The Off-TV Feature In Xenoblade Chronicles X Was Mainly Requested By Western Fans

Xenoblade Chronicles X director Koh Kojima has said that it was mainly western fans that prompted the development team to include the handy off-TV play which features in a number of Wii U titles. Kojima says that the team were initially sceptical that it would work due to the sheer amount of information being transferred and displayed on the Wii U GamePad, but were extremely pleased when they realised it all worked perfectly fine.

Thanks, N-Dub Nation


  1. Off-TV is good for the kids that can’t afford shit I guess. The 4-8 month delay will destroy this game though, for western gamers. Hype meter went from 80 down to 5 when I found out about the delay.


    1. Yep, i’ve been saying that for ages. Nintendo still has a lot to learn. You do not delay the release of such a hyped and anticipated game like Xenoblade to 80% of your consumers. Nothing good could ever come from that.


      1. It’s a bummer that’s for sure. Chances are I wont even be getting the game now. I’m sure it will be ruined from spoilers.


      2. I read a Major spoiler comment for the original Xenoblade while looking at an Amiibo related article.

        You don’t have to go looking for spoilers. They always seem to find you. The only way you will be able to avoid spoilers once the game drops in Japan is to avoid the internet altogether. Otherwise, prepare to be spoiled. There are just too many trolls now-a-days..

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      3. I’m sure your not the only one. Without a doubt Nintendo will lose out on some potential sales. I will pick the game up regardless because my hype is beyond measure. But it is a shame they cannot find a way to make a simultaneous release.

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      4. It’s not exactly their fault if you’re stupid enough to be hyped or if the game gets delayed, it simply happens when a game is that big and needs fine tuning.


    2. & that delay was announced Summer of last year, if I’m not mistaken. Or has their since been another delay?

      We’re nearing X’s release, yet your hype meter’s 5 has sustained you this long.

      Or, depending on when you became aware of the delay, that 5 should be inconsequential since X is almost here. Obviously, time is relative, yet if you were oblivious to much of the delay, you basically skipped much of the extra wait.


      1. You can barely read so i’ll keep this simple. It is nearing the release date for Japan. The delay is for western civilization. I will go out on a limb and say it wont be until August that it will make it’s debut here.


      2. Oh, I cannot read, aye? Nice. If you’re going to make such a claim, then disprove my previous post &/or add some new knowledge. & making things simple runs the risk of losing vital details.

        X’s 2014 release date was thought to be for a global release, though that date was most likely a placeholder to begin w/. Seems like all versions of X were delayed–not just the West–& that’s the last delay I’m aware of. Or has there since been another delay?

        Obviously, the Western release will come later, which sometimes happens for numerous reasons. Undoubtedly, Off-TV Play had a role in the Western delay. But 2014 came & went for all versions, & hopes for a simultaneous release have been dashed. Then again, 2014 was a broad rlease date (maybe would’ve been a holiday release?). But 2015 is also a broad release date.

        August 2015 might be a long wait for you, but again [the passage of] time is relative; sorry I was unclear on that point in my previous post. But August is still arbitrary. Luckily, 2015 is not, though certainly broad.

        Whatever. I’ve waited longer for Western releases.


      3. Well, I just found out today that it wont be a synchronous release. This is a triple A title for a console that is getting very little support. We have all been waiting for this game. This is a kick to the nuts for Wii U owners outside Japan. Are we supposed to avoid the internet for the following 4-8 months? It probably wont be released until holiday season. The game will be spoiled and old by then and that’s all there is to it.


  2. You know what else has been requested by fans? And from fans all over the world? Fucking Voice chat. I don’t give 2 and a half shits about off-tv mode wtf. Just include what everyone has been asking for goddamn. bye


      1. But keyboard support is terrible for a game where you have to think up strategies in the heat of battle, so it’s a terrible defense for not including voice chat.


    1. If you did no more as you proclaim, then why do you use the word ‘gen’ improperly? Are you sure you know what a console generation is? For that matter, do you even know what constitutes weakness in gaming?


  3. This is one of those games I won’t use off-tv play for til after I’ve beaten the game at least once. I like to enjoy games like these on a big screen for the first time if they were built for home consoles. But I still appreciate people requested it since it will come in handy for my subsequent playthroughs of the game.


  4. Excellent!

    I always told that off-tv is a big sell point for the Wii U. Being able to play videogame without the need of a TV was an utopian fream a few years ago, now the possibility is real. Developers should abuse of this feature in their games.


  5. This is great news. As a uni student who stays at a dormitory I don’t have a TV and I’m not allowed to have one, so I always have to play off-screen. Good to know I can buy this game too.


  6. I’m already getting completely sick of hearing about this crap game. The Wii version was bad enough. Playing a handheld version is even worse. I just can’t relate to any gamer these days.


    1. Um, alright, that aside, what are you most excited to do first when you get the game: Run around the field, talk to character, or fight dinosaurs/ mechs?? I think I will talk first for a bit, the fight!!


  7. Nah I don’t remenber asking for a feature that should be automatically included in every WiiU game. I would rather have an innovative use of the extra screen. The delay is nothingness, there’s more than enough to play in the meantime.


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