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Rumour: Nintendo Direct On April 1st

This is a rumour and I’m not entirely sure of its legitimacy, but here we go. A number of you have contacted me regarding information of a Nintendo Direct which was supposedly leaked by a German Nintendo Europe employee. The post has been translated into English and here’s the content contained within.

Iwata apologizes again for the Zelda delay and announced a new title for Wii U, which will release in Winter 2015 instead:

Paper Mario (working title): first trailer shown, uses the best parts of the first four titles of the series, developed by Intelligent Systems, more infos at E3 2015.

Pokemon Rumble World will be presented, releases on April 17th 2015 in the Nintendo eShop for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The game supports the Pokemon amiibo from the Smash Bros. Collection.

SNES titles will be released in the 3DS eShop, the Wii U eShop will get GB und GBC titles. There will also be some cross-play for VC titles already bought and which are available on both systems. (My note: If you bought one game on the 3DS, you can also play it on your Wii U. No need to buy it twice.)

The SNES, GB and GBC titles will be released after the presentation.

The Web eShop will be presented. Developed by Nintendo and DeNA. You can log in with your NNID and use the normal eShop functions. If the console is in stand-by, games bought on the eShop will be automatically downloaded. The Web eShop will implemented both the Wii U and 3DS eShop. Planned launch: April 2015.

New functions for the eShop: Pre-orders. Customers will be able to buy games months in advance and will get a 10% discount. The amount will be charged on launch day or the day the pre-load starts. The first games will be available following the presentation:

  • Splatoon
  • Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush
  • Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.
  • Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition

amiibo Gallery will be presented. With this app, gamers can use their amiibo already used on the console, to look at them in a gallery. There you can take pictures of them and show them in Miiverse. There is also a mode called Origins. When you scan the amiibo via the NFC reader, you’ll be able to play a segment of the first game the amiibo appeared in. (My note: If you scan Link, you should be able to play a part of the first Legend of Zelda is my understanding of this.) This app will be available for free in May 2015 for Wii U and 3DS.

N64 games will be available in June 2015 in the Wii U eShop. Release list:

  • June 4th: Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (If you buy one of the games until June 11th 23:59 MEZ, you get the other for free.)
  • June 11th: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
  • June 18th: Super Smash Bros.
  • June 25th: 1080° Snowboarding

The games support widescreen and upscaling to 720p, support all controllers and off-tv-play. Price: 9,99 € per game. Owners who already bought the game on the Wii Shop can upgrade for 1,99 €.

Iwata passes onto Satoru Shibata.

MK8 DLC Pack 2 will launch on May 7th 2015. Trailer shown, Software-Update will launch on the same day with the following new features: Time laps on tv, seperate screens for local 2 player games: One on the GamePad, one on the TV, new amiibo costumes.

Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition releases on May 8th 2015 in Europe. Demo after the presentation available.

Yoshi’s Woolly World will be released on June 26th in Europe, Trailer shown. Limited Edition with knitted Yoshi releases on the same day.

Azure Striker Gunvolt releases after the presentation on the 3DS eShop. (My Note: A leak showed this title is scheduled for April 2.)

Nintendo Anime Channel will be launched on Wii U on April 9th 2015.

Project Zero 5 will be localised, will release later this year in Europe.

NES Remix Pack (retail) will release on June 5th in Europe.

Boy-Boy! releases on April 8th in the 3DS eShop.

The app Collectable Badge Center will be available for 3DS after the presentation.

Wii LineUp for the Wii U eShop includes:

  • April 2nd: Pandora’s Tower
  • April 23rd: Sin & Punishment: Successor of the Skies
  • May 14th: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Trailer with upcoming games for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS shown.

Lego Jurassic World will release on June 11th on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS + new trailer.

Final Fantasy Explorers will be localised and released at the end of the year in Europe.

Splatoon will have support for amiibo: Special Splatoon amiibos where you can save your Inkling and take to your friend. With selected other amiibo you can unlock special gear. Game releases May 29th 2015 in Europe.

