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Sonic Boom Is Going To Get A Lot More Merchandise

Sonic Boom might not sit well with Sonic fans, but that hasn’t stopped Sega from issuing out plenty more merchandise based on the disappointing franchise. There’s everything from bakery craft kits to remote controller helicopters, which admittedly sound rather cool. Here’s what’s in the works.

  • World Tech Toys for an array of remote-controlled helicopters;
  • Bulls I Toys for wearables such as branded dog tags and slap bands, as well as novelty items including erasers, stickers and trading cards;
  • Book and stationery publisher teNeues for 2016 wall calendars based on imagery from the “Sonic Boom” animated series;
  • Bakery Crafts for a line of cake decoration kits, cake/cupcake stands, decorative candles and edible decorations;
  • Advanced Graphics for wall decals and cardboard standees;
  • Accessory Innovations for a back-to-school range that will include backpacks, lunch totes, umbrellas and more; and
  • Rubie’s Costumes Company for Sonic Boom costumes that expand on its existing classic Sonic collection.

58 thoughts on “Sonic Boom Is Going To Get A Lot More Merchandise”

  1. No just stop this bs now give upon this it was a bad game don’t try to push bad things it’s just going to make people more mad because they didn’t like it

  2. They’re spending more money on the merchandise and advertising of the franchise than they did on the whole game itself…

  3. this is disgusting. we must continue to boycott sonic boom until sega realizes the truth: sonic’s arms are not blue!

    1. You do realize a complete collapse of the Sonic Boom Franchise could result in a complete collapse of Sega… right? You Boycott Sonic Boom, your boycotting Sega, simple as that.

      So yea, if you want Sega to fail as a Company, boycott away….I actually heard the show was pretty damn good..

  4. But let’s face it, merchandise is what Sonic IS. it’s what he’s always been. With Mario the games come first, but for Sonic the games are just one arm of a massive branding beast. The fact that the Sonic Boom game is terrible hasn’t damaged Sonic, any more than the Super Mario Bros. Movie damaged the Mario brand.

    1. It hasn’t damaged Sonic, but it has devastated Sega. They had alot riding on this, and Sonic Booms failure is the reason they are focusing on Smart Phone games now,…

      1. You’re right, he’s consumed the company entirely. Maybe I’m naive, but I thought Sega should have followed Nintendo’s lead with Pokemon and split off “The Sonic Company” as a subsidiary, so they won’t take the fall for every inevitable Sonic crash. Create some brand awareness that doesn’t have to do with Sonic! Nintendo can stick out a generation as a first-party system, but I don’t think Sega can last as a single-IP developer!

        (Actually “Sonic Crash” would be a good name for a future game…)

  5. I wouldn’t say Boom is exactly reviled in the Sonic fanbase. The games are garbage but the cartoon is fairly popular. And whatever hate that gets, well, the Sonic fandom is notoriously unpleasable anyway.

  6. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

    Any non civilian that buys anything Sonic Boom related from today should be terminated on sight for stupidity…

    1. While I hate the game Sonic Boom, I’m actually sad to see Sega go under… I wouldnt hate on anyone that bought Sonic Boom. Hell, I’m thinking about buying it out of sympathy…

                  1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                    You better stay away from my path then from now on, specially from promoting anything Sonyan…

                  2. if i knew you were looking for a ps4, i could sell you my console, specially if you wanted to keep your Wii U and 3DS.
                    I do not play on that console so much since i got Mario Kart 8, DKC and Super Smash Bros and sincerely, the Wii U is the only console with games that my friends enjoy, specially Mario Kart. for fuck’s sake, we gather on weekends to play MK or Smash, the first being our favourite.
                    i know i won’t get back all the money i wasted on that shit (my opinion), the only ones that wants to play on my ps4 are my little cousin and his friends -_-‘

                    1. Alright. I can understand that. Not everyone likes the same thing. I respect your opinion. But I’m absolutely loving mine. It’s my favorite console this gen! The Wii U just wasn’t working out for me. :/

    1. The “Games Merchandise” is actually it’s own thing. They announced the TV show alongside the games and the Toys. It’s more of non-existant franchise based on the characters.
      (I know it was a joke, but it’s still a mis-conception that the games got merch.)

  7. I’ve heard that Guile from Street Fighter wants his attack renamed after hearing that its name has been tainted with this game

  8. The people who comment here so stupid and ignorant, almost as stupid and ignorant as the journalists from kotaku. Sonic boom was a bad game. Yes. You stupid useless piece of hardcore gaymer. But it’s also a tv show which is doing well.

  9. Everyone is missing the whole fact that it’s not a game but rather an animated series. The game is one of the merchandise things. Unfortunately the series and game both have gotten negative feedback, so there’s really no need to make further merchandise until they can get the series to be seen in a positive light, especially since the design of the characters are much different. If they were the same, at least in body shape, then people that are fans in general may buy them, but since their body shapes are odd the stuff isn’t going to sell because the show isn’t working out. It’s a shame really because Sonic tv series have been so good over the years, Sonic The Hedgehog, The Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic X…. It’s sad that this show is so bad, the games aren’t even any good and the source material should’ve made it so easy to make a game.

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