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Nintendo Apparently Tried To Secure The Rights For The Harry Potter Books

Love him or hate him, Harry Potter is one of the biggest franchises in the world. Back in 1998 Nintendo Software Technology tried to secure the lucrative franchise to build video games based around the books and secure the series. However, as you all know their bid was unsuccessful and instead went to Warner Bros for a reported £1m. JK Rowling decided to go with Warner Bros due to their expertise in films, games and other merchandise, whereas Nintendo is primarily known for just video games.

62 thoughts on “Nintendo Apparently Tried To Secure The Rights For The Harry Potter Books”

        1. That is completely subjective. Whatever. I wasn’t arguing about which was bigger. I personally love Star Wars and don’t much care for Harry Potter. All I meant was that it was on a similar scale as Star Wars in terms of franchise popularity, which was and still is correct.

        1. Also, you are wrong when it comes to box office figures, which was what I was referring to in the first place.

          “If we look just at the film’s box office gross, Harry Potter emerges as the clear winner. With eight films, it has grossed $7,706,147,978 (average per movie: $963,268,497) and it’s currently the highest grossing film franchise. It even beats the combined gross of 25 James Bond movies combined, even though Skyfall alone grossed over a billion dollars.”

  1. I wish Nintendo had got the rights to the games. So much potential, so little payoff. It would’ve been different with Nintendo.

        1. You know they could have collaborated with Warner Bros (or any film division) to bring the movies. Just imagine how different they might have been

    1. Half Blood Prince was the worst adaption and the worst for inconsistencies with the book but I always thought the others were pretty good at handing all the information we needed to know. Though I always fucking hated that wizards blew up when they died by a spell, Bellatrixs showdown was pisspoor and it wasnt a triumphant fall to the ground but a inc splatter

      1. I agree to an extent. But at the same time you cannot expect movies to perfectly mimic the books. The Harry Potter films were Masterpieces in my mind, and this is coming from someone who has read every book several times over.

  2. The game would probably have been better, but they’d have to use another company to make movies. The HP movies have always felt kind of weak to me, though. They’re not bad, but it just feels like they could do so much more with them!

  3. I don’t think that Nintendo would have cared as much about making the movies as Warner bros did so this was a good move on her part. However, the games would have been amazing!!! wt a shame lol

    1. You don’t know that, just because they could have owned the rights it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t at some point partner up to make the movies

  4. good. harry potter sucks, i never understood why so many people liked it, is just another young adult book like twilight, hunger games, and the list goes…

    1. First of all, it’s nothing like Twilight or Hunger Games and second of all, Twilight is the only book series you mentioned that is regarded as “less than impressive.” Harry Potter and the Hunger Games series are both fantastic book series that have both translated beautifully to film.

      Just because a series is targeted at young adults doesn’t make the series “bad.” Harry Potter is both well written and a work of original genius. For someone to “not” understand this would prove their inability to recognize good literature.

  5. Damn. That would’ve been great if Nintendo acquired the rights. Better than the massive, disrespectful garbage EA dare to produce and disgrace the Harry Potter name.

    BTW, I love Harry Potter except for the fifth entry which I find the most boring of the series.

      1. But Disney is in major control of its production deals so whatever they say, EA has to abide to their contract terms. If not, then lawsuit. So I’m praying Battlefront 3 will come to Wii U since Disney/Nintendo are kinda like “close friends”.

  6. Harry Potter had the potential to be a fantastic game and unfortunately Warner Bros had EA Games do it and they ruined it. Nintendo would have made a fantastic game series for the franchise, but they wouldn’t have been multi-platform. Only Philosopher’s Stone was a single platform release on PlayStation 1. They’ve been multi-platform since the second entry, Chamber of Secrets. Despite your opinions, this would have been a huge thing for Nintendo had they secured the rights.

    1. Wrong the Philosophers stone was also on the Game Boy Advance and the GBA version was more based off of the book than the movie

  7. E.A. destroyed the Harry Potter games.. omg what a pile of garbage those games are..

    I honestly can’t understand why so many companies give E.A. their gaming contracts.. Don’t they do any research first? Or do they just flat out take the highest bid?

  8. Omg Star Wars has nothing on Harry Potter. Fuck the person who even brought Star Wars up here. Go watch your Star Trek shit. And thank the gods Nintendo didnt buy this. Great Movies > Great Games. Sorry but it is hella true. Nintendo need to chill sometimes. They didnt even stand a chance against Warner Bros lmao

  9. Ridley, the Angel of Death

    Apparently Rowling didn’t know that she could have split the rights to her Harry Potter books into two separate rights: movie & video game. Or she did but didn’t realize Warner Bros would be idiots & give the video game rights to EA. The only good Harry Potter game was Chamber of Secrets. After that, ugh!

  10. Great movies> great games? Gtfo with that bs. Not even close. Heck tv shows are better than movies nowadays. Games brought you here. Go watch Netflix or something

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