Next Super Smash Bros. amiibo wave will be available June 12th 2015. Newcomers are: Ganondorf, Jigglypuff, Palutena, Zer Suit Samus, Falco and Duck Hunt Duo.

The Ganondorf amiibo will be compatible with Hyrule Warriors and unlocks a new weapon for him. Which one that is will will remain a secret until later. A software update, which will unlock this function, will be released on June 12th.

Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball releases April 24th in Europe.

Yokai Watch will be localised and release later this year in Europe.

Shibata says good bye and lets Iwata speak once again.

StarFox Horizon is shown with the first trailer, developed by Nintendo EAD with Platinum Games (please don’t spam Kamiya if it’s true, just wait). Will be released in Q3 2015, more information at E3.
Devil’s Third will be released in August 2015, new trailer.

Iwata says good bye, Masahiro Sakurai shows up for one last announcement:

Mewtoo DLC for Smash. Wii U and 3DS gets a new trailer, will be send to the buyers of both games on April 9th 2015. You will get two download codes, one for Wii U and one for 3DS. Gamers who haven’t bought and registered both games, will have the chance to buy the DLC in June. On this day there will be available a software update, which will add a Miiverse stage, sharing-system and tournaments. There will also be new music, trophies and elements for the Stage Builder.

Masahiro Sakurai says thanks to the fans for their patience and says good bye.

Length of the presentation: 39 minutes.
Start: April 1st 2015, 15:00 CET.

Thanks to those who sent this in.

238 thoughts on “Rumour: Nintendo Direct On April 1st”

  1. StarFox Horizon is shown with the first trailer, developed by Nintendo EAD with Platinum Games (please don’t spam Kamiya if it’s true, just wait)”’ Obvious trolling……… lol

  2. Lol April fools, not even the kotaku journalists are as stupid to fall for that one. Unless… this is a master joke making us believe it is a joke but it’s all real and we will all miss it.

  3. yeah no! not gonna fall for this! would love for alot of the stuff to happen but nope! ain’t fallin for it!

  4. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

    The same day of the 2015 NYAS? The NYAS is going to get more attention. Chevy has redesigned Malibu and Kia Has A redesigned Optima. And Honda has a redesigned Ridgeline. At least wait until the NYAS is over.

    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>IF you love cars so much then get over to their universe, otherwise they have nothing to do with the holy N or anything on this base, period>>>

      1. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

        At least cars know how to work 5 years ahead in R&D. Too bad I can’t say the same about Nintendo. Maybe Nintendo should go to Toyota since they are Japanese and get advice how the Cary is still top 3 best sellers globally after 30 years. Where as Nintendo products lost their best selling products after SNES. Way to go Toyota Camry.

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>Go to the Car Realm then and stay there if you worship the irrelevancy of their purpose in our realm>>>

                1. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

                  Neither does Nintendo but you still deal with their dumb mistakes like Black bond said.

                  1. > “Black Bond”

                    Rule #1
                    If you want to be seen as a smart gamer with a legit opinion regarding Nintendo, NEVER QUOTE AN ANTI-NINTENDO FAG LIKE BLACK BOND.

                    You’ve just lost all credibility.
                    Kindly get back under your bridge.

          1. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

            It’s not my fault people are too stupid to not wear seat belts and wants to drive like a dumb ass on Ice.

            1. The hell are you talking about im talking about the shitty car companies that use cheep parts to make a quick buck then you talk shit about nintendo bitch that shit been working since nes and still works how many shitty cars have been recalled because the manufacters fucked up or it was just built crapply

      2. Their more life than video games I check here somtimes see if a sequel for mario 64 been announced been doing it for 2years and its never happen I own a wii u and it’s my netflix machine im casual

    2. Dude, I seriously doubt those who are interested in watching the Nintendo Direct want to watch a showcase about… cars… I doubt many people here even know what your talking about, I sure didn’t! I’m sure it’s a very interesting showcase man, and I think that’s great that you love cars! But I really REALLY doubt anyone will be watching that over the Nintendo Direct on here.

