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Here’s The Adorable Kirby and The Rainbow Curse North American TV Advert

Nintendo of America has uploaded a new TV advert for Kirby’s upcoming colourful adventure. Due to release in North America on February 20, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse’s TV spot is positively adorable with its animated clay charm. The game features an emphasis on creativity as players must draw rainbow paths for Kirby on the Wii U GamePad in order for him to collect stars, avoid enemies and obstacles, and use power-ups for him to blast through various level sections. And if you fancy creating your very own clay Kirby to make other people jealous, check out the video from the game’s designers, here.

39 thoughts on “Here’s The Adorable Kirby and The Rainbow Curse North American TV Advert”

      1. Nintendo Ingsmasher

        im getting tired of people saying that nintendo doesn’t have to do everything the fans want you guys aren’t the ones making the game don’t want it don’t buy it easy as that

        1. Yep, they don’t want to listen to fans, we won’t buy it, and Nintendo won’t get SHIT in their banks. Easy as that.

          1. Nintendo Ingsmasher

            this is why i hate the gaming community now u guys are too demanding and only u gamers matter its so sad especially sony fanboys like u

    1. What do you mean? This game looks fantastic. Just because you wont play doesn’t mean others wont. I’m absolutely hyped for this.

      1. I’m not saying the game doesn’t look solid. It’s a Nintendo game, and it meets Nintendo standards. But I have no interest myself in getting this game, in between Splatoon and Zelda.

        Kind of like Captain Toad, except I’m still kind of sad for having to skip that game.

      1. Nintendo Ingsmasher

        so u would buy on 3DS but u wont buy it on Wii U even tho the price is the same as a 3DS title thats stupid it woukd be the same game in either console man people just like to complain

          1. Nintendo Ingsmasher

            3d visuals ooooohhh so much XD portability? really that would make the game good? and touchscreen is on Wii U and im damage controlling can’t say the same thing about you ;)

  1. If anyone buys this (especially) on this site, you’re a little kid. This game not only looks like trash but it’s sad. Waste of time and resources by Nintendo.

      1. Nintendo Ingsmasher

        lol nicely said! WowieZowie i seriously do hate people that think every rated E game is for babies they do realize that majority of the COD fanbase are kids XD

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  3. Its sad people don’t realize that Kirby fans exist. This game looks great and i cant wait for its European release.

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