mention that what everyone is forgetting is you only see half the game in 2D images and video.

        The other half that creates depth makes many 3DS games look far prettier with the 3D turned on, and the full use of resolution taken advantage of. With Face tracking, this will be a more attractive option.

        So if the 3DS were 2D, your points would be more bulletproof (except as I said above, Wii games have blure and jaggies on my HDTV,) but I want to see this game in 3D, a 3D trailer on the eShop so I can see how it REALLY looks. Not just judge the loss of some detail without seeing the benifit of added depth

        1. Yeah, keep damage controlling. If you don’t play it on a 50 inch HD TV, then yes. If you play it on a 30 inch HD TV with component cables or on the Wii U, then no. That is the only subjective part. Objectively the game is graphically inferior on the New 3DS, whatever the fuck that “New” is giving it in terms of power seems irrelevant.

          1. Very good, I’ll keep damage controlling, and you keep defending the merits of gaming with component cables on a smaller screen.

            1. I’m not defending anything. I’m factual, you are not. If 3DS screens were stretched on a 30 inch monitor, they’d look worse than the 480p games. This version is objectively graphically inferior to the Wii version. DONE.

              1. DAMN! Youjust whooped him that shite like DDDDDDDAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNN that shit was extreme. Really good point too
                That was an amazing response.

  5. What the hell is wrong with noa? The comparisons take placde during 2 different times of day, sunset for wii (Which is so awesome looking I try and get all my cutscenes at sunset) and nightime on 3ds, which has the most BORING lighting of all times. (Look at the ether lamps, they are on, on 3ds, beause its late night, and off on wii because its still sunset.) Why the hell would NOA have the videos take place at different times? People are expecting a direct comparison to be a direct comparison, so when they see lighting differences, they assume the lighting is different and not that the vids are from different times, because who does that?

    Oh, and then, lets take video of 2d mode, which is half the visual data of the resolution, literally half the screen, stretched to fit by doubling pixel lines, which means only half the texture pixels are shown (ever wonder why textures suddenly look way better in 3d mode, even if its barely on and doesnt look 3d?)… ANd blow it up 8x past its resolution to be compared side by side with the wii game in its natural resolution.

    Holy crap NOA.

  6. I’ll never understand the people who are bashing the 3DS’ graphical capabilities. For starters, the “new” 3DS is still a 3DS. It’s a little bit more powerful with extra buttons, designed to extend the life of the 3DS and make more games available to it, not a next generation hand held replacement. The true successor to the 3DS will be close in power to the Wii U, like the 3DS is close to the Wii.

    I’m not sure if this game is 60fps or 30fps, but it IS running in stereoscopic 3D, which pretty much requires twice the power, to render the game image twice, not to mention the power used up to run the new face tracker for improvements to the viewing angle. 3DS games always look underwhelming when you see them in 2D. Resident Evil Revelations is a prime example of that. It looks so much better in 3D. The fact that the “new” 3DS can run a high end Wii game at this level, with 3D effects, is pretty astounding. They did it with DKCR, which was also an impressive feat, but that game wasn’t as demanding as X:C is.

  7. Ridley, the Angel of Death

    What some of these people that are hating on the 3DS version don’t realize is that the game will look way better once you turn on the 3D effect. In fact, some 3DS games with the 3D effect turned on look better than their home console counterparts. I’m looking at you, Resident Evil Revelations, since you are the biggest culprit of this! Also, we all know how shitty the quality can be with Youtube videos most of the time so it’s unfair to judge the actual game on a Youtube video alone.

  8. Proof yet again that the Wii was a piece of shit system. But yeah, the game is great, a fantastic JRPG, you guys should buy that.

  9. NWR ftw. If you guys are tired of childish trolls, i recommend you frequent that site more often. Cool group of people over there.

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