  5. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>Even if it came to be true, we would still have to worry about the content as it may all be fake and Lord Iwata wants to troll us harder only to reveal something great the day after that none would have suspected to calm the wrath>>>

    1. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

      Only thing that will be great is Iwata resignation. That way Nintendo’s R&D will be ran right.

        1. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

          Same thing over and over? Oh like how 2015 external hard rives need one cord to work yet Wii U is too weak to make a hardrive work with one wire alone? It needs two cords to make the disk spin. Lol.

        2. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

          Y all know damn will ain’t no N64 games coming to Wii u. The Wii U OS is too weak. It’s even too weak just to save my ass a $1.99 just to get my N64 out the Wii OS over to the Wii U OS and operate the gamepad anyway. So because it’s too weak, they have to work it on the server do play on the Gamepad.

          1. Dude, the Wii U plays Gamecube games! Even Wii Games! They’re selling the Metroid Prime Trilogy and Punch-Out for Wii on the VC right now! If you want my advice: I’d do a little more research on something before bashing it. We all know you dislike Nintendo, and for whatever reason you come here to talk trash about it instead of… I don’t know, ANYTHING else, but like, man… c’mon. Don’t just spout lies. You end up sounding like a frustrated and flustered baby.

          2. Weak? That’s interesting, considering you can run homebrew on Wii u that runs GameCube games BEAUTIFULLY from an iso. I play melee on my Wii u all the time. 720p upscaled. N64 games run just as well.

            If Nintendo can’t replicate what homebrewers have already accomplished – on their own hardware, well then long live homebrew.

            Do a little research, man.

    1. Homebrew already has done it. Playing SM64 with the gamepad while I take a dump is truly a wonderful thing.

  6. The first part where it talked about a paper mario game on wii u…not likely i feel.
    But the second part, where it talked about N64 games being released, i wouldnt be suprised if it turned out to be true. The smaller parts of the rumor i have mixed feelings about – some could be true, whilst others arent likely to happen.

  7. The direct seems too detail not to be real, though, April 1st is also suppose to be when Club Nintendo puts up both gold and platinum rewards for it’s customers as the final goodbye. If you’ve noticed, it’s not mentioned here and seems a bit weird not to have it up.

    Along with many of you, I also find the date to be a bit weird. Directs are usually on random days, but I see Nintendo as a horrible promoting company with promotion of games, directs, and their systems at times, so the first of April when most people won’t believe it and see the direct makes sense.

    So many yes/no situations on. Will see on Wednesday.

    1. He says goodbye because he’s not gonna be in the Direct after that, not because he’s leaving the company.

  8. I seriously wish that that new Paper Mario rumor from this direct is legitimate!
    Come check out my Nintendo t-shirts! If you are a Paper Mario fan then you will love my Paper Mario characters t-shirt! I also have Mario, Krystal, Fox, Marth, Paper Mario, and Kirby!

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  11. If this is an April fools joke, it’s not a funny one, especially the part about the fatal frame 5 localization.

    1. Yes, when I saw that part I was like


      (repeat face in ever larger font)

      I would buy the game the instant it hit shelves.

      But of course even before reading everything the 1 April date made me especially guarded.

  12. I’m just not buying it, although I also said and think that Devil’s Third will be releasing in August. I mean come on Fatal Frame (Project Zero 5) gets localized in Europe and not the states too? Hell, just by the rumor stating that the Direct will be on April 1st makes this news seem a little far-fetched. I’m not taking anyone’s word for it until Nintendo themselves confirms this but if it turns out to be true, it will be a very solid Direct

  13. Kyaaaaa, so hyped! Please be real~ new Paper Mario! If they do it right it might be even better than a TTYD port, and that’s saying a lot!

    1. Nintendo just registered the domain ” pokemonrumbleworld ” here in the US, so I don’t know, that leaked Direct info COULD be true but I’m still on the fences about it until Nintendo gives out the official word

      1. Yeah, but it’s still really hard to believe the widescreen part, since Emulators that did it had many graphic issues that would require large parts of Game itself to be edited in order to fix(like sky/menu graphics being glitched, screen fades not filling the screen), and Nintendo doesn’t seem to like editing VC games unless it’s for health and safety reasons(like screen flashes).

