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Trine 3 Announced But It’s PC Only At The Moment (Trailer)

Trine 3 has just been announced and judging from the accompanying trailer it certainly looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s a PC only release at present, but I suspect it will be coming to a variety of consoles at a later date. The Trine series has already appeared on the Wii U so let’s hope the latest instalment makes its way to Nintendo’s latest home console.

18 thoughts on “Trine 3 Announced But It’s PC Only At The Moment (Trailer)”

    1. It’s a given that it’s coming to the Wii U because it was more successful sales wise on the eShop than it was on PSN or Xbox Live. I remember the developer Frozenbyte saying something about how happy and overwhelmed they were that so many Nintendo fans responded to Trine 2: Director’s Cut.

  1. I absolutely loved Trine 2 on the Wii U. My two friends and I played the whole campaign online. It as fun and since we could in game chat, it made the game hilarious. Absolutely enjoyed this game and hope trine 3 comes out on wii u as well.

  2. Got stuck on Trine 2… haven’t revisited it… I think I fucked it up so much that I have to restart… dropped some pipe pieces in the water and can’t get them back

  3. I haven’t bought Trine 2 yet. I heard it’s quite short but is it worth the price? It looks ABSOLUTELY beautiful but I hate it when an adventure ends so soon… will it’s an indie game but I would like a good length towards what I’m getting. Anyone recommend it?

  4. Oh my god this looks amazing!! Making one of my favorite indie 2d platformers into 3d/2d mix damn I’m psyched…And I bought the PC version anyway, so I’m already prepared for this.

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