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Ironfall Invasion On Nintendo 3DS Surpasses 300,000 Downloads

We just posted that a new update is available in Europe for IronFall: Invasion. Now the development team have taken to Twitter to say that they passed 300,000 downloads for the Nintendo 3DS eShop title. I’m pretty sure this total is not just sales but also downloads of the free demo version. If it was sales alone that this would be a magnificent achievement for the eShop shooter.



    1. Thats for a free download. The only number that matters, is how many bought to unlock the game.

      People will download and try anything for free.


  1. If this is just for the free download, that number’s kind of sad. Can’t even get enough people to download something that’s free.


    1. 300 000 games downloaded for a game that was made by three people. That is a great number, negative Nancy, please shut up, use logic for once in your life. The 3DS stands at 60 million consoles sold, and growing. They have done really well, their time and resources are recouped even if they have only sold 150 000 copies of their game.



      1. 300k is downloads for the free game. not 300k purchased the unlock option. 300k on 60mill units for a free download is horrid.

        That is a complete failure.


      2. I bought the campaign and multiplayer bundle, I’m not hating on the game. I’m not being negative, I’m being realistic. 300k for downloading a free game is sad. I have much higher expectations for what I think is a solid FPS on the 3DS.


    1. IronFall is currently in regular rotation during our weekly StreetPass. In my opinion, it’s a solid FPS for the 3DS. There’s really no cost to it, go download the free version and see for yourself. You’ll be able to go online and play the first campaign mission without spending a single cent.


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