  14. Why would Code Name Steam be on that list for the pre-order discount when it’s already been released?

  15. This all sounds beautiful, but there’s too many things that, in my opinion, don’t make sense. The top two being Platinum co-developing the new StarFox Game and the Ganondorf amiibo unlocking a brand new weapon for him in Hyrule Warriors when Zelda and Sheik didn’t do that. That and the fact that the whole Splatoon amiibo thing seems coincidentally identical to what everyone is speculating it might be. Too much lines up oddly for me to believe this… but hey, if it’s true then I could get behind literally everything that was listed.

    Though I wouldn’t mind that amiibo line-up for Wave 5… one Ganondorf that I don’t imagine will be difficult to get (I don’t picture scalpers would target him considering how many of them got burned on Sheik and Toon Link becoming really common after a few weeks), one Duck Hunt which will be the REALLY fun one to try to get, and one Falco that I picture will be kinda middle-of-the-road. Here’s to hoping that this is all true, but I doubt it.

  16. Even though the date is April 1st, a lot of this sounds surprisingly legit. Just remember not to get too caught up in the idea of all this being real, or you could end up sorely disappointed.

  17. This is fake because it’s on April 1st AKA APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!!!!! As much as I want this to be real, sadly, it isn’t. :(

  18. I would kill to have portable SNES games. And why they haven’t done so already beats me. Look at what Sega has been doing, adding 3D to their Genesis titles on the eShop, but to be honest I could care less if SNES titles didn’t have 3D.
    I would instantly buy Super Mario World, Link to the Past, and EarthBound if this happened.

    1. I wouldn’t mind if the games didn’t have the added 3d. Although, I do happen to love the old school games they did add it too. But yes, I agree dude. So many good games from the SNES era I would lay down cash.

      Does anyone remember a game where you played as clay animals and you had to make it through different levels changing between them? I want to say Clay Fighters, but I think that was a fighter…

  19. You’ll post anything on this website…Why do I bother to keep coming back? I guess for the few pieces of information that are actually useful, but my God, do I have to wade through some crap to get to that

  20. BlazeStudiosXY (YouTube)

    I BELIEVE IN EVERYTHING (except for the April 1st release and the lack of Greninja amiibo)

  21. it’s fake. paper mario sticker star was a flop, they wouldn’t follow so closely on its heels with a wii u paper mario. how many years did it take to get sticker star for that matter. also fake is the game Boy-Boy! also what is fake is that Nintendo would never allow cross platform play on eshop downloads, they already charge for both versions. Also fake is the knitted yoshi detail. as if.

  22. I really hope this is true. Looks pretty legit on the information. Will the Nintendo Direct ended up being true? Find out on the next Dragon Ba– wait. Wrong title. Find out tomorrow if it is true ot fake!

  23. I have secret underground info that Nintendo could be set to drop a bomb or two on the gaming world at E3 this year. Could it be that certain game that they have been secretly working on behind the scenes? Maybe more then just one big reveal? hmmm only time will tell what Nintendo has up their sleeve. Can’t wait for E3! hopefully the secret underground info turns out to be true and Nintendo gets people dancing again just like last year.

  24. Calling bullshit on this one – especially the SNES part since we know that 3DS can’t emulate games for this particular console. Unless there’s some system update in the works we don’t yet know about…

    Though still this is looks like such an obvious April Fool’s joke like they’re not even trying to hide it.

        1. I know. You said it “wasn’t possible”. If hackers can do it, then Nintendo can do it as well. Oh, and emulators are legal.

  25. Paper Mario Wii U and more Star Fox info almost sounds too good to be true, probably because it is.

    I’ll certainly have no objections if it’s true though.

