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Nintendo Reveals Five 3DS Games Are Double-Million Sellers In Japan

nintendo_japan_double_million_3dsNintendo’s financial results briefing has been published today following its third quarterly financial results last month. Though it’s a little later than expected, due to the company’s CEO Satoru Iwata falling ill at the end of January, there’s still a lot of information from the presentation to digest. In his shareholder presentation, Satoru Iwata outlines how Nintendo has returned to profit – primarily due to a weakened Yen – after a number of years with operating losses, and quickly sheds light on sales for the 3DS.

While the 3DS hardware sales haven’t been as large as the company had hoped during the 2014 to 2015 fiscal year, Iwata explains handheld software in the Japanese market has boomed over the previous three months between October and December 2014, mainly due to five key titles. Exceeding Nintendo’s expectations, Yokai Watch 2 Hanso and Gonke, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (counted together), Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Monster Hunter 4G – known as Ultimate in the west – were all double-million selling titles within six months in Japan.

Here are the double-million sellers. Three of the five titles are third-party software. Some think that the popularity of smartphones will shrink the business of software for dedicated video game platforms. On the other hand, the market potential of Nintendo 3DS seems to interest developers who are working on games for smartphones, and there have recently been some hit titles for Nintendo 3DS which were originally designed for smartphones, including “Puzzle & Dragons Z” released at the end of 2013. We continue to receive inquiries from various developers.

In regards to Super Smash Bros for 3DS, Satoru Iwata explains that although sales of the title were healthy in Japan and the U.S, it wasn’t the same case for Europe. Since the release, word-of-mouth has reached a pinnacle of sorts in the region and sales of the 3DS brawler are gradually increasing. On the other hand, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have reached 9.35 million units worldwide, though are yet to reach the sales height of Pokemon X and Y.

The “Super Smash Bros.” series is not as popular or well-known in Europe as in Japan and the U.S. This is why the initial sales of “Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS” were not strong in Europe. As the time goes by after the release, however, the sales have picked up thanks to word-of-mouth.

We have sold 9.35 million units of “Pokémon Omega Ruby” and “Pokémon Alpha Sapphire,” which were released worldwide last November. The sales total is smaller than that of “Pokémon X” and “Pokémon Y,” released in the previous year, as the release date was more than one month later in the year.


16 thoughts on “Nintendo Reveals Five 3DS Games Are Double-Million Sellers In Japan”

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  3. “3 of 5 double million sellers are third party games” And most idiots say Nintendo fans don’t buy third party games. lol Well, here’s your proof morons. WE DO BUY 3RD PARTY GAMES, only the good kinds when we see that it’s good, not some BS false promises that ends up gimped for sucker’s money like COD, Watchdogs, Destiny and anything from EA.

    1. Those yokai watch games never got localize and the number of MH4U are less than 300k with NA and EU combined. That’s not a great number, specially for 2 of the biggest gaming markets.

      Plus we all know that the East gets 3rd party support, that argument doesn’t hold its own when you bring up the west.

      1. Because most are gimped, intentionally delayed (Ubishit) or poorly ported crap, as fact. Same for 3DS when they shy away without using their “clever” excuse from home console counterpart from the platform and only a very few took advantage of its successful sales like Capcom.

  4. Just wanted to say that Nintendo does a very poor job in Europe and the sale show it. We are an after thought for them and after conversion the price of hardware and software are more expensive. Despite what the US people believe we get shafted all the time.

    1. Thats not true. Europe just has more Playstation fans, it’s a simple as that. You cannot blame Nintendo for the lack of sales in Europe. Nintendo has a reputation in Europe for being too “kiddy”. That is a reputation you guys gave them and the ultimate cause for the lack of sales in the region.

      1. well we will have to disagree on that one. Nintendo failing in Europe cause they don’t put the efforts. Unlike Sony who market their products as a more global approach and gamer from one continent to another will less “cheated” by Sony. Growing up in different countries in Europe I can tell you from my experience that Nintendo is not considered as being kiddy. Since the nes/snes era gamers in Europe feel like Nintendo does not care about them. You will notice that most of the hacking happen in Europe because gamers want to play games or content which they are not in their territories.

        As for the sale well if we know we do not have the same content as our US or Japanese counterpart then people don’t buy is simple. US and Japan receive much more love than Europe.

        Oh and if you go on the road of yeah but you guys received much more stuffs than us. I would tell you that not entirely true and this kind of things is really recent (2 years). Which is a bit short compare to 2 decades.

    2. You have your points, but at the same time I feel like your Nintendo throws a lot of things at you all in an effort to increase sales and their brand. You’ve guys have received plenty of great deals and free offers that America has coveted. Rarely have you heard of stock problems with games and amiibo alike over there. And I feel like Nintendo of Europe does a much better job than our division and our “My body is ready” mascot. Now for the minor European countries who didn’t even have CN they really were shafted. Nonetheless every country gets the short end of the stick from Nintendo in some way.

      1. you know what is funny? from our side (Europe) we see the opposite way where America (the continent) got more interesting stuffs, we do not have. And when we have common features you guys got it way before us.

        You say that Europe does a much better job??? do you know who is in charge of Nintendo Europe? Personally sometime I forgot satoru-san is in charge of Europe. UNLIKE “my body is ready” satoru does give the chance to fan to express their feeling or even receive any question hence why Nintendo Japan does not have a clue about what’s Europe want.

        Furthermore in regard with greats deals and free offers there is not that much and it really recent (start 2 years ago).

        To be fair to Satoru-san Europe is a much difficult market cause different countries which means different mentalities but sony and M$ did their market research quiet well compare to Nintendo who 20 years later still have not figure it out how to be successful in Europe. The reason why Nintendo is successful in France (without much effort) cause the French mentality is near from the Japanese mentality when it comes down to video games/Amines and manga. Except that Nintendo failing in Europe cause they don’t put the efforts.

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