‘’ Domain Has Been Registered In The US

It sounds like it could be coming as the Pokemon Rumble World domain name has recently been registered in the United States. We already know that the Australian Ratings Board listed the game on its website last week, which led to plenty of speculation about a new entry in the series. Nothing has been officially announced by the Pokemon Company or Nintendo, so I guess we shall have to wait and see.

Thanks, Okumei


  1. Wow that April 1st Nintendo Direct rumor also stated that Pokemon Rumble World will unveiled for the Wii U and 3DS. That Direct could be very real but if it is I’ll be very upset if Fatal Frame (Project Zero 5) only gets localized in Europe and not the states


    1. Pokemon World. Sounds like a title that will have online play across all platforms and mobile devices as well. Simultaneous release on phones 3ds and wii u I predict.

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    2. Yeah, it’s one of the worse spin-offs, I think they should try new things. Pokemon Conquest was BOSS, they should try doing more of that, or just keep experimenting, because Pokemon rumble is kind of… yeah, it’s not that good.


  2. Welp, looks like the leak is true. I’m glad because that leak was all good news. MK8 DLC in early may, Mewtwo DLC in a little over a week…


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