  26. I want collectable badge center for my 3ds cause i already own flipnote studio 3d and im bored of it and flipnote studio 3d is a little fun but not that good

  27. I looked it up on Wikipedia and they have hosted a direct on April 1st in the past, but it was in japan not here. So idk it seems too good to be true, and I like the sound of this one. With how much I want it to be true it’s probably not since it is April 1st for here. But you never know.

    1. That was due to directs always being on a Wednesday in the states/Europe. Japan is one day ahead. The last time, April 1st did not fall on a Wednesday for us.

      1. Ah okay then thanks, so does that mean since Wednesday is April 1st this could be true? It probably still isn’t though :P

  28. Star Fox, Nintendo with Plantium Games? LOL Sick you appealed this time, Nintendo said that Star Fox U will be a project exclusively from Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto. The other rumours may be true, but this SF not .

      1. An official Nintendo Direct with Official Pre announced Date without a convenient leak 2 days before from a very weak source like a german with a Phoenix Wright nickname who crearly is a nintendo angry fanboy, check his profile, a Nintendo of Europe worker posting ps4 sux xbox sux. yeah right

    1. I’d agree but you also gotta think that most the stuff on here is stuff that would be releasing before E3 (MK8 DLC, Mewtwo, Splatoon, etc) so there would be no point in waiting ’til E3 to show it.
      I only defend this leak because of the fact that Pokemon Rumble World WAS trademarked by Nintendo.

  29. whelp, fake or no, this just shows that even with no Zelda, Nintendo have the tools to create a good year for both consoles, if they only make a teensy bit of effort.

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  31. I think that judging on past experience…
    – Paper Mario: Too good to be true, probably fake.
    – Pokemon Rumble World: From the latest news, there is a fair chance that it could be true.
    – SNES on 3DS: Probably not true; emulation problems and games like DKC 1 – 3 had stripped GB ports, which were released on 3DS, so the people who bought that would probably be pretty annoyed… There’s still a chance, but its a very small chance.
    – Web Eshop: Likely to be true; we have a miiverse on the web, so it would in a way make sence for an eshop to be on the web, particularly with the news of nintendo developing smartphone games.
    – N64 on Wii U: Fair chance that this is true.
    – Starfox news: Too good to be true, probably fake…
    – Mewto: Probably true; I did register both games on club nintendo, and they told me i would get a download code for it in spring 2015.

    Overall, I doubt that the Paper mario and starfox news would be true. The rest i feel has a slim chance that it might become true. Who knows, the whole source could be fake…we’ll just have to wait and see i guess.

    1. How is the Star Fox news too good to be true? It’s confirmed to be releasing this year and we haven’t seen a single trailer of it yet, so we have to see a trailer before E3. (Or else we will be only a few months away from the release of the game)

      1. For me, it doesn’t make sence for a title this big to have suprise news in nintendo direct. I thought they were waiting till E3 to show it off.


    Though… If the Direct is two days from now, why hasn’t Nintendo announced it yet? Don’t they usually do it at least a few days before it comes out, or a week or so? Hm.

  33. We wont see Starfox till E3, with Zelda Wii U not this year or even being at E3 this year, it’s Nintendo’s only big gun for E3. Also Platinum IS NOT helping with Starfox, frankly I don’t want them to. Don’t want hour long boss fights.

  34. It sounds legit but obviously a joke with the date. I admit it does have some outlandish information for an amateur troller with very specific dates,domain names, and Gameboy and SNES games for Wii U and 3DS, some things i wouldn’t expect someone to make up. But once again we have a generic Star Fox game being developed by Platinum Games

    1. He confirmed that the Mewtwo DLC would be paid for in Europe if you didn’t buy both versions of the game, actually.

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  36. We’ll likely hear the answer tomorrow like the previous “leaks” confirming it fake April 1st will be too obvious and will piss a lot of people off again. Might as well come clean now to take some of the heat off. A direct on April 1st did happen in Japan so we can’t just say it’s fake immediately (yes i know it likely is)

  37. Hi guys im back on another trip around the interwebs my first time back here in awhile wow how google can be a epic journey you guys agree. You guys need get a girl friend poptarts and food she will make you yum very good brah

  38. I’m from Germany and the translator on Google+ made a mistake. In the german post it says nothing about widescreen or 720p, so the translator is the guy who is lying. If the OP edited his post, there would be a “edited” on Google+, but there is none. So the translator is wrong.

