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Get a Splatoon Wii U Bundle Exclusively At BestBuy


The US are in luck because the Wii U Special Edition Splatoon Deluxe Set is being released only at BestBuy stores and BestBuy online on May 29th. The bundle includes a Wii U Deluxe console and both Splatoon as a downloadable code, and Nintendo Land as a pre-installed game at the price of $299.99. The bundle will also be available in Europe!

102 thoughts on “Get a Splatoon Wii U Bundle Exclusively At BestBuy”

  1. According to Nintendo of Europe, they’ll be getting the Wii U Splatoon bundle as well, Jackyanne. Just to let you know, that’s all. ;)

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    1. Cool but they need to make this more then just a US bundle I know the UK will love it but am sure they will get it.

      1. It’s confirmed for the UK (Europe) and most likely it’ll be for Japan. Nintendo wants this game to get the Mario Kart 8 type of reception from gamers abroad

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            1. In other words, you only have DSL. I have no problem with my online servers… especially when playing Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta 2.

      1. Out of three online services I have used which include Steam, PSN, and Nintendo Online, Nintendo Online has the worst online service. Just not as stable as Steam and PSN. I would pay extra for better online service.

        1. Never ever had a problem playing Nintendo online and rarely is there an error… maybe you should have a better internet connection… and don’t bother telling me how yours is so great either

          1. Forgive me, but I kinda think someone paid you to say that. Or maybe you just have a better brand of router, idk. I’ve ALWAYS had trouble playing Nintendo online. With mh3u and Smash, I keep getting error code after error code. Then I have to get admin privilege to my router, do all kinds of computer 1s and 0s, jump through 8 hoops, then I might be fortunate enough to be able to play online. Oh, and I pretty much never have trouble using the browser. I think connecting to the Internet should actually mean connecting to the Internet. If I can use the browser, I should be able to play online no prob.

            1. Not sure what you are doing wrong, but again, I have never had a problem other than the occasional error where I get kicked out and have to start over… something that happens on MK every once in a while

          2. Nintendo does have a great online service but out of rest that I’ve used, Nintendo seems to be the worst. For example, when I am playing Super Smash Bros. Online with random people, there’s 1/3 of chance that it’s extremely laggy. That 1/3 chance of extremely lagging irritates me in online play with random people. I would want to leave the battle right away but doing so will penalize me for at least 10 minutes. Although, this problem doesn’t happen when I am battling online with people in my friend list. Never happened with Steam or PlayStation at all.

            Perhaps, you haven’t tried other services to assume that Nintendo has the best service. IMO, Steam is the most stable out of services I’ve used.

            1. I never said Nintendo is the best, only that I don’t have trouble. Also, people have different internet connections and network configurations that can cause trouble or not communicate the same with the different servers

              1. Yeah, it’s probably just my network configuration. I’m looking forward to replacing it hopefully in the near future.

      1. Well you don’t have to the buy the bundle if you already have a Wii U and there are Wii Us you can buy that don’t include the digital version of Splatoon and you can just buy the physical copy of the game if you’re so worried system memory space so please stop crying, there are solutions

        1. External hard drive but I actually preferred that they allowed to switch internal hard drive so I can have 1TB internal HDD or SSD.

    2. This is amazing! More proof that Nintendo REALLY wants this game to succeed. I have a feeling it will with all this marketing they’ve been doing for it. Just wish they’d do it all the time and not only with this game… btw This makes me wonder why they didn’t do a bundle with Smash Wii U.

      1. Seriously. I must admit the splatoon bundle box looks sexy, love the colors. But have no clue why they didn’t have a smash one.

    3. Nintendo does not do anything right. The Wii U deluxe console – which is BLACK piano – is the complete antithesis of Splatoon’s proposal.

      Way to go, Nintendo!

          1. Actually, it’s YOU exposing yourself for being an asshurt troll and your boyfriend Bitch is kissing your ass. If I’m a troll, why the fuck am I not bashing Nintendo or its IP’s? It don’t make no sense at all, Douchegamer.

              1. Sorry… but you’re truly a Sony fanboy disguised as a Nintendo gamer. Your deception game have already failed on you, pre-schooler.

            1. I’m not exactally sure where the complaint comes from about the black comsole. We all know what would happen if they released a “limited edition” colorful splatoon one…

      1. As I recall the Mario Kart 8 bundle was also PIANO black yet it still sold remarkably well. I really don’t see what the console’s color has to do with the enjoyment of Splatoon. Regardless if the console and gamepad has a design of splatters of paint on them it will still play the same as the PIANO black console version, no common sense required to know something like that

        1. Right. Tell this to those guys who bought multiple 3DS because of special editions and are now crying because NA does not have the regular New 3DS to have the faceplates changed.

          Tell me… Is it that hard to customize the final product once in lifetime? Nuts, what is Splatoon about, dude?

          How many different GCNs editions we had in the past? A lot. Wii U’s white or black are pretty boring, and hamper the console marketing. Nintendo has lost another opportunity to do something neat.

            1. It could make some difference and it would show that Nintendo has a brain and uses it to drop the cards they theoretically have upon their sleeves.

              But it seems this is not the case.

        2. People LOVED having different color N64s and GameCubes and the controllers as well. Just having different colored and designed Wii Us would add sales. If I could have an orange system I’d totally buy that over a black one for instance.

    4. Kaptain Krusha K. Roolenstein

      So let’s see….. They make a Splatoon bundle but not a bundle for Smash Bros which would have sold well.

    5. Splatoon being the next big Nintendo IP since Animal Crossing confirmed!

      Also, Inkling is totally a shoo-in for Smash DLC whether he/she is in the Smash Ballot’s Top Five or not.

      1. Meh, sod off. Actually, as of this post, I will not rot my brain and waste my time, interacting with the likes of you. Good day…

    6. Nintendos golden opportunity missed. Should include a physical copy -.- . Drop Nintendoland and stick a Mario in there 3d World or New Mario bros . I just think it would be a more attractive package than pre loaded , download code…

      1. The digital instead of physical copy thing, isn’t the missed Golden Opportunity. Making it exclusive to one Video Game Store chain is the Missed Golden Opportunity.

    7. If it’s exclusive to Bestbuy in America, thrn that’s a missed opportunity. This Splatoon bundle should be available in every Video Game store, to increase the chances of good sales of Wii U. I get that it’s coming out here in the U.K, but America is Nintendo’s biggest market.

    8. Such a beautiful moment for Nintendo to make an awesome, Custom game pad or Wiiu it’s self that’s just black and splattered in paint, way to drop the fucking ball nintendo.

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