Stealth Inc 2 Is No Longer Exclusive To Wii U

It doesn’t come as a massive surprise, but Curve Digital has announced that Stealth Inc 2 is no longer exclusive to the Wii U. Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones is releasing for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and PC. The game will be coming to those platforms sometime next month.

The best thing about making a sequel is the opportunity to look at the all the reviews and comments about the original game and ask ‘What can we do better this time around?’. With Stealth Inc 2, we’ve not only made a much larger game, we’ve spent a lot of time improving the pacing and balance.

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    1. Least Wii U still has it and not canceled on them for other platforms like the other assholes at EA, Capcom, Activision and Ubi-fucking-soft.., that did in the past and present.

  1. Wait, does this mean Microsoft finally drop that shit policy of “if your games is not release first or at the same time in X Box, we do not want it”?

  2. That’s good. I hope the game sells well on the other platforms. I hope we get more games from the developer.

  3. I was thinking of sending this in but thought you guys won’t post it…….. Guess i was wrong.

  4. Not a big deal. No one can blame the developer for trying to monetize more over the game. It´s a fantastic game and now it can be enjoyed by many others…. with the exception that touchscreen gameplay for the co-op mode won´t be possible on other consoles (I think)

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