    1. That would be pretty hard to achieve anyway. The games were designed with 4:3 in mind… as can be easily gleaned from using an emulator to force widescreen, the camera is likely to clip through walls at pretty much any time. Moreover, Nintendo’s VC is pretty hard on keeping the game exactly the way they were, given a thing or two that an emulator, by definition, cannot replicate.

    1. There was a Japanese direct on April 1st 2013 so it doesn’t necessarily confirm it false. But yeah don’t get your hopes up

  39. Hmmmm…this seems oddly reasonable, announcements no one cares about mixed with things people care about, seems like a normal Nintendo Direct, we’ll have to wait and keep an eye on Ninty’s Facebook page.

  40. There’s nothing wrong with revealing more about a title before E3. It is smart for Nintendo to talk about there future now since people are expecting E3 not to be very interesting with Zelda not releasing this year and it focusing on titles this year. Lets just play his game until he says it’s fake

  41. This is an obvious fake.

    Funny enough I do believe we’ll get a Direct within the next week or two, but it won’t happen on April 1st and a lot of this stuff (like Star Fox) won’t be discussed until the E3 Direct. But this is the perfect timing for a Direct to discuss Smash Bros. and Mario Kart DLC along with Spring releases.

  42. There should definitely be a Direct in the near future to detail what will replace Club Nintendo but just because coins can’t be redeemed after March 31st doesn’t mean that said Direct will come out the next day. That would seem way too organized for Nintendo, to be honest.

  43. While I’m taking this information with a grain of salt, that doesn’t mean it’s not legit, considering the rumor about Splatoon having Amiibo support, the recent 3DS update kinda hinting a worldwide release of the Collectable Badge Center, the “leak” mentioning two 3DS eShop games that have yet to come out in Europe, and the fact that the Japanese Fiscal Year actually starts on April Fool’s Day.

    For now, the only thing we can do in terms of answering whether or not this “leak” is really one big April Fool’s joke is to wait until tomorrow (as Nintendo would usually announce their next Direct event a day in advance).

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  45. One day prior announcement to a Nintendo direct of such magnitude and hype? Seems completely legit. . Why are so many people taking this bait?

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  52. OMG. I can debunk this! Its fake! Just match up the time when its supposed to be shown! If this were legit it would be 7 am PT. Not 3!

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  57. Now a direct has been confirmed, it makes me wonder what else is correct? The givens are-

    *Mario Kart 8 DLC date and trailer
    *Next amiibo wave
    *The badge centre for the reason that the last 3ds update allows you to save 8 layouts. Why would they introduce that without the app launching?
    * I also believe the anime channel could launch on Wii U. Nothing like anime on the tv!
    *Yoshi and Kirby i think will get new trailers. If Yoshi does get a release date soon, then the free toy is a given, especially how cute it is! Honestly if that was part of a ltd edition, i’d buy it!
    *Puzzle and Dragons demo again i can believe since the game is launching in May. Possibility of a Splatoon demo and maybe another Codename STEAM demo. It did wonders for Fire Emblem Awakeing so it could be used here.

    I’d like to add my prediction- an english trailer for Rodea the Sky Soldier and maybe Xenoblade Chronicles X since the original is about to be released on the new 3ds. As for the rest, well after the news we’ve had recently, they need something. It does make you think though- no one knew about this direct, this person releases the leak and suddenly we’re getting one tomorrow. Is it a case of Nintendo proving the rumours are false or is it that they’ve been forced to show their hand due to this leak? Maybe we should play bingo with this list tomorrow lol!

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  59. LMAO at all of the “fake it’s April fools day/This is so obviously fake because of the date” posts.

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    1. Yea, “Starfox: Event Horizon” is already a fan made thing, so Nintendo releasing an actual game named Starfox Horizon? Fuck off.

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